428 Cute Business Names Perfect for 2024

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Many business owners want cute business names that show a softer, more personal side. That’s why we pulled the top searches for cute business name ideas and used them to inspire this list.

We’ll discuss what makes a cute business name, provide industry-specific examples of cute small business name ideas, and then provide an overview of how to register your cute business name idea.

What Makes Cute Names for Small Business?

Cute small business name ideas tend to have certain characteristics including:

  • Showcase the brand: Let people know exactly what your brand is about in the small business name.
  • Short and sweet: A catchy business name is easy to say and lets people know what you do.
  • Include the target audience: Sometimes it makes sense to share exactly who your target audience is directly in a cute business name.
  • Stand out: You are going into business to make waves. Research the competition and make sure you stand out.
  • Include Locations: Using your location in your cute small business name is a great way to provide a local indicator to your target market.
  • Name Availability: Intellectual property theft isn’t cute. Make sure the small business name ideas are available. No one likes their idea being stolen.

Keep reading for creative business name ideas that you’re sure to adore!

What Are Some Cute Business Names?

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Some cute name ideas include:

1. Twinkle Toes Dance Studio
2. Little Sprouts Nursery
3. Starlight Stitches Tailoring
4. Happy Trails Hiking Club
5. Kitten Cuddles Cat Cafe
6. Doodle Dandy Design Studio
7. Cherry Cheeks Cosmetics
8. Whimsy Wonderland Crafts
9. Buttercup Bakery Delights
10. CurlyQ Hair Salon
11. Buzzy Bees Honey Farm
12. Little Giggles Gymnastics
13. Feathered Fancies Bird Boutique
14. Moonbeam Music Academy
15. Sweetheart Serenade Wedding Planners
16. Sparkle Sprout Jewelry
17. Furry Friends Farmstead
18. Tickled Pink Boutique
19. Rainbow Rascals Daycare
20. Dapper Doodles Pet Salon
21. Lollipop Lane Treats
22. Quirky Quilts & Crafts
23. Happy Tails Dog Walking

24. Snickerdoodle Sweets Shop
25. Bluebell Bliss Spa
26. Sunny Side Up Breakfast Cafe
27. Whisker Whispers Pet Sitting
28. Blossom Baby Boutique
29. Cloud Nine Carpentry
30. Heartfelt Harmony Counseling
31. Twirl & Swirl Dance Academy
32. Snuggle Snacks Cafe
33. Serenity Springs Yoga Studio
34. Cupcake Cuties Bakery
35. Dazzle & Delight Jewelry
36. Peachy Keen Preserves
37. Starry Skies Astronomy Club
38. Button & Bowtie Tailoring
39. Tootsie Treats Candy Shop
40. Lucky Duck Daycare
41. Cherry Pie Photography
42. Bumblebee Buzz Art Gallery
43. Sproutlings Childcare
44. Rainbow Ruffles Fashion
45. Fuzzy Friends Foster Care
46. Java Love Coffee Cart

Pro Tip: Consider using alliteration, rhyme, or puns in your cute business name to make it more memorable and appealing.

Cute Names for Business by Industry

You own, or are about to launch, a unique business, so it’s only fitting that we provide some catchy business name ideas for the type of business you run. The following sections represent some of the most sought-after cute business name ideas as of February 2024.

20 Cute Cleaning Business Names

Young woman cleaning business owner holding a spray bottle and leaning on a mop handle

The majority of the cleaning industry is run by women, and there are a ton of catchy business names in the industry. Consider some of these cute cleaning business name ideas.

1. Squeaky Clean
2. The Spotless Squad
3. The Dust Bunnies
4. The Cleaning Fairies
5. Sparkle and Shine Cleaning
6. The Tidy Team
7. The Clean Slate Crew
8. The Sparkling Sponges
9. Magic Wands Cleaning Company
10. The Dazzle and Shine Cleaning Service

11. Spotless Solutions
12. The Clean Dream Team
13. The Cleaning Genies
14. The Dirt Busters
15. The Cleaning Angels
16. Suds and Shine Cleaning Company
17. Cleaning Queens
18. Fabulously Clean Cleaning Service
19. Berry Bright Cleaning Co.
20. Queen Bee Cleaning Services (taken!)

