Cleaning Business Names: 7 Tips You Can’t Forget

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What’s in a name? We hear and see names all day. For most of us, they help us readily identify a person or business. That’s why choosing a name is so important. Along with a logo, this will be the first representation of your cleaning service that people will remember.

There are nearly two million cleaning companies in the U.S., so it’s essential to pick a name that will distinguish you from the others. For example, Christobal Mondragon started Queen Bee Cleaning Services. Let us help you find a great business name for your cleaning company. 

We’ll discuss what makes good cleaning business names, how to verify that the name ideas are legally available, supply unique cleaning business ideas for several types of cleaning businesses, and even provide you with a cleaning company name generator (or two).

What Makes Good Cleaning Company Name Ideas?

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The name of your cleaning business is important. You’ll want to check the following before you decide on a name:

  • Does your business name tell what you do and where you do it?
  • Is your business name easy to remember and spell correctly?
  • Does your cleaning business name have a positive connotation?
  • Is the domain available?
  • Is the trademark available?
  • Is anyone using the name (or a similar name) in the locations where you will operate?
  • Does your name translate well to other languages your customers speak?

Let’s look at each of these briefly.

Tip 1. Your Business Name Needs to Explain What You Do (and Where)

Most cleaning services will include a word that alludes to cleaning in their business name. This helps people associate the cleaning company business name with the industry. For instance, It’s right there in Christobal’s business name:

The Queen Bee cleaning business logo

In addition to cleaning services, there are other words you can use to identify a cleaning business. Here are some others to consider:

  • Clean
  • Cleaner
  • Maid
  • Janitorial
  • Washing
  • Maids 
  • Spotless 
  • Cleaners
  • Wash
  • Washing
  • Washers
  • Remediation
  • Restoration

If you have a more specific niche, you may want to include an indication of it in your name as well. For instance, rug cleaners would want to differentiate themselves from window washers, as would house cleaners from a deep clean office team. 

I offer some business name ideas that follow this principle:

  1. Rug Cleaner: Rug Restoration Group, LLC
  2. Window Washing: Spotless Window Washers, Inc.
  3. Homes: House Stars Maid Services
  4. Deep Office Cleaners: Deeper Office Cleaners, LLC

You might want to include the city name (or nickname) to help specify what areas you service and help with search engine optimization. You can include these anywhere in the name. Here are some more examples:

  • Windy City EcoMaids, LLC
  • Happy House Cleaners Las Vegas, LLC
  • Best Seattle Janitorial, Inc.

Tip 2. Your Cleaning Business Name Should Be Easy to Remember

Man trying to remember something

The whole purpose of a cleaning company name is to make it easy to identify your business when a customer shares it with a friend. If the name is hard to remember or spell, you may find it difficult to get repeat customers and new clients. You can try using quirky names, but make sure they make sense as a name for your cleaning business.

When you consider names like these examples, ask someone nearby to spell them. If they can’t, they are too complicated:

  • Raggedy Ann’s Maid Service
  • Bippity Boppity Boo Cleaning Service (Seriously, don’t use this one. I suspect you’ll get a cease and desist letter from Disney.)
  • Kompletely Klean Maid Service

Naming your business should help you get clients, and not all creative names will make it easier. Let’s move to our next point: make sure your unique cleaning business names are positive.

Tip 3. A Cleaning Company Name Should Be Positive

People associate different words as positive or negative. Keep it positive as you try to come up with catchy cleaning business names. In the previous section, Raggedy Ann was referenced. While she was a beloved cartoon character, the word “raggedy” means worn out from stress

Are you going to hire a maid service that is worn out from stress and in tatters?

Other names you should avoid:

  • Glass House Cleaners: “Don’t throw stones in a glass house” is a common idiom that reminds us not to be hypocrites. So Glass House Cleaners could be misinterpreted.
  • Washed Up Cleaning Service: Is this business past its prime or freshly showered? I’m not sure. Let’s avoid names like it.
  • Dirty Cleaning Service: Unless you are trying to offer a topless maid service, you might want to avoid words like dirty, naughty, exotic, dream, and discreet are all terms used to get men to hire cleaners that are scantily dressed. Here are some more I’d avoid for the same reason:
    • Discreet Maid Services
    • Hands Knees Professional Cleaning

While these may sound like catch cleaning business names, it would help to have someone to go to for a sanity check. Maybe, say the name to the dirtiest-minded person you know and see how they respond. If they giggle, you should probably keep looking for clever cleaning names.

