51 Best Franchises to Own in 2023

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Are you looking for franchise opportunities? These are the best franchises to own in 2023. Most of these profitable franchises are household names, but there are a few surprises on the list, including cheap franchises to open.

We’ll help you find the top franchises of 2023!

Franchising Definitions

Franchises are a reliable way to start your own business, but there are some unique terms you’ll need to understand when comparing franchise opportunities. We’ll cover each definition to help you evaluate each franchise opportunity more thoroughly.


A franchisor is an organization that owns the intellectual property (IP) and the brand name. They license the IP to other business owners in exchange for a franchise fee. They may also have other fees and requirements you have to follow to run a franchise under their business name.


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A franchisee is a business owner that has purchased the rights to use the business name, processes, and strategies from the franchisor. They will normally need to:

  1. Pay an initial franchise fee
  2. Prove the ability to pay the initial investment (startup costs plus operating costs until the franchise makes a profit)
  3. Undergo comprehensive training 
  4. Pay ongoing marketing fees and royalty fees

Franchise Fee

When you buy a franchise, you’ll have to pay for the rights to use the intellectual property. This includes both an initial franchise fee and ongoing payments.

UpFlip Featured Franchises

Upflip has partnered with companies that specifically believe in providing business owners with the franchise tools they need to become profitable franchises. Some of our favorite franchises are:

We’ll discuss these first.

#1. Wise Coatings

Brandon Vaughn started Wise Coatings with just $15,000. The majority was spent on marketing and learning how to work with the coating materials. There are currently eight franchises and 140 applicants (and growing). The company helps with the marketing and systems you need to run the business right. This franchise opportunity requires:

  • Franchise Fee: $50,000
  • Total Investment: $117,400-$160,000 (including 3 months working capital)
  • Space Needed: 100-2,000 square feet
  • Employees: 2-4 employees (suggested)
  • Territories: Discounts for buying more than 1 
  • Franchising Funding Assistance: Yes, through Benetrends. Learn how to qualify.

Check out our interview with Brandon below.

#2. Augusta Lawn Care Services

Mike Andes is a brilliant entrepreneur that founded Augusta Lawn Care Services when he was a teenager, and today it’s one of the top 500 franchises in the U.S. and Canada. Their franchise opportunities offer low barriers to entry and flat fees instead of the standard percentage model. Here’s what it takes to become an Augusta Franchise:

  • Franchise Fee: $6,999-$25,000
  • Total Investment: $12,999-$82,500
  • Royalty Fee: $699-$1.2K/mo.
  • Space Needed: 100-2,000 square feet
  • Employees: Solopreneur or hire other employees when starting a franchise
  • Territories: You can buy more than one territory if they are available in your area.
  • Franchising Funding Assistance: Yes, through the Franchise Forgiveness Model

Learn more about starting a lawn care franchise below.

#3. Big Frog

If you want a profitable franchise that prints clothing, consider Big Frog. We interviewed Sanford Booth, a franchisee who invested in Big Frog and makes over $40K per month. A Big Frog franchise opportunity requires:

  • Liquid Assets: No less than $50K. Learn more about liquid assets.
  • Working Capital: At least $40K. Learn more about working capital.
  • Net Worth: $300K (Varies based on regional construction costs)

Find out more about Big Frog in our article about t-shirt businesses or watch our interview below:

Research Franchise Opportunities

Using the four ranking lists below, we researched franchise opportunities to establish which ones were the most attractive. 

To simplify the process, we reduced the top 100 and top 500 lists to just the top 20, then compared the franchises that appeared on each list. 

What Are the Best Franchises to Own?

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The best franchise to own will vary based on the demographics in your area, the franchises available, and the amount you have to invest. Based on a review of the various franchise opportunities and how ranking sites rate the franchises, I would start by considering:

  1. The UPS Store: Ranked Top 20 in 4 Different Lists
  2. Dunkin’: Ranked Top 20 in 4 Different Lists
  3. Ace Hardware: Top 20 in  3 Different Lists
  4. Domino’s: Ranked Top 20 in 3 Different Lists
  5. Wendy’s: Ranked Top 20 in 3 Different Lists
  6. McDonald’s: Ranked Top 20 in 3 Different Lists

#4. UPS Store

If you’re wondering what is the #1 franchise to own, consider United Parcel Service (UPS) Store. UPS Store franchises are ranked #4 by Entrepreneur, #2 for profitability, #16 for popularity, and #17 by Franchise Direct. It is one of two franchises that are top-rated in all four expert lists and is not in the food industry (which many people will consider a positive). A UPS Store requires:

  • Franchise Fee: $9,500 to $30K 
  • Startup Costs: $80K-$510K
  • Liquid Assets: $75K

These are low-cost franchises with high profit. Learn more about UPS Store franchises.