Unfortunately, you shouldn’t use Queen Bee Cleaning Services as a business name. This memorable business name is used by Christobal Mondragon and his wife. Want to know more about how to run your cleaning business? We have a whole course with Christobal.

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Starting a cleaning company? Check out even more handpicked cute cleaning business name ideas.

20 Cute Names For Photography Business

1. Shutter and Smile
2. Flash and Fancy
3. Picture Perfect
4. Snapshots of Joy
5. Capture the Moment
6. Memories by Mary
7. Lens and Love
8. The Photo Booth
9. Click and Chic
10. Snap Happy

11. Shutterbug Studios
12. Frame of Mind
13. The Picture Palace
14. Light and Shadow
15. Focus on Fun
16. The Candid Camera
17. Photogenic Faces
18. The Memory Maker
19. The Photo Emporium
20. Sunny Smiles Photography

Pro Tip: Use common phrases that people use in the photography industry to help make it known that your company focuses on photos. Mile High Productions is a drone photography company that makes $35K per month. Check out our interview with them below.

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20 Cute Craft Business Names

Cute business names for crafts are really popular. Use some of these unique business name ideas to help inspire your naming process.

1. Honeybee Boutique
2. Blossom Boutique Florist
3. Jellybean Junction Toy Store
4. Rainbow Ribbons Events
5. Sip & Scribble Art Studio
6. Teddy Bear’s Tea Room
7. Pixie Dust Parties
8. Stitchin’ Cuteness
9. Knotty Creations
10. Yarn & Joy

11. Fiber Fantasies
12. Crafting Dreams
13. Needle & Thread Nook
14. Crafty Corner
15. The Yarn Haven
16. Hooked on Crafts
17. Craftastic
18. Crafting with Love
19. The Creative Studio
20. Artful Adventures

Pro Tip: When naming your craft business, consider using words that evoke a sense of creativity, artistry, and handmade quality. This will help to create a strong brand identity and attract customers who appreciate unique, handmade products.

20 Cute Jewelry Business Names

Cute names for a jewelry business might include references to the type of jewelry or the style you’re going for. Think about how you can help build brand recognition for your jewelry shop.

1. Adorned Adorables
2. Blingtastic
3. Charm Central
4. Dazzling Delights
5. Enchanted Embellishments
6. Gemtastic Treasures
7. Jewelry Jubilee
8. Lustrous Luxuries
9. Ornate Obsessions
10. Radiant Rarities

11. Shimmering Splendors
12. Sparkle & Shine
13. Treasure Trove
14. Twinkling Treasures
15. Unique & Exceptional
16. Vintage Vixen
17. Celestial Jewels
18. Enchanted Adornments
19. Radiant Reflections
20. Timeless Allure

Pro Tip: When choosing a name for your jewelry business, consider using words that evoke emotions and create a sense of luxury. For example, words like “radiance,” “allure,” “enchantment,” and “elegance” can help convey the beauty and value of your jewelry.

20 Cute Nail Business Names

Nails are an inherently girly business. Most of your potential customers will be women, so consider a business name ideas list that has naming options that use a common phrase for nails.

1. Nail-a-licious
2. Pretty Polished
3. The Nail Sanctuary
4. Paint Box Nails
5. The Nail Bar
6. Buff and Shine
7. The Nail Studio
8. Nail Art Emporium
9. The Manicure Lounge
10. Nail-Tastic

11. The Nail Spa
12. Nails by Nature
13. Polished to Perfection
14. The Nail Boutique
15. The Nail Lab
16. The Nail Room
17. Tip Top Nails
18. The Nail Haven
19. The Nail Parlour
20. The Nail Loft

Pro Tip: You might also think about how to include your value proposition to attract your potential customer base.

20 Cute Baking Business Names

Woman bakery owner holding a tray of cupcakes with a sign that reads "The Cupcake Cottage" hanging overhead

A creative name for your pretty food can help you grow your successful business. Think about some of the cute bakery naming ideas below.

