698 Endearing Daycare Names (2024)

Women daycare and pet care providers, one playing with a child and another holding a small dog, surrounded by five-star daycare business names and text that reads "Daycare business name ideas + pro tips" hovering overhead

Did you know the average cost of child care in the United States is $10,600 per year?

That means there is a lot of earning potential for those who open a daycare business, but you’ll want to choose a good name for your daycare business to help you stand out.

What makes a good daycare name?

Young woman daycare owner reading a book to a preschool-aged girl

Good daycare name ideas normally include some or all of the following:

  • Use a memorable name: The easier it is for potential customers to remember your daycare name, the more people are likely to contact you.
  • Make it personal: Choose names that appeal to parents and the dreams they have for their kids.
  • Choose between daycare and preschool names: Daycare name ideas are for professional babysitters, while preschool names are for businesses that focus specifically on early education for little ones.

Keep reading for lots of good daycare names, preschool names, and school names, too.

What should I name my daycare business?

There are all kinds of unique daycare name ideas. Consider some of these names for daycares.

1. Little Sprouts Daycare
2. Bright Beginnings Academy
3. Happy Haven Childcare
4. Sunny Skies Nursery
5. Tiny Tots Paradise
6. Rainbow Rascals Daycare
7. Cuddle Clouds Childcare
8. Playful Pals Preschool
9. Wonder Wings Daycare
10. Growing Giggles Academy
11. Kids’ Kingdom Care
12. Mini Miracles Nursery
13. Blossom Buddies Daycare
14. Little Learners Haven
15. Tiny Treasures Childcare
16. Sunny Steps Preschool
17. Little Explorers Academy
18. Happy Hearts Childcare
19. Bright Horizons Nursery
20. Playtime Pioneers Daycare
21. Dreamy Days Preschool
22. Wee Wonders Childcare
23. Laugh & Learn Academy
24. Joyful Journeys Daycare
25. Butterfly Buds Nursery
26. Peek-a-Boo Palace
27. Puddle Jumpers Childcare
28. Little Feet Academy
29. Sunshine Sprouts Daycare
30. Budding Minds Nursery
31. Kinder Haven Childcare
32. Tiny Tykes Preschool
33. Happy Haven Daycare
34. Magic Moments Nursery
35. Little Stars Academy

36. Sproutlings Childcare
37. Busy Beehive Daycare
38. Twinkle Toes Nursery
39. Playful Pathways Academy
40. Happy Harbor Childcare
41. Little Wonders Preschool
42. Discovery Den Daycare
43. Tiny Tigers Nursery
44. Jumping Jacks Academy
45. Rainbow Ridge Childcare
46. Little Lambs Daycare
47. Precious Pearls Nursery
48. Dreamland Discovery Academy
49. Sunshine Corner Childcare
50. Little Explorers Preschool
51. Butterfly Ballet Nursery
52. Playful Puddles Daycare
53. Teddy Bear Terrace
54. Happy Haven Nursery
55. Little Sparks Academy
56. Twirling Tots Childcare
57. Sunshine Sprouts Nursery
58. Rainbow Ranch Daycare
59. Kinderland Academy
60. Little Angels Childcare
61. Sunshine Station Child Care Center
62. Tiny Treasures Preschool
63. Playtime Pioneers Nursery
64. Little Explorers Daycare
65. Magic Moments Academy
66. Kiddie Care Dreamland
67. Happy Days Academy
68. Sunshine and Rainbows Academy
69. All My People Preschool
70. Smarty Pants Nursery

50 Daycare Names

Middle-aged woman daycare owner pointing to a whiteboard with the words "Daycare name ideas" written on it

1. Playful Panda Child Care Center
2. Giggle Galaxy Nursery
3. Happy Hippo Haven
4. Rainbow Rocket Childcare
5. Bouncy Bears Playhouse
6. Whimsical Wizards Daycare
7. Jolly Jellybeans Nursery
8. Peek-a-Boo Pals Preschool
9. Dazzle Daisies Daycare
10. Fox Cubs Nursery
11. Rainbow Sprinkles Childcare
12. Marvelous Minnows Daycare
13. Puddle Jumpers Preschool
14. Funshine Forest Nursery
15. Cheerful Chipmunks Daycare
16. Turtle and Hare Nursery
17. Sprout City Childcare
18. Jumping Jackrabbits Daycare
19. Happy Hedgehogs Preschool
20. Giggly Giraffes Nursery
21. Whalesong Childcare
22. Cuddly Koalas Daycare
23. Merry Monkeys Preschool
24. Twirling Tigers Nursery
25. Wiggly Worms Childcare