Now that you know the light-hearted considerations, let’s talk about some more serious concepts.

You Need Unused Cleaning Business Names

Once you’ve narrowed down your cleaning service name ideas, you’ll need to check if they are actually available. Company names are considered intellectual property. You’ll want to check whether your cleaning business names ideas are available as:

  1. A website domain
  2. A trademark
  3. A state business name

We’ll provide you with the information to establish whether company names are available for each.

Tip 4. Verify the Website Domain Availability for Your Cleaning Company Name

A domain turns the IP address of a website into something easy to process by the human mind. They do this because, remember, Google Public DNS is way easier than one of these:

  • 2001:4860:4860::8888
  • 2001:4860:4860::8844

The domain is broken into four main parts. We’ll look at each piece (real quick) by using our domain,

Domain name breakdown

  1. Protocol: Should always be https://.
  2. Domain Name: This is your business name. In our case UpFlip, but it’s all lowercase because domains aren’t case sensitive.
  3. Subdomain: The subdomain is a segment of the domain name. In this example, the subdomain is www, but it can also be a blog, info, employee, public, etc.
  4. Top Level Domain: .com, .edu, .gov, and .net are the most familiar ones, but country specific ones like .au, .uk, and .ru dominate the top 10 globally according to Statista.

Here are some interesting top-level domains word wide as of April 2020:

Statistic: Most popular top-level domains worldwide as of January 2022 | Statista
Find more statistics at  Statista

It is preferable to get a .com for a cleaning business. However, if the catchy cleaning name you want isn’t available as a .com, you can try .cleaning or a top-level domain for your city. My city would be .vegas. 

You’ll be able to find out if the domain is available through NameCheap or GoDaddy. GoDaddy gives you 30% off when you use the link in this blog. Before you buy it, check to make sure the trademark and the state business name are available.

Tip 5. Check if the Trademark is Available for Your Cleaning Company Name

When naming your cleaning business, you’ll want to check with the USPTO trademark search to see if the cute cleaning company name you want is already trademarked. If it is, you’ll need to find another company name.

You don’t have to trademark your cleaning service name, but you should if you want to protect your cleaning service reputation. The trademark is essential if you wish to franchise your cleaning company or expand to other states. 

Trademark symbols using letters and initials

Trademarking the catchy cleaning company name will prevent another entity from taking it before you can expand. However, not all businesses trademark their cleaning services. In case someone else is already using the name commercially but hasn’t filed for a trademark, the next step will catch it in your state.

Tip 6. Register the Cleaning Services with SOS

If you’ve been checking GoDaddy and USPTO as you read this blog, you are almost ready to choose the name. You just have to go to your Secretary of State’s website, verify that the name is available, and then apply as a corporation, LLC, or get a DBA to reserve your name. 

Check out our SOS resource page to find your Secretary of State’s office.

Assuming the name is available, claim the name, register your business, and buy the domain name. It’s pretty simple. 

Now that you know how to verify if the name is available, you need to consider how the cleaning service name ideas translate to other languages or acronyms.

Tip 7. Consider Variations of the Cleaning Co. Name

Catchy cleaning business name ideas may sound great when you say the full name in English, but what happens when company names get translated to another language or turned into acronyms?

This may sound trivial, but the company name might get altered if you want to expand internationally or have a long name. For instance, Mighty Maids has a variety of translations in Spanish

You wouldn’t want Mighty Maids translated into Enorme Virgenes unless you want to offend others unintentionally. A successful business will think these things through when creating clever cleaning company names.

Even in the United States, you see people change company names. For instance, Merry Maids (trademarked name) might be shortened to MM because it saves a syllable. Meanwhile, you might not want Beautiful Shine shortened to BS.

You can also use this to your advantage and start a neighborhood cleaning service called “Clean Lawns Every Afternoon: Nashville,” with it shortened to CLEAN. 

At this point, you may have come up with come cleaning company names of your own. If you haven’t, the rest of this blog proposes some catchy cleaning business names for you to consider.

Name Ideas for Your Cleaning Service

There are many kinds of cleaning services, but we’ve narrowed the types most prospective business owners are looking for down to eight categories. They include:

  • Funny Cleaning Business Names
  • Carpet Cleaning Business Names
  • Commercial Names for Cleaning Business
  • House Cleaning Business Names
  • Cute Cleaning Business Names
  • Maid Names
  • Eco-Cleaning Business Names
  • Air Duct Cleaning Business Names

We’ll give you some suggestions of company names for each cleaning service segment.

