SuperMoney Review

February 12th, 2021

SuperMoney distinguishes itself from other lender marketplaces by offering direct integration with leading lenders across the United States. Its intuitive lender comparison portal lets you quickly check rates and terms without impacting your credit score (or signing yourself up for robocalls and spam emails).

Another benefit of SuperMoney is the guidance they give you along the way. The expert guides and user reviews you’ll find right on the listing site help you make a more informed decision about your business’ financial future.

Best of all, SuperMoney never sells personal user data in lead auctions, something other search services are guilty of. You can count on them to safeguard your privacy while they connect you with the best lenders for your needs. 

What we like:  ✔

  • Easily compare rates from multiple lenders
  • Loan amounts as low as $1,000
  • Excellent customer service

What we don’t like:  ✘

  • Borrowers with low credit scores may not qualify
  • Lenders may have origination or prepayment fees

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