26. Pixie Dust Playhouse
27. Rainbow Riders Daycare
28. Busy Bees Bungalow
29. Snugglebugs Sanctuary
30. Snazzy Snails Nursery
31. Wacky Whippersnappers Daycare
32. Minnow Pond Preschool
33. Bubblegum Butterflies Nursery
34. Hoot ’n’ Holler Hideout
35. Peppy Penguins Daycare
36. Dizzy Dinos Preschool
37. Tumble Tots Nursery
38. Giggles & Grins Childcare
39. Whoopee Whirlwinds Daycare
40. Zany Zebras Nursery
41. Puppy Pack Preschool
42. Doodlebug Childcare
43. Jitterbug Junction Nursery
44. Happy Hummingbirds Daycare
45. Bubbly Bunny Burrow
46. Raccoon Den Preschool
47. Sun & Sea Nursery
48. Lively Ladybugs Daycare
49. Pint-Sized Pixies Preschool
50. Playful Minds Preschool

50 Babysitting Business Names

1. Guardian Angels Babysitting Services
2. Little Stars Babysitting
3. Caring Crew Babysitters
4. Precious Moments Babysitting Agency
5. Sunshine Sitters
6. TenderCare Babysitting
7. Kiddie Keepers
8. Cozy Cubs Babysitting
9. Happy Hearts Babysitting
10. Bright Beginnings Babysitters
11. Joyful Journeys Babysitting Services
12. Dreamland Babysitting Agency
13. Gentle Guardians Babysitting
14. Sweet Dreams Sitters
15. Playful Pals Babysitting
16. Elite Nannies and Sitters
17. Tiny Treasures Babysitting Agency
18. Cuddle Bugs Babysitters
19. Little Lambs Babysitting Services
20. Busy Bees Babysitting
21. Snuggle Bunnies Babysitting
22. Tender Touch Babysitters
23. Little Angels Babysitting Agency
24. Happy Harbor Babysitting
25. Petunia Babysitting Services

26. KinderKare Babysitters
27. Giggles and Grins Babysitting
28. ABC Babysitting Agency
29. Precious Pearls Babysitting
30. Dreamy Days Babysitters
31. Tiny Tots Babysitting Services
32. Heartfelt Helpers Babysitting
33. Cheerful Light Babysitting
34. Sprouts Babysitters
35. Dreamy Daisies Babysitting Agency
36. Little Learners Babysitting Services
37. Tumble Tots Babysitting
38. Sweet Pea Sitters
39. Little Dreamcatchers Babysitting
40. Sunshine Sprouts Babysitting Agency
41. Sparkling Stars Babysitting Services
42. Little Laughs Babysitting
43. Snuggle Haven Babysitters
44. Cherished Cherubs Babysitting
45. Happy Hearts Babysitting Agency
46. Tiny Tracks Babysitting Services
47. Bright Minds Babysitting
48. Playtime Pals Babysitting
49. Wonder Wee Ones Babysitting
50. Cozy Corner Babysitting Agency

Now that we’ve covered babysitting name ideas, let’s look at some cute daycare name ideas.

30 Cute Daycare Names

Daycare owner’s desk with cup of pens, piggy bank, books, cork board, a ball of rubber bands, and a laptop showing a search for cute daycare names

Cute daycare names are a great way to stand out amongst highly competitive daycare providers. Consider some of these catchy daycare name ideas.

1. Dreamy Days
2. Enchanted Forest
3. Fairy Tale Land
4. Happy Hearts
5. Imagination Station
6. Joyful Journeys
7. Kingdom of Kids
8. Laughter & Love
9. Magical Moments
10. Mermaids & Unicorns
11. Music & Movement
12. Nature’s Nook
13. Nurturing Nest
14. Once Upon a Time
15. Playful Pandas

16. Rainbows ’n’ Raindrops
17. Reading & Rhymes
18. Science & Discovery
19. Singing & Dancing
20. Smiling Faces
21. Starry Nights
22. Storybook Adventures
23. SunshineSmiles
24. Teddy Bear Tea Party
25. The Enchanted Garden
26. The Happy House
27. The Land of Learning
28. The Magic Castle
29. The Treehouse
30. Wonderland

Maybe you’ve already found the perfect daycare name, but there is more to marketing your daycare services than catchy daycare names. Let’s look at how daycare names and logos work together.

