Cleaning Businesses For Sale

Types of Cleaning Businesses

Cleaning businesses offer a wide range of services and the job demands, costs, and expected profits differ widely. There are two broad categories of cleaning business, depending on whether you operate in the commercial or residential sector: 

  • House cleaning businesses. Residential cleaners provide general services, ranging from basic tasks like mopping and dusting to deep cleaning of carpets and kitchens. A house cleaning business for sale works with homeowners, tailoring the specific services performed to their individual needs.
  • Commercial cleaning businesses. A janitor business for sale or commercial cleaning business works with business owners to maintain their office or business. This work is often more regular than residential cleaning and has a higher profit potential, but can also be more demanding, especially for industries like restaurants, health clubs, and medical facilities.  

Within these two broad categories there are a number of more specialized options, including window cleaning services, laundry services, restaurant cleaning, and carpet cleaning businesses for sale.

Is This a Good Time to Buy a Cleaning Business?

People will always need help cleaning their homes and businesses, and that’s never been more true than it is today. Cleaning services are expected to grow into a $74 million industry by 2022. The commercial sector likely to see the largest increases, with commercial square footage in the US expected to increase by 39% by 2020. That makes this an excellent time to buy janitorial businesses for sale so you can get in on the front end of the boom. 

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