UpFlip is a new concept in real estate entrepreneurship. Instead of having to bounce from site to site to decide where to invest your hard-earned capital or move on from previous ventures, the most popular commerce options are all in one convenient location.


UpFlip can help you realize your potential. We transact in business and commercial sales and rentals, from the smallest apartment buildings to the largest warehouse space. Besides these, we have listings for vacant properties of all sizes, and franchise opportunities – both established and new. Plus, we have the best selections when it comes to e-commerce websites to get you in and ready to start seeing a return instantly!


Whether you’re relocating and want to move your local holdings, or you’re ready to move on to the next new investment adventure, or you’re looking to retire and enjoy the fruits of your investment labors. Regardless of why UpFlip is here to make things smooth and easy. Your holdings will be made visible to thousands of qualified buyers in no time!

Most importantly, UpFlip is here to bring like-minded investors together in an exchange that benefits everyone. Unlike some brokers, we work with the buyers and the sellers. Therefore, we can ensure that buyers and sellers are perfectly matched so that everyone is satisfied!

Come inside, look around, and experience the difference for yourself.