Daycare Names And Logos

These daycare name and logo pro tips introduce important marketing tools that can help you attract new families and build a strong brand identity. Consider some of these tips for choosing a daycare name and logo:

  • Choose a name that is catchy and memorable. The name of your daycare should be easy to remember and pronounce. It should also be relevant to the type of care you provide. For example, a daycare that focuses on nature-based learning might choose a name like Forest Friends or Little Explorers.
  • Create a logo that is visually appealing and professional. Your logo is the visual representation of your daycare, so it’s important to make sure it’s well-designed and reflects the quality of care you provide. If you’re not a graphic designer, you can hire a professional to help you create a logo.
  • Use your name and logo consistently. Once you’ve chosen a name and logo, use them consistently on all of your marketing materials, including your website, business cards, and flyers. This will help to build brand recognition and make it easier for families to find your daycare.

20 Funny Daycare Names

A unique daycare name might add a bit of humor. Consider some of these daycare and preschool names if you want to incorporate some humor into your daycare name ideas.

1. Tots ’n’ Giggles Haven
2. Little Sprouts Comedy Club
3. Giggle Garden Daycare
4. Happy Hoots Childcare Center
5. Wiggles & Giggles Playhouse
6. Chuckle Chums Childcare
7. Jolly Jellybeans Daycare
8. The Laughing Littles Learning Center
9. Cheeky Monkeys Childcare
10. Snicker Sprouts Academy

11. Grins ’n’ Giggles Daycare
12. Pint-Sized Pranksters Preschool
13. Giggly Wiggly Wonderland
14. Chuckleberry Childcare
15. Snuggle ’n’ Snicker Daycare
16. Belly Laughs Babysitting
17. Whimsy Wonders Daycare
18. Snickerdoodle Kids Club
19. Chuckle Hut Childcare Center
20. Little Rascals Childcare Center

18 Cool Daycare Names

1. Young Wonders
2. Mini Castles Daycare Center
3. Little Sunflower Daycare Center
4. Tiny Tykes Daycare Center
5. Making Friends
6. Lily Pad Nursery
7. Care Nursery
8. Joyful Tots
9. Wonder Childcare

10. Nurture Daycare Centers
11. Bright Beginnings Center
12. Sunshine Early Education Center
13. Treasured Offspring Childcare
14. Kidz Life Kids Center
15. Little Learners
16. Oak Tree Child Care
17. Little Scholars
18. Tiny Toes

50 Dog Daycare Names

Shot of the inside of a doggy daycare with over a dozen dogs waiting for a caregiver to give them treats and a business name sign that reads "Canine Clubhouse" hanging on the wall

All the rules that apply to naming a daycare or preschool for children are relevant to naming your doggy daycare, too. Just be sure your name makes it clear who your services are for!

1. Paws & Play Doggy Daycare
2. Bark Avenue Retreat
3. Canine Clubhouse
4. Wagging Tails Daycare
5. Happy Hounds Haven
6. Tailwaggers Retreat
7. The Bark Park
8. Furry Friends Funhouse
9. Doggie Day Camp
10. Pawsitively Playful Center
11. The Woof Pack Retreat
12. Rover’s Retreat
13. Playful Pups Palace
14. Tails of Joy Daycare
15. Paw Palace
16. The Barking Lot
17. Happy Hound Hangout
18. Furry Fun Zone
19. Canine Comfort Zone
20. Wagville Daycare
21. Doggy Delight Den
22. Paws and Recreation Center
23. Tail Trails Retreat
24. Happy Tails Doggy Daycare
25. Pawsome Play Place

26. Doggie Oasis
27. Bark & Play Haven
28. The Wagging Tail Inn
29. Furry Funtime Center
30. The Howliday Inn
31. Pawsitive Playground
32. Woofington Retreat
33. Playful Paws Paradise
34. The Tail-Waggers Club
35. Barkside Retreat
36. Fido’s Funhouse
37. The Paws Spot
38. Canine Cozy Corner
39. The Wagging Zone
40. Paws and Play Retreat
41. Doggy Daycation Center
42. Waggy Wonderland
43. Pooch Play Pen
44. The Bark Barn
45. Dogtopia Daycare
46. Pawsitively Perfect Playground
47. The Puppy Playhouse
48. Rover’s Recess
49. Wagging Whiskers Retreat
50. Furry Fiesta Daycare

Pro Tip: Want to provide pet care? Read our guide to starting a $60K/month dog boarding business for additional inspiration.

