Landscaping & Lawn Care Businesses for Sale

Types of Lawn Service Business for Sale

The cost of buying a lawn care business for sale depends largely on the type and variety of services they offer. The most common types of lawn businesses for sale include:
  • Lawn maintenance. Basic maintenance services like a gardening or mowing business for sale have the lowest cost to open or buy because they don’t require as much specialized equipment. The price for services tends to be lower too, however, giving them a lower overall revenue potential. 
  • Residential landscaping. A residential landscaping business for sale works directly with homeowners to design, install, and maintain outdoor features and spaces. It’s the best type of lawn service business for those interested in the creative aspect of landscaping, and has high revenue potential. 
  • Commercial landscaping. Commercial landscaping companies for sale tend to cost a bit more, but also may include an established client list as well as the equipment. This is the best type of company if you want to quickly grow your revenue as long as you can live up to the high standards and volume commercial clients bring to the table 

Choosing the Right Lawn Service for Sale

Since landscapers go to their customers, location isn’t a concern for landscape companies for sale, and you can be very successful even without a physical space. The company’s reputation and existing customer base will be a better indicator of the business’ revenue potential.  Equally important are the quality and condition of the included equipment, especially big-ticket items like trucks, trailers, and commercial-grade power tools.

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