440 Stand-Out Craft Business Names

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Did you know craft business owners are expected to make 50% more in 2028 than they did last year?

That means there’s a lot of demand for handmade craft business names. Choosing a great craft business name can give you a headstart in competing for potential customers.

Here, we discuss the craft industry, what makes a good craft business name, catchy craft names for your business, and how to register your craft company name.

Craft Business Industry Outlook

Craft businesses are expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.69% and reach $68 billion in industry revenue by 2028. That means a crafting business should expect to see considerable growth in the future if it provides quality handmade crafts.

What Makes a Good Craft Business Name?

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A good craft business name should be:

  • Memorable: Your business name should be easy to remember and pronounce.
  • Relevant: Your business name should reflect the type of crafts you make and sell.
  • Unique: Your business name should be unique and not already in use by another business.
  • Professional: Your business name should sound professional and trustworthy.
  • Appealing: Your business name should be appealing to your target audience.

Let’s look at some of the different ways of creating a catchy craft business name.

What Should I Name My Craft Business?

The best craft business names help you attract customers and communicate what your crafting business does. We’ll cover all kinds of timeless craft business names, including:

  • Catchy business names for craft companies
  • Cool craft names
  • Funny craft names
  • Creative name ideas
  • Professional names for craft products
  • Personal name ideas for craft business owners
  • Location-based craft business naming ideas
  • Business names perfect for handmade products

Keep reading to get your creative juices flowing. You’re sure to find unique craft business names that you love.

30 Catchy Craft Business Names

Consider one of these business name ideas when you start selling your crafts.

1. Crafty Creations
2. Creative Hands
3. The Craft Corner
4. The Happy Maker
5. The Artful Crafter
6. The Craftiest
7. The Colorful Crafter
8. The Crafters
9. The Crafty Corner
10. The Craft Zone
11. The Craft Hub
12. The Craft Room
13. The Craft Shop
14. The Craft Studio
15. The Craft Workshop

16. The Crafty Cottage
17. The Crafty Cabin
18. The Crafty Den
19. The Crafty Nook
20. The Crafty Retreat
21. The Crafty Spot
22. The Crafty Store
23. The Crafty Table
24. The Crafty Treehouse
25. The Crafty Turtle
26. The Crafty Unicorn
27. Crafty Wonderland
28. Creative Corner
29. The Creative Studio
30. Craft Galore Club

Pro Tip: Once you have a catchy business name, check if the corresponding domain name is available. Just input the name in the search bar of your web browser and see what comes up. If the website and the social media handles are available, you will have a much easier time attracting customers.

34 Cool Craft Business Names

Painter holding a wood sign that reads "The Artisan’s Nook"

You can create a cool craft brand by combining two or more words to create a new and memorable phrase. This works especially well if they are keywords related to craft businesses.

1. Craftastic Creations
2. The Crafty Caravan
3. The Artisan’s Nook
4. The Craft Emporium
5. The Crafter’s Collective
6. The Crafty Cat
7. The Crafty Owl
8. The Crafticorn
9. Foxxy Crafty
10. Crafty Rabbit
11. The Crafty Bear
12. The Crafty Mouse
13. Crafty Dog
14. The Crafty Penguin
15. Crafty Frog
16. The Crafty Giraffe
17. Crafty Monkey

18. Crafty Elephant
19. The Crafty Hippo
20. Crafty Lion
21. The Crafty Tiger
22. Crafty Zebra
23. The Crafty Panda
24. Crafty Koala
25. The Crafty Kangaroo
26. Crafty Wombat
27. The Crafty Echidna
28. The Craftipus
29. Crafty Innovation
30. Yarns + Crafts
31. Crafting Cottage
32. The Paperie
33. Pottery Place
34. Woodworking Wizardry

Pro Tip: Rhyming words can also be used to come up with crafty business name ideas.

36 Funny Craft Business Names

If your craft business offers products that are defined by their silly or goofy vibe, you might want to go with funny business names for crafts.

1. Artsy Fartsy Crafts
2. Bobbin and Skein
3. Color Me Happy
4. Crafty Critters
5. The Crafty Pickle
6. The Yarn Pirates
7. The Bead Bandits
8. The Crafty Cat Lady
9. The Knit Wits
10. The Sew and Sews
11. The Paper Puppets
12. The Paint Party People
13. The Claymation Crew
14. In Stitches
15. The Crafting Queens
16. The Junk Art Junkies
17. The Upcycled Oddities
18. The Mismatched Masterpieces

19. The Quirky Creations
20. The Silly Sculptors
21. The Wonky Woolen Wonders
22. The Crafty Critters
23. The Whimsical Woodland Workshop
24. The Doodling Dinosaurs
25. The Crafty Cacti
26. The Mischievous Makers
27. Playful Papercrafts
28. Goofy Gifts
29. Silly Stitches
30. Crazy Candles
31. Wonky Wall Art
32. Mismatched Mosaic Madness
33. Crafty Chaos
34. Quirky Quilts
35. Crafty Capers
36. Makin’ It Mine

Pro Tip: When choosing a funny craft business name, it’s important to strike the right balance of humor and professionalism. You want your name to be memorable and attention-grabbing, but you also don’t want to alienate potential customers.