20 Fun Daycare Names

Now that we’ve shared a few names for pup care providers, back to names that are best suited for a child care center!

1. Little Fireflies Cottage
2. Happy Harbor Hideaway
3. SnuggleNest Nursery
4. Cozy Cubbies Homestead
5. Sunbeam Sanctuary
6. Dreamy Daisies Cottage
7. Tender Tots Homestead
8. Little Laughs Lodge
9. WeeWonderland Homecare
10. Snuggle Haven Hideout

11. Sunshine Spot Nursery
12. Little Sproutlings Cottage
13. Dreamland Den Daycare
14. Caring Corner Homestead
15. Tender Touch Hideaway
16. Sweet Dreams Sanctuary
17. Cozy Cubs Cottage
18. Happy Hearts Homestead
19. Lollypop Lane Nursery
20. The Happy Hippo

36 Preschool Name Ideas

When it comes to preschool names, ideas abound. These are some of our favorites:

1. Little Fireflies Academy
2. Happy Hearts Haven Preschool
3. SnuggleNest Nursery School
4. Cozy Cubbies Preschool
5. Dreamy Daisies Academy
6. Tender Tots Learning Center
7. Little Laughs Nursery School
8. Snuggle Haven Preschool
9. Sunshine Spot Academy
10. Little Sproutlings Learning Center
11. Dreamland Den Preschool
12. Caring Corner Nursery School
13. TLC Early Learning Center
14. Sweet Dreams Sanctuary Preschool
15. Tiny Treasures Academy
16. Cozy Cubs Preschool
17. Happy Hearts Academy
18. Little Dreamcatchers Learning Center

19. Giggly Grasshoppers Nursery School
20. Sunbeams Academy
21. Playtime Palace Preschool
22. Tiny Twinkles Learning Center
23. Little Sprouts Academy
24. Dreamy Daisies Preschool
25. Caring Corner Academy
26. Smart Cookies Academy
27. Rainbow Kids Preschool
28. Play Time Learners
29. Busy Bee Preschool
30. Happy Feet Learning Center
31. Jump Start Academy
32. Growing Minds Nursery School
33. Clever Kids Preschool
34. Little Cubs Academy
35. Playful Parrot Preschool
36. Kiddie Wizards Academy

64 Daycare Center Names

1. Bright Beginnings Daycare
2. Happy Hearts Nursery
3. Little Explorers Childcare
4. Sunny Side Preschool
5. Caring Cubs Childcare Center
6. Playful Pathways Nursery
7. Tiny Treasures Daycare
8. Dreamland Kids Academy
9. Growing Garden Daycare
10. Starlight Sprouts Childcare
11. Busy Beehive Nursery
12. KidZone Learning Center
13. Wee Wisdom Daycare
14. Little Lambs Childcare
15. Marvelous Minis Preschool
16. Puddle Jumpers Daycare
17. Lullaby Lane Nursery
18. KinderKorner Childcare
19. Teddy Bear Terrace Nursery
20. Blossom Buddies Preschool
21. Tiny Tykes Learning Center
22. Bright Horizons Daycare
23. Rainbow Ridge Nursery
24. Angel Wings Childcare
25. Funshine Forest Daycare
26. Doodlebug Delight Nursery
27. Little Steps Learning Center
28. Kiddie Cove Childcare
29. Snugglebugs Nursery
30. Sunshine Sprouts Childcare
31. Little Angels Academy
32. Twinkle Tots Daycare