1. Sprinkle Sparkle Bakery
2. Cupcake Carousel
3. Dreamy Delights Cafe
4. Doughlicious Delights
5. The Cookie Corner
6. Sweet Tooth Bakery
7. The Cupcake Cottage
8. Slice of Heaven Bakery
9. The Frosting Fairy
10. Whisk and Bake

11. Sugar and Spice Bakery
12. The Gingerbread House
13. Crumbs and Cookies
14. The Muffin Man
15. The Donut Den
16. The Pie Pantry
17. The Cake Chateau
18. The Bread Basket
19. The Rolling Pin
20. The Baker’s Nook

Pro Tip: When choosing a cute bakery business name, consider using words that evoke a sense of sweetness, deliciousness, and warmth. This will help to create a strong brand identity and attract customers who have a sweet tooth.

20 Cute Lash Business Names

Girly names make perfect business sense for a lash company. Consider some of these small business names to ensure a potential customer remembers your new business name.

1. Flutter & Lash
2. Glamorous Gaze
3. Wink & Sparkle
4. Lash Amour
5. Enchanting Eyes
6. Lash Heaven
7. Fluttery Lashes
8. Lashes to Envy
9. Lash-O-Licious
10. The Lash Lounge

11. Lashylicious
12. Eyelash Elegance
13. Lash & Bloom
14. Perfect Peeps
15. Lashing Out
16. Wink Wink
17. Lash Envy
18. Blink and Beautiful
19. Lash Studio Bliss
20. Lashes by [Your Name]

Pro Tip: Using your birth name might seem like the perfect business name inclusion, but if you have desires to expand beyond solopreneurship, you might want to use something besides your own name.

20 Cute Names For T-Shirt Business

Lay-flat shot of a color wheel, a variety of t-shirts, and a chalkboard with text that reads "Cute t-shirt business"

Everyone loves a great t-shirt company. Check out some of these cute small business names for t-shirt companies.

1. Threads of Love
2. The Tee-Riffic Store
3. Graphic Galaxy
4. The T-Shirt Haven
5. Cotton Candy Creations
6. Tee Time
7. The Printed Palace
8. Custom Threads
9. The Cozy Cotton Shop
10. Tee-Licious Designs

11. The Quirky Tee
12. The Tees & More Store
13. The Thread Emporium
14. Snuggly Tees
15. Happy Threads
16. The Tee Factory
17. Printed Perfection
18. The Statement Tee
19. Colorful Creations
20. The Apparel Avenue

Pro Tip: When choosing a cute name for your clothing company, consider using words that evoke a sense of comfort, style, and personality. Words like “cozy,” “chic,” “unique,” and “playful” can help create a strong brand identity and attract customers who appreciate unique, high-quality clothing.

20 Cute Business Names For Estheticians

Estheticians focus on skin care, which makes the industry perfect for cute small business name ideas. Consider some of these easily pronounced names.

1. Bubblegum Bliss Salon
2. Cuddle Clouds Day Spa
3. Cherry Blossom Beauty Bar
4. Polished and Posh
5. Skin Serenity
6. Blushing Beauty
7. The Glow Studio
8. Luxe Lashes
9. Brow Bar Beauty
10. The Facial Haven

11. Sweet Cheeks Salon
12. Pretty Please Aesthetics
13. Flawless Facials
14. Radiance and Rituals
15. Skin and Serenity
16. The Skincare Sanctuary
17. The Brow Boutique
18. The Facial Spa
19. The Esthetician’s Emporium
20. The Skin Studio

Pro Tip: Consider words like “blissful,” “radiant,” “glowing,” “soothing,” and other words that inspire a sense of beauty and empowerment when you choose a cute name for your skincare business.

20 Cute Hair Business Names

Like skincare businesses, hair-cutting and cosmetology businesses can benefit from “girly cute” business names. Consider some of these cute business name ideas.