Here are a few tips for choosing a funny craft business name:

  • Use puns or wordplay. This is a great way to add humor to your name without being too over the top.
  • Choose a name that is relevant to your products or services. This will help customers understand what your business is all about.
  • Keep it short and sweet. A long, complicated name is less likely to be remembered than a short, catchy one.
  • Avoid using offensive or vulgar language. This could alienate potential customers and damage your reputation.

34 Creative Craft Business Names

Top-down shot of a woman using her tablet to search for creative craft business names for her accessories business

Want to create a craft business brand that stands out from other crafters? Consider some of these craft business names.

1. Stitch & Stone
2. Nature’s Canvas
3. Artisan’s Haven
4. Color & Craft
5. Threads & Textures
6. Paper & Paint
7. Clay & Creation
8. Mosaic Moments
9. Yarn & Wonder
10. Fiber & Fabric
11. Metal & Magic
12. Glass & Glamour
13. Wood & Whimsy
14. Resin & Radiance
15. Leather & Love
16. Quill & Ink
17. Candle & Calm

18. Soap & Serenity
19. Bath & Body Bliss
20. Home & Heart
21. Garden & Grace
22. Jewelry & Joy
23. Accessories & Adornments
24. Gifts & Gadgets
25. Party & Play
26. Learn & Create
27. Craft & Connect
28. Inspire & Be Inspired
29. The Maker’s Muse
30. Spindles and Yarns
31. Fiber Frenzy
32. Funky Findings
33. Handmade Heaven
34. Heartfelt Creations

Pro Tip: You might incorporate some of your specific craft supplies’ names as you’re brainstorming creative small business names for craft companies.

30 Professional Craft Business Names

Professionalism can make all the difference to craft store customers. Consider some of these names to differentiate yourself from other businesses.

1. Crafted Creations
2. The Crafted Studio
3. The Craftery
4. The Crafthouse
5. Crafty Corner
6. Creative Crafts
7. Design & Craft
8. Handmade Elegance
9. Handcrafted Wonders
10. The Craft Loft
11. The Craft Parlour
12. The Craft Station
13. The Crafty Rabbit
14. The Designery
15. The Maker’s Place

16. The Maker’s Studio
17. The Studio
18. The Workshop
19. Uniquely Crafted
20. Baubles & Blooms
21. Crafted with Love
22. Handcrafted Treasures
23. The Crafting Co.
24. The Crafty Canary
25. The Crafty Cardinal
26. Handmade with Love
27. Crafted By Yours Truly
28. Passion Crafts
29. World of Crafts
30. Wonderfully Handmade

Pro Tip: Your business name ideas should help people understand what you do. You don’t want to confuse customers.

20 Personal Craft Business Names

When it comes to personal business names, ideas might include your first name, last name, or something or someone dear to you. Consider some of these creative names for business owners.

1. Emily’s Embellishments
2. Ava + Milo Studio
3. Jake’s Handmade Haven
4. Lily’s Craft Corner
5. Alex’s Artistry Alcove
6. Masterpieces by Mason
7. Chloe’s Creative Crafts
8. Owen’s Originals
9. Bella’s Boutique Creations
10. Noah’s Nifty Crafts

11. Ava’s Artful Designs
12. Smith & Stitches Studio
13. Johnsons Jovial Crafts
14. Anderson Artisans
15. Davis Design Den
16. Taylor Family Treasures Workshop
17. The Miller’s Handcrafted Haven
18. Lily & Sage Creations
19. EthanRose Designs
20. Olivia-Max Crafts

Pro Tip: Adding a personal touch to business name ideas helps make your craft store name more relatable to your target customers.

34 Location-Based Craft Business Names

Top-down shot of an artist sketching a world map in a craft paper sketch book surrounded by colored pens, a wood ruler, scissors, a zipper, buttons, and pins

Using your location as part of your craft business name is a great way of selling arts locally.