33. Peppy Penguins Nursery
34. Adventure Avenue Childcare
35. Bright Beginnings Preschool
36. Kinderland Kids Center
37. Tiny Turtles Nursery
38. Jumping Jacks Childcare
39. Little Dreamers Daycare
40. Playful Puddles Preschool
41. KidSpace Early Learning Center
42. Wonder Wings Childcare
43. Tiny Treasures Nursery
44. Little Stars Preschool
45. Joyful Juniors Childcare
46. Sproutlings Daycare
47. Dreamy Days Childcare
48. Sunshine Corner Nursery
49. Lullaby Lane Daycare
50. KinderKastle Preschool
51. Whimsy World Childcare
52. Little Sprouts Nursery
53. Marvelous Minis Daycare
54. Happy Harbor Preschool
55. Little Learners Daycare
56. Mini Maestro Daycare
57. Crayon Corner Preschool
58. Curious Caterpillar Nursery
59. Giggling Giraffe Nursery
60. Sunny’s Childcare
61. Koala Kisses Nursery
62. Bubble Pop Daycare
63. Rainbow Nursery
64. Acorn Magic Childcare

50 Daycare Business Names

Preschool teacher holding a letter E flashcard while delivering a phonics lesson in a bright and modern classroom with a screen that reads "Sunny Days Preschool"

1. Little Sproutlings Daycare
2. Bright Beginnings Childcare
3. Caring Cubs Daycare
4. Sunny Days Preschool
5. Marvelous Minis Childcare
6. KinderKorner Daycare Center
7. Rainbow Rascals Nursery
8. Angel Wings Childcare Center
9. Tiny Tots Learning Center
10. Starlight Sprouts Nursery
11. Rainbow Ridge Daycare
12. Growing Garden Childcare
13. Joyful Journeys Nursery
14. Kiddie Cove Daycare Center
15. Wee Wisdom Nursery
16. Teddy Bear Terrace Childcare
17. Little Steps Preschool
18. Happy Hearts Daycare Center
19. Twinkle Tots Nursery
20. Discovery Den Childcare
21. Tiny Turtles Daycare
22. Jumping Jacks Nursery
23. Sproutlings Nursery
24. Sunshine Corner Daycare
25. Marvelous Minis Daycare Center

26. Bright Sparks Daycare
27. Happy Owls Nursery
28. My First Steps Nursery
29. Smiles That Glow Academy
30. Baby Hands Childcare
31. Chubby Blossoms Daycare
32. Little Treasures Childcare
33. Childcare Society
34. Bright Minds Kindergarten
35. Soft Touch Learning Center
36. Trek & Trail Early Learning Center
37. Angel Minds Preschool
38. Rainbow Mini Nursery
39. Little Wizards Daycare
40. Pixie Smiles Nursery
41. Little Miracles Childcare
42. Playful Hippo Daycare
43. Cabbage Patch Nursery
44. Kiddie Pioneer Daycare
45. Little Prodigies Nursery Care
46. Joyland Daycare
47. Baby Bees Childcare Center
48. Nurture Haven Daycare
49. We Care Daycare
50. Wonder Care Nursery

44 Daycare Name Ideas

1. KinderCare Haven
2. Rainbow Rabbit Den
3. Little Sunbeams Daycare
4. Playful Panda Nursery
5. Dreamland Discoveries
6. Happy Hedgehogs Childcare
7. Tiny Steps Academy
8. Wonderland Kids Care
9. Little Owls Nursery
10. Radiant Rainbows Daycare
11. Bumblebee Buzz Academy
12. Sproutville Childcare
13. Starlight Sparkles Nursery
14. Giggles & Grins Daycare
15. Whimsical Wonders Center
16. Little Dragonflies Den
17. Busy Butterflies Care
18. Mini Marvels Academy
19. Giggle Grove Childcare
20. Sunshine Safari Daycare
21. Tiny Trekkers Nursery
22. Blossom Buds Center

23. Harmony Haven Daycare
24. Little Fireflies Nursery
25. Hopscotch Heights Academy
26. Cheerful Chicks Childcare
27. Tiny Totlandia
28. Sparkling Stars Nursery
29. Rainbow Road Childcare
30. Wonder Wings Preschool
31. Happy Hearts Haven
32. Pint-Sized Paradise
33. Little Lullabies Nursery
34. Tumble Tots Academy
35. Dreamy Daisies Daycare
36. Little Lambkins Nursery
37. Joyland Junction
38. Sprightly Sprouts Center
39. Little Dreamcatchers
40. Giggly Grasshoppers Nursery
41. Sunflower Sunbeam Care Center
42. Playtime Palace Daycare
43. Tiny Twinkles Nursery
44. The Curious Cottage