1. Scissor Sisters
2. Hair Haven
3. Mane Attraction
4. The Hair Loft
5. Curl Up and Dye
6. Shear Genius
7. Snip-Its
8. Tresses to Impress
9. The Mane Event
10. Hair Razors

11. The Hairy Godmother
12. Hair-Itage
13. The Curl Bar
14. Hair Apparent
15. The Blowdry Bar
16. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
17. The Updo Studio
18. The Hair Lounge
19. Hairitage Salon
20. The Mane Tamers

Pro Tip: Make sure the domain name is available for the business website before choosing your perfect name.

20 Cute Babysitting Business Names

Children and a caregiver playing in an in-home preschool space with a chalkboard sign that reads "Babysitting business names"

Babysitters and childcare are a booming industry. Cute name ideas can help differentiate you from other businesses in the field.

1. Snuggle Bug Daycare
2. Hopscotch Playhouse
3. Giggles & Grins Childcare
4. Little Dreamers Academy
5. Wee Care
6. Little Angels
7. Happy Tots
8. Playful Pals
9. Giggly Gang
10. Cuddle Crew

11. Sleepy Sheep
12. Storytime Sitters
13. Crafty Kids
14. Outdoor Explorers
15. Curious Critters
16. Super Sitters
17. Hero Helpers
18. Magic Makers
19. Wish Granters
20. Dream Weavers

20 Cute Bracelet Business Names

Whether you have your own shop, are selling bracelets at in-person events, have an online store, or are consigning them to boutiques and studios, these creative business name ideas could help your cute bracelet brand stand out from other jewelry and trinket offerings.

1. Bangle Bliss
2. Charmed & Adorned
3. Bracelets by the Beach
4. Beaded Delights
5. Arm Candy Creations
6. Wristful of Wonders
7. The Charm Factory
8. Bangle Boutique
9. Bracelet Bazaar
10. The Beaded Garden

11. Wrist Candy Wonderland
12. Armour Adorned
13. Bracelets Galore
14. The Bangle Bar
15. Wrist-a-Licious
16. Armful of Elegance
17. The Charm Emporium
18. Bangle Bonanza
19. Beaded Bliss
20. Bracelets by the Bay

Fun Fact: Women-owned small businesses generate $1.9 trillion in economic activity each year. If you’re a woman entrepreneur looking to launch a new business, consider our Best Business Ideas For Women 2024 and pick a cute name to match.

20 Cute Crochet Business Names

Crocheting has experienced a recent resurgence in popularity, and buyers love the look of crocheted goods. Leverage the fact that your crocheted pieces are handmade, artisan offerings, and pick a creative business name to match.

1. Hooked on Love
2. Knotty but Nice
3. Yarnphoria
4. Stitches and Giggles
5.Fiber Fantastic
6. Loops and Love
7. Yarn Haven
8. Crafty Creations
9. The Crochet Corner
10. Yarn Wonderland

11. Hooked on Handmade
12. Cozy Crochet Creations
13. Strings and Smiles
14. The Yarn Emporium
15. Crochet Dreams
16. The Knotty Nook
17. Yarn and Joy
18. Stitching With Love
19. The Crochet Cottage
20. Stitch by You

20 Cute Slime Business Names

Hand holding bright orange slime with a placard that reads "Slime Time"

Slime is big business. Try one of these on for size for your unique business making slime.

1. Slime-Tastic Creations
2. The Slime Factory
3. Ooey Gooey Slime Shop
4. Slimy Sensations
5. Slime-a-Licious
6. Slimey Fun Zone
7. The Slime Lab
8. Slime Time
9. Slimey Paradise
10. Slime World

11. The Slime Emporium
12. Slimey Delights
13. Slimey Wonders
14. The Slime Station
15. Slimey Kingdom
16. Slime-O-Rama
17. Slimey Heaven
18. Slimey Galaxy
19. The Slimeverse
20. Slimey Adventures

20 Cute Dog Business Names

Whether you’re making pet accessories or treats or offering a pet-centric service, these unique business name ideas could be perfect for getting dog owners’ attention.