#5. Dunkin’

I love donuts and coffee! How about you? Compared to some of the other major franchises in the fast food industry, Dunkin’ franchises are one of the cheapest franchises to start. You can get into a franchise for:

  • Franchise Fee: $1K to $90K
  • Total Investment: $121K to $1.8M
  • Minimum Net Worth: $500K
  • Royalty Fee: 5.9% 
  • Advertising Royalty: 2.5% 

Learn more about Dunkin’ franchises.

#6. Ace Hardware

If you have a passion for hardware, you should consider Ace Hardware one of the best small business franchises. It’s ranked best in its category by Entrepreneur (7th overall), 9th by Franchise Direct, and 18th in the list of popular franchises. Their main qualifications are net worth, a solid reputation, and commitment to operational excellence. Check out their business-friendly requirements:

  • Franchise Fee: none
  • Total Investment: $650K to $1M 
  • Liquidity: $250K 
  • Net Worth: $400K 
  • Royalty Fee: none

Get more information from Ace Hardware.

#7. Domino’s

laptop with domino's pizza on a table

This pizza joint is the 7th most popular franchise, 12th most profitable, and ranked 8th by Franchise Direct in the top franchises 2022 list. There’s a catch, though. You can’t buy a franchise unless you work for the company. 95% of the Domino’s store location owners started working in a store. If you want to get into this franchise business model, go get a job as a GM or find a business partner that already works for the parent company. 

  • Franchise Fee: $0-$10K
  • Total Investment: $107K to $683K
  • Liquidity: $75K 
  • Net Worth: $250K 
  • Royalty Fee: 10.5-13.5%

The strategy of requiring franchisees to work for the company before buying a franchise makes this one of the best franchises to own for beginners. Find out more from Domino’s.

Check out their franchise promo video below.

#8. Wendy’s 

The most expensive fast food restaurant is in the Top 20 on Entrepreneur, Franchise Direct, and the most popular franchise list. If you want to join the ranks of Wendy’s franchise owners, you’ll need:

  • Franchise Fee: $50K
  • Investment: $330K-$3.7M 
  • Net Worth: $1M 
  • Liquid Cash: $500K 

Find out more about Wendy’s franchise opportunities.

#9. McDonald’s

The world’s largest real estate owner uses the franchise business model and serves fast food. McD’s requires:

  • Franchise Fee: $45K
  • Liquid Cash: $100K 
  • Initial Investment: $1.4M- $2.5M 
  • Royalty: 4% royalty
  • Advertising: Royalty: 4% or more

It’s not cheap to get into these profitable franchises, but they have the most proven business model on the planet. In fact, many other profitable franchise opportunities like Chipotle have replicated their business model with great success. Find out more about getting a McDonald’s franchise.

Start Your Own Business Under These Franchise Owners

man sitting on sofa using laptop with briefcase full of money

Next, we’ll cover franchises that made at least two of the lists. These include: 

  1. 7-Eleven
  2. Ameriprise
  3. Burger King
  4. Culver’s
  5. Hampton by Hilton
  6. Jersey Mike’s
  7. KFC
  8. Pizza Hut
  9. Snap-on tools
  10. Subway
  11. Taco Bell
  12. Wingstop

#10. 7-Eleven

Ranked #2 on Franchise Direct’s list, 7-Eleven is one of the most popular convenience stores in the world. With more than 80,000 locations, it’s an established brand customers know no matter where you want to open a business. That’s also good news when it comes to franchisee support and the company’s financial outlook. 

  • Franchise Fee: Varies by store ($0-$1M)
  • Minimum Initial Investment: $125,250
  • Internal financing: Up to 65% of franchise fee
  • Royalty: Varies based on gross profit
  • Advertising Royalty: 1% 

Learn more about opening a 7-Eleven franchise.