A Name For Your Daycare: 40 More Ideas

1. Cozy Cubs Childcare
2. Little Haven Homecare
3. Sunshine Sprouts Cottage
4. Tiny Treasures Homestead
5. Happy Hearts Hideaway
6. Loving Arms Nursery
7. Dreamland Daisies Daycare
8. Playful Pals Homestead
9. Sunny Steps Childcare
10. Snuggle Nest Cottage
11. WeeWonder Homecare
12. Caring Corner Nursery
13. Harmony House Daycare
14. Little Learners Lodge
15. Joyful Journeys Homecare
16. Peek-a-Boo Place
17. Peace of Mind Daycare
18. KinderHome Haven
19. Sweet Dreams Homestead
20. Tiny Tots Treasures

21. SnugBugs Sanctuary
22. Sunshine Sprouts Homecare
23. Little Lambs Lodge
24. Angel Wings Homestead
25. Happy Harbor Hideout
26. Little Explorers Cottage
27. Playtime Paradise Homecare
28. Kiddie Cove Cottage
29. Joyful Juniors Homestead
30. Center Oak Tree House
31. Dreamy Days Daycare
32. Little Hearts Hideaway
33. KinderGrove Cottage
34. Rainbow Rascals Homestead
35. Tiny Trails Daycare
36. Little Sprouts Sanctuary
37. Dreamland Discovery Homecare
38. Puddle Jumpers Place
39. Tiny Trekkers Homestead
40. Sunny Side Child Care

Pro Tip: In the early stages of starting your childcare business? Read our article on how to start a daycare in nine simple steps.

64 Fancy School Names

Concept of a grade-school girl standing in a hallway of lockers wearing a school uniform with a search bar that reads "Fancy school names" hovering beside her

1. Académie Royale
2. École de l’Élégance
3. Renaissance Institute
4. Lyceum for Kids
5. Prestige Academy
6. École d’Excellence
7. Magna Mater Academy
8. Arcadia Collegiate
9. Ivy League Manor
10. Grandeur Grammar School
11. Belle Éducation Academy
12. École de Noblesse
13. Opulent Oaks Institute
14. Elite Enclave School
15. École de la Cour
16. Lumière Lyceum
17. Regal Rosewood School
18. Enchanté Academy
19. Academy of Aristocracy
20. Elysian Elite School
21. Exquisite Éducation Institution
22. École Royale
23. École Magnifique
24. The Sterling Hills School
25. Grandeur Gables Academy
26. Éclat Excellence Institute
27. École d’Élite
28. En Vogue Academy
29. Luminary Lyceum
30. Regency Ridge School
31. Renaissance Education Manor
32. Elegance Enclave Academy

33. École Majestique
34. Noble Novateur Institute
35. Elite Education Enclave
36. École d’Équilibre
37. École de Prestige
38. Learning Tree Grammar School
39. École Luxe
40. Éclat Enrichment Academy
41. Enchanted Education Day School
42. Royal Regency School
43. Enchanté Elite Academy
44. École de la Renaissance
45. Magnifique Manor Institute
46. Noble Novelle Academy
47. Élite Education Etablissement
48. École de la Grandeur
49. Majestic Manor School
50. Prestige Pavilion Academy
51. Elysian Education Enclave
52. Éclat Elite Institute
53. Regal Ridge School
54. Renaissance Royale Academy
55. École de Luxure
56. Sovereign Summit School
57. Aristocrat Academy
58. Regency Royale School
59. Elysian Manor Institute
60. École Éclatante
61. Magnifique Education Manor
62. Zephyr Ridge Academy
63. Emberlight Institute
64. The Summit View Day School