1. Albuquerque Artisans
2. Anchorage Crafts
3. Atlanta Artworks
4. Austin Artisans
5. Baltimore Crafts
6. Rodeo Drive Designs
7. Boston Creations
8. Charleston Craftsmen
9. Chicago Crafters
10. Cleveland Crafts
11. Columbus Creation
12. Dallas Designs
13. Denver Designs
14. Abbey Road Artistry
15. Detroit Artisans
16. Houston Handcrafts
17. Indianapolis Craftsmen

18. Jacksonville Creations
19. Kansas City Crafts
20. Las Vegas Craftsmen
21. Los Angeles Creations
22. Louisville Artisans
23. Bourbon Street Crafts
24. Memphis Craftsmen
25. Miami Designs
26. Milwaukee Crafters
27. Minneapolis Creations
28. Nashville Craftsmen
29. New Orleans Crafts
30. New York City Creations
31. Orlando Artisans
32. Philadelphia Craftsmen
33. Phoenix Designs
34. Fifth Avenue Creations

Pro Tip: You might also try cute business names using nicknames for your region.

40 Handmade Craft Business Names

Handmade craft business name ideas can help show that your specific craft is done by hand. See if any of these unique business names for handmade crafts is a win for your business.

1. The Crafted Corner
2. The Maker’s Market
3. One-of-a-Kind Creations
4. The Handmade Studio
5. The Craft Cottage
6. Creations by [Your Name]
7. The Upcycled Workshop
8. The Sustainable Stitchery
9. The Yarn Haven
10. The Soap Emporium
11. Candlelight Studio
12. The Artful Abode
13. The Creative Nook
14. The Artisanal Marketplace
15. The Handmade Collective
16. The Maker’s Guild
17. The Craft Bazaar
18. Artisan’s Alley
19. Handmade Haven
20. The Upcycled Market

21. Sustainable Studio
22. Eco-Friendly Emporium
23. Trinket Trove
24. Crafty Kaleidoscope
25. Tantalizing Creations
26. Upcycled Creative
27. Fabled Fibers
28. Fibers and You
29. Craft Me Not
30. Lovingly Handmade
31. Inspired by Nature
32. Joyful Creations
33. Knitting Nook
34. Papercraft Paradise
35. Piecework Perfection
36. Quilting Corner
37. Recycled Relics
38. Sew Much Fun
39. Something Special
40. Stitching Time

30 Creative Shop Name Ideas

Whether you’re looking for an Etsy shop name or are opening a brick-and-mortar retail store selling your crafts, a great shop name can help your business thrive. Consider some of these craft business name ideas. 

1. The Gilded Thimble
2. The Yarn Garden
3. The Bead Bazaar
4. The Fabric Emporium
5. The Paper Palace
6. The Paint Box
7. The Clay Studio
8. The Jewelry Workshop
9. The Woodworking Shop
10. The Glassblowing Studio
11. The Pottery Barn
12. The Fiber Arts Studio
13. The Weaving Studio
14. The Knitting Nook
15. The Quilting Bee

16. The Embroidery Guild
17. The Cross-Stitch Society
18. The Needlepoint Club
19. The Tatting Circle
20. The Lace-Making Society
21. The Bobbin Lace Guild
22. The Crochet Club
23. The Macrame Society
24. The Beading Circle
25. The Jewelry-Making Guild
26. Sew Many Stitches
27. The Doodling Dragon
28. The Mismatched Menagerie
29. The Beaded Bookmark
30. The Quirky Quilter

28 Unique Craft Business Names

Potter making a pinch pot in a ceramics studio

Want unique craft business name ideas? Here are a few examples.

1. Handman Concoctions
2. Crafty Kids
3. Natural Materials Crafters
4. Craft 4 Days
5. Crafts Gone Wild
6. Curious Craft Company
7. Crafts Galore
8. The Crafty Kraken
9. The Creative Canvas
10. The Stitching Studio
11. The Yarn Emporium
12. The Paintbox
13. The Clay Cottage
14. The Jewelry Junction

15. The Scrapbooking Shack
16. The Upcycling Emporium
17. The Repurposing Realm
18. The Eco-Friendly Crafts Co.
19. The Craft Collective
20. Craft Central
21. Crafty Craze
22. Craftastic World
23. Inkwell & Quill
24. Crafty Concoctions
25. The Painted Petal
26. The Enchanted Easel
27. Button Bonanza
28. The Gilded Loom

30 Clever Business Names for Crafters

Craft business name ideas should show off how crafty you are. What better way than to come up with a clever company name? Try some of these craft business name ideas.

