Farms For Sale (Including Ranches and Farmhouses)

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Types of Farms for Sale

Not all farmland for sale comes with the same equipment and structures. Here are some common types of small family farms for sale:
  • Crop farming. These farms may grow grains, fruits, vegetables, and other food for human consumption or feed crops for livestock. You’ll want to research the best crops to grow in your climate, as well as whether to focus on a single crop or employ mixed crop farming. 
  • Dairy farm. Even a small dairy farm can be a considerable investment but can also be very profitable if you can maximize your milk volume production. 
  • Orchard. Many farmers start with as few as 10-20 trees on a small acre, making this an appealing choice for smaller plots. 
  • Ranch. If you want to raise animals like sheep, pigs, and cattle for other farms, look for a ranch for sale near you. These businesses consist of grazing land for the animals and structures like barns to house them. 

What To Consider When Comparing Small Farms for Sale Near You

The most important factor to consider when purchasing farmland is the land itself. Structures and equipment can be repaired, rebuilt, or replaced, but there’s no fix for land that isn’t suitable for the type of farm you want to run. 
Farming is rewarding work but it’s also very demanding. Before you buy a farmhouse for sale near you, consider what kind of farming will be best for your lifestyle. Do your research into the harvest or production cycle, too, so you know which times of year you should expect a heavier workload. 

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