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The 7-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint

Start your own 7-figure cleaning business with just $5,000… Learn to have your way around starting a highly profitable cleaning business without wasting time, money or worrying about trial and error… Watch the free training to learn how.

The Vending Bootcamp

Learn how to start your own vending machine business from Adam Hill, the founder of Hill Vending in Tampa Florida, a business that generates over $60,000 monthly from vending machines.

Start, Run & Grow a Business (Coming Soon)

Learn how to start any business the right way with the founder of Wise Coatings, which made over $100,000 a month in first four months of opening. Brandon will teach you all the fundamental skills of starting a business.


Our online business courses are taught through a combination of free courses and paid courses that use audio, video, written, and hands-on projects.

Upon purchasing one of our courses, you will be granted access to a dedicated online portal, enabling you to progress through the course material at your own pace. Additionally, you will have the convenience of accessing the course content on your mobile device.

Presently, our courses are exclusively taught in English, however, numerous software solutions are available to facilitate the translation of online business courses into other languages.

In order to register for any of our courses, it is necessary to first enroll in our complimentary training program. Upon completion of the training, a button will appear, allowing you to progress to the next stage. On the subsequent page, you will be able to review the course content and associated enrollment fees.

At UpFlip, we prioritize quality over quantity. To this end, we have developed a rigorous process for identifying subject matter experts who are capable of creating exceptional courses. Our vision is to offer a broad range of courses that cover all aspects of business, including but not limited to marketing, recruitment, systems development, and website design.

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