1. Threaded Dreamscapes
2. Fiddlesticks & Fleece
3. Wondrous Weaves
4. Yarnicorn Creations
5. The Looping Llama
6. Crochet Couture
7. Whimsy & Wool
8. Cuddly Creations
9. The Hooked Haven
10. Yarnivore’s Delight
11. Knot Just Crochet
12. Threaded Tales & Trails
13. Stitchy & Chic
14. The Wooly Wyvern
15. The Cozy Nest

16. Yarnography
17. The Unraveling Ramble
18. Stitching Symphony
19. Woolful Wonders
20. The Hooked Hippogriff
21. Yarntastic Creations
22. The Cozy Cauldron
23. Loopty-Loo Crafts
24. Hooked on Happiness
25. Stitchin’ with Sass
26. Knotty, Spice, and Everything Nice
27. Hook, Line & Stitcher
28. The Yarnival Effect
29. The Fuzzy Foxglove
30. The Critter’s Crochet

32 Cute Shop Names for Crafts

Top-down shot of handcrafted felt gingerbread men

1. The Threadbender
2. The Painted Fox
3. The Twisted Twine
4. The Gilded Lily
5. The Woven Willow
6. The Knotty Gnome
7. The Beaded Butterfly
8. Our Enchanted Forest
9. The Mermaid’s Cove
10. The Dragon’s Hoard
11. The Unicorn’s Horn
12. The Rainbow Room
13. The Land of Oz
14. Candy Land Crafts
15. The Glass Chocolate
16. Bon Bon Craft Supplies

17. Toyland Crafters
18. The Enchanted Garden
19. The Magic Kingdom
20. The Land of Make-Believe
21. The Land of Dreams
22. Neverland Crafts
23. The Lost World
24. The Secret Garden
25. Misty Mountains Crafters
26. Sparkling Sea Artisans
27. Whispering Woods Studio
28. The Starry Night
29. Knotty and Nice
30. Whimsical Baubles
31. The Yarn Barn
32. Whimsical Wonders

32 Jewelry Business Name Ideas

A jewelry company is often focused on crafting and will be appealing to its customers’ aesthetic sensibility. You might try some of these handmade business name ideas if you’re selling a custom jewelry line.

1. The Jewelry Box
2. Adorned Elegance
3. Artisan Jewels
4. Bling Bliss
5. Charm & Chic
6. Dazzling Delights
7. Enchanted Embellishments
8. Exquisite Adornments
9. Gemstone Glamour
10. Heirloom Jewels
11. Jeweled Creations
12. Luminous Luxuries
13. Made with Love Jewelry
14. Ornate Opulence
15. Precious Pieces
16. Radiant Reflections

17. Shimmering Splendor
18. Sparkling Sensations
19. The Bling Boutique
20. Timeless Treasures
21. Unique Adornments
22. Vintage Vibes Jewelry
23. Wearable Art
24. Artisan Adornments
25. Crafted with Care
26. Elegant Expressions
27. Enchanted Elegance
28. Handmade Heirlooms
29. Enchanted Trinkets
30. Embellished by You
31. Diamond Bright Studio
32. The Beading Boutique

Want more ideas? Check out our picks for a crochet business.

30 Crochet Business Name Ideas

Many craft business owners like to crochet. Consider some of these names for crocheted crafts.

1. Hooked on Crochet
2. Stitches of Love
3. The Crochet Corner
4. A Stitch in Time
5. Knotty by Nature
6. Yarn and Joy
7. The Crochet Studio
8. The Yarn Loft
9. Hooked on Handmade
10. The Crochet Cottage
11. The Crochet Parlour
12. The Yarn Boutique
13. The Stitchery
14. The Crochet Nook
15. The Yarn Stash

16. Yarn Over
17. Hook, Line, and Sinker
18. The Yarn Diva
19. The Crochet Queen
20. The Yarn Whisperer
21. The Crochet Goddess
22. The Yarn Enthusiast
23. The Crochet Maven
24. The Yarnista
25. The Crochet Alchemist
26. Yarnspirations
27. Knotty Nirvana
28. Purrfectly Hooked
29. The Cozy Burrow
30. The Wandering Skein

How to Register Your Craft Business Names

Business owner using a laptop to register their sculpture business online

Now that you have plenty of craft business name inspiration, it’s time to talk about how to register your craft business’s name. You’ll want to make sure to:

  1. Choose a business name. Your business name should be unique, memorable, and relevant to your products or services. It should also be available as a domain name and social media handle.
  2. Check the availability of your business name. Once you have chosen a business name, you should check to see if it is available in your state. You can do this by searching the Secretary of State’s website or contacting the office directly.
  3. File a DBA (Doing Business As) name. If your business name is different from your legal name, you will need to file a DBA name with the county clerk’s office in the county where your business is located.
  4. Register your business with the IRS. You will need to register your business with the IRS to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN). You can do this online or by mail.
  5. Obtain the necessary licenses and permits. Depending on the type of craft business you are operating, you may need to obtain certain licenses and permits. You can contact your local Chamber of Commerce or the Small Business Administration (SBA) for more information.

Local artisans will have so much more to accomplish for their handmade business operations to be successful. Let’s discuss some of the things you’ll need to do next.

Next Steps After Naming Your Craft Business

Once you’ve found a craft business name you love and registered it, you’ll need to start building your inventory of crafts, create a website, and start marketing your crafts. One of the best ways to market a crafts business is to record yourself making them and share your videos on social media.

What crafts business name do you like?

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