62 Preschool Name Ideas

1. Sunshine Sprouts Academy
2. Little Explorers Learning Center
3. Happy Hearts Preschool
4. Tiny Treasures Nursery School
5. Rainbow Rascals Academy
6. Dreamland Daycare & Preschool
7. Sunny Steps Childcare Center
8. Joyful Journeys Preschool
9. Little Learners Preschool
10. Wonder Wings Academy
11. Funshine Forest Preschool
12. KinderKorner Preschool
13. Rainbow Ridge Preschool
14. Little Lambs Early Learning Center
15. Marvelous Minis Academy
16. SnugBugs Sanctuary Preschool
17. Dreamland Discovery Preschool
18. Playtime Paradise Preschool
19. Kiddie Cove Learning Center
20. Sunbeam Sanctuary Preschool
21. Little Laughs Preschool
22. Caring Corner Preschool
23. Giggly Grasshoppers Preschool
24. Wonder Kids Academy
25. Little Einsteins Learning Center
26. Little Sprouts Preschool
27. The Sunshine Academy
28. Whiz Kids Learning Center
29. Cherry Blossom Academy
30. Mini Explorers Nursery
31. Scribbles Preschool

32. Treetop Learners Academy
33. Sweet Pea Nursery School
34. Happy Munchkin Academy
35. Pepper Tots Academy
36. Whispering Lillies Nursery
37. Sunshine Daises Academy
38. Harbor Penguins Nursery
39. Tiny Bubbles Preschool
40. Fuzzy Friends Preschool
41. Dancing Shells Academy
42. Little Labcoats Academy
43. Think Big Academy
44. Dreamscapes Academy
45. Mini Scientists Preschool
46. Tiny Coders Academy
47. Little Wizards Academy
48. Baby Genius Academy
49. Future Whiz Preschool
50. Little Astronomers Academy
51. Future Innovators Learning Academy
52. Baby Tykes Nursery
53. Jumping Dolphins Preschool
54. Happy Koala Academy
55. Discovery Academy
56. Gentle Touch Learning Center
57. Little Hearts Academy
58. Jolly Hearts Preschool
59. Seed and Sprout Academy
60. The Hygge Preschool
61. Little Gems Academy
62. Little Oaks Learning Center

30 Nursery Names

Nursery school teacher and two children playing with brightly colored wooden blocks at a table with a chalk board sign that reads "Nursery names"

1. Bright Beginnings Nursery School
2. Sunshine Sprouts Nursery School
3. Tiny Treasures Learning Center
4. Rainbow Rascals Nursery School
5. Dreamland Daycare & Nursery School
6. Joyful Journeys Nursery School
7. Peek-a-Boo Place Preschool
8. Little Learners Nursery School
9. KinderKorner Nursery School
10. Dreamland Discovery Nursery School
11. Sunbeam Sanctuary Nursery School
12. The Playful Peacock School
13. The Wonder Workshop Day School
14. Rhyming Robins Nursery
15. Story Weaver’s Preschool

16. Creative Critter Learning Center
17. Paintbrush Scholars Nursery
18. Little Rhymes Nursery
19. Mini Pirates Preschool
20. Happy Hippo Academy
21. Book Nook Nursery
22. Little Lions Preschool
23. The Playful Grove Nursery
24. Dandelion Babies Nursery
25. Cubbyhouse Learning Center
26. Galaxy Lighthouse Academy
27. Creative Panda Learning Center
28. Blooming Cubs Preschool
29. Crafty Caterpillar Nursery
30. Little Scholars Academy

How to register your daycare business name

Registering your daycare business name typically involves several steps, and the exact process can vary depending on your location. Here’s a general guide:

  1. Choose a Daycare Center Name: Select a unique and suitable name for your daycare business. Make sure to research whether the name is already in use in your area to avoid conflicts.
  2. Check Availability: Check if the daycare business name is available. You can do this by searching online databases of registered businesses in your area or by contacting your local government office responsible for business registrations.
  3. Register Your Business: Depending on your location, you may need to register your daycare business with the appropriate government authorities. This could involve registering as a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), or corporation. Check with your local government’s business registration office to determine the specific requirements and process for registering your business entity.
  4. Apply for a Business License: In many areas, daycare businesses are required to obtain a business license or permit to operate legally. Contact your local government’s licensing department to find out the requirements and application process for obtaining a daycare license.
  5. Renewals and Maintenance: Remember to renew your business registration, licenses, and permits as required by your local government to ensure ongoing compliance with regulations.

Make sure to consult with a legal or business advisor familiar with the regulations that apply to a child care center to ensure that you complete all necessary steps for registering your daycare business name correctly.

Next steps after naming your daycare business

We’ve provided you with things to consider when choosing daycare and preschool names, provided lots of inspiration for creative daycare names, and explained how to register your business after you find the perfect daycare name.

Which do you think are the best daycare names?

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