#11. Ameriprise

Ameriprise is among the most profitable franchises you can start in 2023. As one of the largest banks in the United States, Ameriprise offers franchise owners a loyal customer base, high brand recognition, and low ongoing fees. Owners also get equity ownership opportunities, mentorship, and turnkey marketing service.

  • Franchise Fee: $1,500 
  • Minimum Investment: $11,434-$127,565 
  • Monthly Association Fee: $290 
  • Required: FINRA Series 7 and Series 63 or 66 

If you can pass the Finra exams, this would be one of the best franchises to own under $100K.

Get more Ameriprise franchise information.

#12. Burger King

Screenshot of franchising page from bk.com website

Burger King ranks among the most popular franchises globally, with more than 19,000 franchise locations around the world. Franchisees have the option of a traditional Burger King restaurant or an institutional or non-traditional location, such as within a college, corporate, or medical campus, or within a convenience store or rest area. 

  • Franchise Fee: $50,000 
  • Initial Investment: $1.7M-$4.2M 
  • Net Worth: $1.5M
  • Royalty: 4.5%
  • Marketing Fee: 4% 

Learn how to open your own Burger King franchise.

#13. Culver’s

Known for its butter burgers and frozen custard, Culver’s is among the most profitable franchises in the restaurant sector. It’s a great choice for hands-on owner-operators and has a high loan success ratio compared to other fast food franchises. The company is actively looking to expand, with 871 locations across 26 states as of early 2023.

  • Franchise Fee: $55,000 
  • Total Investment: $2.3M-$5.8M
  • Net Worth: $1.25M
  • Royalty Fee: 4% 
  • Advertising Fee: 2.5% 

Get all the info to start a Culver’s franchise.

Check out their franchise video below.

#14. Hampton by Hilton

Ranked #9 on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list, Hampton by Hilton is a leading hotel franchise, with 2,200 locations in the United States and more than 250 internationally. As a trusted name in hospitality, Hilton’s established brand name is a plus for prospective franchisees. Like many hotel businesses, however, it does have a relatively high initial investment and franchise fee, which may be an impediment to owning a franchise for some entrepreneurs. 

  • Franchise Fee: $75,000 
  • Total Investment: $7.6M-$20.6M
  • Royalty Fee: 6% 
  • Advertising Fee: 4% 

Read this Hampton by Hilton franchise information to get started.

#15. Jersey Mike’s

Jersey Mike’s is one of the top franchises for both popularity and profitability, ranked #3 on the Franchise 500 list for 2023 and with an impressive 74:1 SBA Loan Success Ratio. Franchisees get a built-in roadmap with full corporate support, excellent brand recognition, and a high success rate. If you want to be your own boss while serving fresh store-cooked roast beef on freshly-baked bread, Jersey Mike’s could be the right business opportunity for you.

  • Franchise Fee: $18,500 
  • Initial Investment: $194,035-$954,611 
  • Liquid Cash: $100,000
  • Royalty Fee: 6.5% 
  • Ad Royalty: 5% 

Learn more about starting a Jersey Mike’s franchise.

#16. KFC

kfc meal with tablet on the table

This popular fast food chain takes the top spot on Franchise Direct’s Top 100 franchises in 2022, in large part because of their strong franchisee support and the high financial stability of their parent company, YUM! Brands, Inc. KFC also offers business loan support for minority franchisees, guaranteeing 25% of the principal, up to $3 million per loan. The company’s active investment in diversity and inclusion puts them among the best franchise opportunities for diverse franchisees.

  • Franchise Fee: $45,000 
  • Initial Investment: $1.4M-$3.1M
  • Net Worth: $1.5M
  • Royalty: 4-5% 
  • Advertising: 5% 

Get the info to start your own KFC franchise

#17. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is an excellent business opportunity for franchisees who want to open multiple locations. They require owners opening new franchises to commit to at least two locations, with the end goal of owning five. Since Pizza Hut already holds a significant share of the American market, it’s possible to grow a successful franchise quickly and scale this success across multiple locations.  

  • Franchise Fee: $25,000 
  • Minimum Investment: $367,000-$2M
  • Net Worth: $700,000 ($350,000 liquid assets)
  • Royalty: 6%
  • Ad Royalty: 4.75% 

Learn more about Pizza Hut franchises.

