• Service Areas: Hillsborough County, NH

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  • 100% Convenience Stores

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About Boris Teodoro

<p>Boris has always been about direct sales, knocking on doors, picking up the phone and dialing until you get what you need. At age 15, he went on to start a first-class home remodeling company that would employ over two dozen people over the years. He was even a full-time musician for some time, and was always a top performer in his previous sales jobs. He brings the same passion, tenacity, and intense work ethic with him to Vested Business Brokers. His unique background and experience make him someone you want in your corner to help you not just prepare for the unexpected, but to face it head-on. Boris Teodoro has a no nonsense approach to business brokering. Once he receives an assignment to sell a business, he doesn’t stop until an offer is made, a deal is negotiated, formalized, and goes all the way to the close. Because he really knows how to take advantage of Vested’s unique electronic platform (Vestedbb.com) to help connect business sellers and potential buyers, there is no comparison between working with him and other brokerages. Boris services all of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.</p>
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