Funny Cleaning Business Names

If you’re thinking about naming your business something funny, try some of these:

  • Your New Cleaning Crew: Google “Cleaning Crew” and see what comes up. I had a result from a state halfway across the country, meaning that you can dominate this term in most locations.
  • Riches Cleaning Service: Leave a pot of gold coin candy in each room when you are done.
  • Dust Busters Cleaning Services: Come dressed as the Ghost Busters with a backpack vacuum on your back.

Four ladies wearing a gray suit

Carpet Cleaning Service Name Ideas

If you want some ideas for carpet cleaning services names, consider some of these:

  • Rug Doctor (taken)
  • Carpet Cleansed
  • Purified Carpets
  • Flawless Carpet Cleaning Solutions
  • Utterly Clean Carpet Cleaning Company

You’ll get plenty of more ideas from our cleaning business names generator. Keep reading for name ideas for commercial cleaning names.

Commercial Names for Cleaning Business

The commercial cleaning industry has terms like “janitorial” that you can consider in addition to typical cleaning words. Consider:

  • Polished Janitorial Cleaning Crew
  • Blissful Business Janitorial
  • Like-New Office Cleaning Services
  • Spotless Services 4 Offices
  • 24/7 Office Cleaning Crew
  • Sterile Cleaning Services, Inc.
  • Power Cleaning Wizard
  • Restoration Right Cleaning Service

We’ll provide other clever cleaning company names in our generator.

House Cleaning Business Names

If you want business name ideas for your home cleaning service, consider some of these cleaning name ideas:

  • Bright Home Cleaning Services
  • Fantastic Cleaners
  • Home Groove Cleaning Service
  • Sensational House Cleaning Services
  • Rain or Shine Residential
  • Spotless Home Services
  • Clean House, Happy Life, LLC

Cute Cleaning Business Names

If you are looking for cute cleaning company name ideas for your cleaning crew, consider some of these:

  • Busy Bee Cleaning Service
  • Dust Detail
  • Cleaning Fairies
  • Cleaning Bee
  • Bright Cleaning Services

Keep reading for more catchy cleaning company ideas.

Maid Names

A lady wearing a pair of pink gloves

If you are looking for cleaning lady names, consider some of the following names:

  • House Stars Maid Service
  • Ready Maid Maintenance Services
  • Deeper Clean Maid Service
  • Clean Thumb Maid Service
  • Fresh Tech Maid Bright
  • Clean Queen
  • Green Maid Clean Services
  • Cleaning Fairies 

Use our free business name generator for more maid names.

Eco-Cleaning Business Names

If you’re using organic cleaning products and are focused on environmental friendliness, try some of these unique cleaning business names: 

  • Green Maid
  • Eco-Maid Service
  • Green Earth Cleaners
  • Sustainable Home Cleaning Service 
  • Mean Green Clean Team 
  • Organically Sourced Cleaning Service Co.

We’ll provide more creative cleaning business names in our name generator.

Air Duct Cleaning Business Names

Air duct cleaners focus on improving indoor air quality by removing contaminants from home or business air ducts. They require special equipment, and you need to follow specific practices to keep the space clean.

Some names you might consider:

  • Blissful Breath Duct Cleaning 
  • Breathe Easy Duct Cleaning 
  • Happy Duct, Happy Lungs
  • Germ-Free Ducts
  • Sanitary Air Solutions, LLC
  • Duct Doc

If you haven’t found cleaning service names you think would work for your cleaning company yet, check out our cleaning service name generator for more Ideas.

Cleaning Business Names Generator

Business name generator from UpFlip website

Whether you are starting a house cleaning company, a commercial cleaning business, or a specialty cleaning service, you’ll need a great name!

We took two approaches to create a generator and help you develop names for a house cleaning business and other cleaning companies. 

You can try the official UpFlip Cleaning Company Name Generator, which is super easy to use and can help you come up with names.

If you just want inspiration, here is a list of related terms to help get your creative vibe rolling. You can view this spreadsheet with 68 adjectives and 167 ways to communicate the type of cleaner you are.

Helping Cleaning Service Businesses Get Ahead

At Upwork, we know cleaning services are one of the most commonly started businesses. Because we want to see every cleaning company succeed, we provide a lot of content for cleaning services.

Check out our blogs and interviews with successful cleaning service owners like Chris. Here are some of our favorites:

If starting a business sounds like hard work, check out our cleaning business listings. It gets better! We’re releasing a Cleaning Company Master Course with Christopher. Sign up to be among the first people to take the course.

What is the name of your favorite cleaning company?

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