#18. Snap-on Tools

As the #1 tool franchise in the United States, Snap-on Tools is a trusted name among automotive repair professionals. The steady demand for automotive tools, combined with their proven track record of guaranteed quality, puts this among the best franchise opportunities for hands-on owners. The initial startup costs are very reasonable, especially given the size and reputation of the company.

  • Franchise Fee: $8,000-$16,000
  • Total Investment: $201,433-$465,436
  • Discount for veterans: $20,000 off startup inventory cost
  • Net Worth: $38,126
  • Royalty: $135/month

Get all the Snap-on franchise information to start your own.

Check out the Snap-on Tools franchise introduction video.

#19. Taco Bell

Taco Bell takes the #1 spot on the Franchise 500 list because it’s among the most profitable franchises to start. It’s under the same YUM! Brands, Inc. umbrella as KFC, and franchisees enjoy the same extensive business support and high brand recognition that sets them up to succeed. 

  • Franchise Fee: $25,000-$45,000 
  • Initial Investment: $575,600-$3.3M 
  • Net Worth: $5M 
  • Royalty: 5.5% 
  • Ad Royalty: 4.25% 

Get more information from Taco Bell.

#20. Subway

woman buying a food on a subway booth

If you want to own your own business in the quick service restaurant industry, a Subway franchise is the most popular way to go about it. The brand has more than 44,000 locations across 100 countries, and that wide reach translates to high financial stability and a proven business model for franchisees to follow. 

  • Franchise Fee: $15,000 
  • Minimum Investment: $140,050-$342,400
  • Liquid Assets: $30,000-$90,000
  • Royalty: 8%
  • Ad Royalty: 4.5%

Learn more with this Subway franchise information.

#21. Wingstop

As a Wingstop franchise owner, you’ll join a network of more than 1,700 locations worldwide with an average unit volume of $1.59 million, among the highest sales per square foot in the industry. 

  • Franchise Fee: $20,000
  • Total Investment: $315,310-$948,080
  • Net Worth: $1.2M
  • Royalty: 6% 
  • Ad Royalty: 6%

Start your own Wingstop franchise.

If all of these are a bit out of your price range, check out our blog about the cheapest franchises to start.

Other Great Franchise Businesses By Industry

young woman and a whiteboard in an orange background


#22. Best Western Inn

Becoming a Best Western franchise owner gives you a voice in the company operations and the backing of a powerful global brand, while still maintaining full control over the property management and enjoying a low fee structure that lets you keep more of what you earn. 

  • Franchise Fee: $54,000-$94,000 
  • Initial  Investment: $505,050-$10.3M
  • Royalty: 5%

Check out this Best Western franchise information.

#23. Choice Hotels International Inn

The franchisee-first focus of Choice Hotels puts them among the most profitable franchise companies in the hospitality sector, with over $7.8 billion in reservations across more than 7,100 franchise locations worldwide in 2021. 

  • Franchise Fee: $15,000-$60,000
  • Initial Investment: $118,825-$26.3M
  • Liquid Cash: $1M
  • Royalty: 5-6%
  • Ad Royalty: 2.5-3.5%

Ready to get started? Read this Choice Hotels franchise information.

#24. InterContinental Hotels and Resorts (IHG)

Screenshot of ihgplc website shown on a laptop

The hotels under the IHG umbrella range from the well-known Holiday Inn and Regent brands to the boutique upscale experience of Hotel Indigo, Crowne Plaza, and Staybridge Suites. While it has the potential to be a very profitable franchising business, the high startup cost can be an obstacle to owning a franchise for some.

  • Franchise Fee: $100,000
  • Initial Investment: $81.2M-$118.3M
  • Royalty: 6%

Find out more about IHG franchise opportunities

#25. Marriott International 

Marriott is the world’s largest travel franchise, with 30 brands and more than 8,300 properties across 138 countries and territories. It’s also one of the most profitable franchise options for global franchisees, though like other hospitality franchises it can be costly to start.

  • Franchise Fee: $120,000
  • Total Investment: $82.9M-$136.8M
  • Room Sales Royalty: 6%
  • Food and Beverage Royalty: 3% 

Learn more about Marriott franchises.

Check out the Marriot franchise promotional video below.

