Thank You for an Incredible 2022!

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Thank you for an incredible year

We’ve accomplished more in a year than we ever expected when we started UpFlip, and we owe it all to you!

You—our viewers, podcast listeners, and blog readers. We love providing you with content to help stimulate your creative juices and put you on a path to a more successful future.

Let’s Recap UpFlip’s Progress in 2022:

UpFlip has put a ton of work into becoming one of the best resources for business owners today. We’d like to share with you some of the progress we’ve made to help you achieve your business goals.

UpFlip achievements

Our Top Performing Video of 2022 

Our interview with Mikael Sant has over 2.6 million views in just 3 months. If you want to start a trucking company. Check it out below:

Our Top Performing Podcast of 2022

Our interview with Brandon Vaughn and how he started Wise Coatings is our most popular podcast of the year. 

He started with $45,000 and turned it into a franchisor with 8 locations. The company makes $450,000 in revenue (or more) every month with 15%–25% profit margins. Check it out if you haven’t already:

Our Top Performing Blog of 2022

More than 283 thousand people have read this blog! If you aren’t sure what kind of business you want to start but want to own your own business. Start here: 

The 40 Most Profitable Businesses to Start in 2022

Also, go check out our Business Hub. You’ll find educational content like our business plan template.

Most Downloaded Items of 2022

UpFlip free download items

Our top downloads included business plans and checklists: 

2023 Is Going to Be Even More Exciting!

There’s so much to look forward to next year!

At UpFlip, we’re trying to do so much more than release courses, videos, and blogs. We’re focused on actually providing you the skills, knowledge, and support to succeed. But that’s not enough we are looking for ways to improve the results of the average business owner.

You’ll notice we’re pivoting UpFlip from a site for buying and selling businesses to creating a world-class boot camp platform for all things business. A place where people can learn how to start, build, and grow their businesses from industry experts. We aim to be a place where you find:

  • Accountability partners
  • Mentors
  • Networking groups
  • Live webinars
  • Answers to your business questions

Some of the things we’re working on include:

  1. Creating more classes (How to Start A Business Course with Mike Andes and a Vending Machine Business Course with Adam Hill).
  2. Releasing a store to help you get the equipment you need for your business.
  3. In-depth interviews with subject matter experts about business marketing, operations, software, and more.
  4. Creating interactive content.
  5. Releasing a mentorship hub.
  6. Creating a scheduling platform and app.
  7. Hundreds of more top-shelf resources for you to enhance your business knowledge.

Big Shout Out to Our Team!

You’re familiar with some of the people who work with UpFlip, but we think we should thank everyone who has worked so hard throughout the year to help us build this destination for small business education. 

Serge Belous: Serge is the man with the plan! He knows how to find great people and inspire them to rise to greater heights. I think I speak for everyone when I say he has made us better than we were before meeting him.

Nikita Leonovets: Nikita is one of the partners in UpFlip. He has his hands in a little bit of everything we do and is the rockstar developer that keeps us running smoothly and adding new features.

Vicky Dieffenbacher: Recently came on as our creative director. Looking forward to great things from her in the new year!

Gemma Dasalla: Our YouTube Manager is another new addition. We can’t wait for her to take our channels to a whole other level!

Dennis Semikin: Dennis is our marketing manager and keeps driving our ventures forward. Thank you, Dennis! You’ve helped drive our massive growth!

Zahn Schultz: The rockstar photographer and videographer who owns Zahnymedia! He’s our lead videographer at UpFlip and the magic behind the camera.

Bradley van der Westhuizen: Bradley is the Co-owner of Motion Factory Media and makes our Podcast and Youtube videos look amazing with his mastery of sound and video editing.

Brandon Boushy: Brandon’s our lead blog writer and helps with SEO and idea generation. Keep doing what you do!

Jamie Wilkins: Jamie is our amazing blog editor and keeps Brandon on his best behavior. Great job! You’ve got your hands full there!

Mark Sinchioco: Mark manages our podcasts and is a virtual assistant! Thank you for the great work building a new channel!

Alex Freeman: The silky smooth voice behind our podcast. Keep digging deep, Alex! The insights in podcasts are tremendous!

Carlos Lacson: Carlos is our designer, beautifying our blogs and creating awesome graphics! 

Jomie Casas: She manages our course development. You can look forward to more great business courses from Jomie and the rest of the team.

Paul Bulanov: Our amazing YouTube host and Real Estate professional. Paul graces our screens weekly to bring you knowledge straight from successful business owners.

Danielle Rice: Works on our courses. (I’m sorry Danielle, I haven’t interacted with you to know what to say, but I enjoyed the free cleaning business training module.-Brandon)

Rianne Quilang: Rianne is another of our stellar VAs working behind the scenes to accomplish our course creation.

Jess Simms: Jess writes for our podcasts, YouTube, and courses to turn them into informative content.

If I missed anyone, I’m sorry! You are valued. Keep up the good work!

Note From Serge

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