1. Paws & Pals Pet Care
2. Cozy Paws Bed & Biscuit
3. Playful Pup Paradise
4. Pawsitively Perfect
5. The Happy Hounds
6. The Doggie Den
7. Tail Waggers
8. The Pooch Palace
9. Doggy Delights
10. The Canine Crew

11. The Barking Bunch
12. The Dog House
13. Paws for Thought
14. The Dog Lovers’ Club
15. The Furry Family
16. The Puppy Playhouse
17. Chew Crew
18. The Doggy Spa
19. The K9 Academy
20. The Doggy Diner

20 Cute Notary Business Names

Notary small businesses might not seem like they need a cute or girly business name, but one of these could be just the thing to help your notary services stand out from the crowd.

1. Stamp of Approval Notary
2. Notary Ninja
3. The Notary Nook
4,. Notary Express
5. Stamped and Sealed
6. The Notary Corner
7. Notary Now!
8. The Notary Spot
9. Notary on the Go
10. Notary 24/7

11. The Notary Bar
12. Notary Central
13. Notary Plus
14. The Notary Hub
15. Notary Services R Us
16. Notary at Your Service
17. The Public Notary
18. Notarize This
19. Notary Solutions
20. The Notary Source

22 Cute Brand Names

Whatever kind of brand you’re launching, if you’re selling cute products, one of these cute company names could be perfect for you.

1. Snuggle Buddies
2. Cuddly Creations
3. Dreamy Days
4. Happy Hearts
5. Giggle Gang
6. Joyful Journey
7. Imagination Station
8. Storybook Adventures
9. Enchanted World
10. Curious Kids
11. The Pink Ladies

12. The Learning Tree
13. Discovery Den
14. Knowledge Nook
15. The Wonder Room
16. Explore and Grow
17. Little Explorers
18. Bright Minds
19. The Curiosity Club
20. The Adventure Academy
21. Pawriffic
22. When Pigs Fly

12 Cute Shop Names

Opening an adorable shop? Try one of these names.

1. The Crafty Corner
2. The Quirky Cupboard
3. The Vintage Vault
4. The Artisan Alley
5. The Bibliophile’s Haven
6. The Foodie’s Paradise

7. The Green Thumb Garden
8. The Cozy Cottage
9. The Happy Camper
10. The Coastal Collection
11. The Salty Sailor
12. The Artistic Edge

12 Cute Store Names

Woman business owner standing outside of a storefront and gesturing to a sign that reads "Cute store names"

Need to name a brick-and-mortar store? These ideas are for you.

1. Love’s Emporium
2. Tee & Me
3. Cotton Creations
4. The Music Box
5. The Pet Palace
6. Furry Friends Emporium

7. Tech Haven
8. The Gadget Galaxy
9. The Book Nook
10. The Puzzle Parlor
11. The Adventure Awaits
12. Just Girly Business

16 Cute Website Names

If you’re launching a website that’s all about cute, one of these names could be the perfect fit.

1. Cutie Pie Creations
2. Happy Hearts Boutique
3. Sweet Tooth Treats
4. Cozy Corner Virtual Cafe
5. Rainbow Dreams
6. Magical Moments
7. Twinkling Stars
8. Cuddly Critters

9. Happy Tails
10. The Enchanted Forest
11. Fairy Dust Designs
12. Wishes & Wonder
13. Dreamy Delights
14. Whimsical Wonderland
15. Sunshine Smiles
16. Love & Laughter

How to Register Your Cute Company Names

Once you’ve found a name for your business, you’ll want to make sure you can use the name. The naming process includes:

  1. Check domain availability: While you can buy any web domain, the costs vary dramatically. It’s better to stick to buying one that is available without negotiating the sale of a domain.
  2. Check the social media handles: When looking for unique cute business names, you may find the social media handles are already taken, which means you’ll need a different name.
  • Check the trademark: When a company trademarks its cute brand name with the USPTO, it can legally prevent you from using it. Search the USPTO database.
  • Form your business: Now it’s time to go apply for your LLC or corporation and file the business name with the Secretary of State.
  • Get local business licenses: Depending on your location and industry, you may need local business licenses and permits. Talk to your local business office to establish what you need.

Build Your Cute Business Brand

We’ve provided inspiration for cute business names in multiple industries. Once you’ve chosen your business name, you’ll want to use it in your marketing, website, and other business documents.

Which cute names do you like?

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