#26. Red Roof Inn

Red Roof Inn’s 90% franchisee satisfaction speaks to the support you’ll get as an owner. This profitable franchise opportunity comes with access to proprietary software, purchasing co-ops, and extensive marketing and branding materials, with lower startup costs than most hospitality franchises. 

  • Franchise Fee: $30,000 
  • Minimum Investment: $203,500
  • Royalty: 4.5% 
  • Ad Royalty: 4%

Here’s all the pertinent Red Roof Inn franchise information you need to get started.

#27. Super 8

screenshot of hotel franchise from wyndhamhotels website

Another hotel franchise with a comparatively affordable financial requirement is Super 8 by Wyndham. It’s the world’s largest economy hotel brand, with more than 2,600 locations across four continents.

  • Franchise Fee: $25,000
  • Initial Investment: $221,026-$5.4M
  • Royalty: 5.5%
  • Ad Royalty: 3%

Find out more with this Super 8 franchise information.

Professional Services

#28. Allstate Insurance

As an Allstate franchisee, you don’t just profit from your revenue, but also own equity in the business. The variety of product offerings gives agency owners lots of flexibility to maximize their earnings, and you don’t need prior insurance experience to get started.

  • Franchise Fee: none
  • Licensing Fee: none
  • Liquid Cash: $100,000
  • Veteran Discount: 25%

Get all the details: AllState Insurance franchise information.

Check out AllState’s franchise video below.

#29. CENTURY 21

Real estate agents can be their own boss by opening a Century 21 franchise. New franchisees receive comprehensive training to become licensed experts in the real estate market, so you don’t need to be an experienced realtor to start.

  • Franchise Fee: $0-$25,000
  • Total Investment: $24,700-$271,950
  • Net Worth: $150,000 
  • Royalty: 6% 
  • Ad Royalty: .5% 

Start your own Century 21 franchise.

#30. RE/MAX

businessman browsing a website on a tablet

RE/MAX is a perennial presence on Entrepreneur’s list of top franchises to own, as well as one of the fastest-growing franchises for 9 consecutive years. For real  estate agents, opening a franchise puts you in a network of more than 140,000 agents around the world and gives you access to a high commission concept that makes it easy to scale your profits. 

  • Franchise Fee: $17,500-$35,000
  • Initial Investment: $43,000-$236,500

Learn how to start a RE/MAX franchise.

#31. H&R Block

Finding an H&R Block franchise for sale in your area secures you an exclusive territory that can range from a city neighborhood to an entire town. New franchisees receive extensive training on tax preparation, as well as strong ongoing support in marketing, lease negotiations, and other areas. 

  • Franchise Fee: $2,500
  • Initial Investment: $31,557-$157,898
  • Royalty Fee: 30%

Get started with this H&R Block franchise information.

#32. Jackson Hewitt

Another top franchise for tax professionals, Jackson Hewitt is among the largest in-person tax services in the U.S., and franchisees benefit from that established brand as well as corporate support and training.

  • Franchise Fee: $7,500
  • Initial Investment: $49,200-$81,805
  • Net Worth: $100,000
  • Royalty: 5-15%
  • Ad Royalty: 6.5%

Learn more: Jackson Hewitt franchises.

Gas Station and Automotive

man holding an auto fuelling gun on a gas station

#33. Chevron 

Compared to other gas stations, Chevron franchises show a high loan success rate, which is proof of its profitability. Franchisees get ongoing support with all aspects of the business as well as multiple revenue streams to profit from.

  • Initial Investment: $1.5M-$2.5M
  • Liquid Cash: $500,000 

Read more about Chevron Franchises.

#34. Circle K

A Circle K franchise can be operated as a convenience store only, or you can add a gas station or quick-serve restaurant. That flexibility is one of the main advantages of becoming an owner. 

  • Franchise Fee: $25,000 
  • Initial Investment: $268,500-$2M
  • Net Worth: $500,000 
  • Royalty: 2.5-5.5%
  • Ad Royalty: 1.5%

Get the details on starting your own Circle K franchise.

Learn about owning a Circle-K below.

#35. Christian Brothers Automotive

Most people rely on their cars, giving an automotive repair franchise a built-in customer base. The company’s balanced work model, 2:1 franchisee support, and community focus are other advantages of becoming an owner.

  • Franchise Fee: $135,000 franchise fee
  • Initial Investment: $520,250-$640,400 initial investment
  • Net Worth: $250,000
  • Discount for Veterans: 10% off franchise fee
  • Ad Royalty: $10,000 per year

Learn how to start a Christian Brothers Automotive franchise.


beautiful food stall for franchising business

#36. Bimbo Bakeries

Bimbo Bakeries offers a unique opportunity for owners to become distributors for the largest commercial baking company in the United States. It can have low startup costs for a food business, too, depending on which franchise model you go with.

  • Franchise Fee: $8,000-$500,000
  • Initial Investment: $14,000-$606,000

Become a Bimbo Bakeries distributor.

#37. Chick-fil-a

New franchisees for Chick-fil-a get 3-4 weeks of hybrid training and can expand beyond a single store once they’ve established themselves as an owner, making it easy to both get started and scale your profits over time.

  • Franchise Fee: $10,000
  • Initial Investment: $219,055-$2.9M
  • Ad Royalty: 3.25%

Ready to start your own Chick-fil-a franchise? information

#38. Little Caesars

Little Caesars has a proven business model of pizza take-out and delivery and is actively seeking to expand its brand, both in the U.S. and internationally.

  • Franchise Fee: $20,000
  • Initial Investment: $221,000-$654,000
  • Liquid Cash: $50,000 
  • Royalty: 6%
  • Ad Royalty: 3%

Learn how to open a Little Caesars franchise.

Learn more about Little Caesars franchises in the video below.

#39. Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons has long been Canada’s favorite coffee shop, and the brand’s expansion into the U.S. market means ample franchises for sale for coffee and food lovers looking for a profitable opportunity.

  • Franchise Fee: $25,000-$50,000 
  • Initial Investment: $94,000-$2.1M
  • Liquid Assets: $500,000
  • Royalty: 6%
  • Ad Royalty: 4%

Starting a Tim Hortons franchise is straightforward with the right info.

#40. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

beautiful woman and a screenshot background of popeyes louisiana kitchen website

The Louisiana-style flavors served from a Popeyes kitchen are a popular alternative to other fast food. Franchisees benefit from being part of a strong and growing brand, with extensive business support for owners.

  • Franchise Fee: $2,500-$50,000
  • Initial Investment: $109,500-$3.5M
  • Net Worth: $1M
  • Royalty: 5% 
  • Ad Royalty: 4% 

Learn more about Popeyes franchises.


#41. European Wax Center

With more than 750 locations in the United States, European Wax Center has grown into one of the largest beauty franchises in the country. Roughly two-thirds of their owners have multiple locations, making it a business franchise with high revenue growth potential.

  • Franchise Fee: $45,000
  • Initial Investment: $349,600-$553,950
  • Net Worth: $1M
  • Royalty: 6% 
  • Ad Royalty: 3%

Discover how to open a European Wax Center franchise.

#42. Great Clips

woman in business attire holding a laptop

Great Clips is both the largest and fastest-growing haircutting brand worldwide, with a recession-proof business model that puts them among the top franchise organizations as a smart investment.

  • Franchise Fee: $20,000
  • Initial Investment: $178,400-$376,900 
  • Net Worth: $300,000-$1M
  • Royalty: 6%
  • Ad Royalty: 5% 

This Great Clips franchise information is all you need to get started.

Watch this testimonial from a Great Clips owner.

#43. Sport Clips

Another top haircutting brand, Sport Clips has more than 1,800 locations open or in development and aims to expand further, opening up ample franchise opportunities for new owners.

  • Franchise Fee: $30,000-$69,500
  • Initial Investment: $266,300-$439,500
  • Net Worth: $400,000
  • Royalty: 6%
  • Ad Royalty: 5% 

Learn more: Sport Clips franchise information.

Cleaning Businesses

For those who wonder what franchise can you open for $10000, look to cleaning franchises! Yet even the cheapest franchises to open cost more than our cleaning course by millionaire housekeeper Chris Mondragon. Get the exact recipe he used to make $1.5 million last year. You’ll be making money in the cleaning industry without all the ongoing royalties you pay the best cleaning franchises.

#44. Coverall

Coverall provides on-demand commercial cleaning across the U.S. and Canada. Franchisees get a proven business roadmap and the backing of a well-regarded brand when they sign their franchise agreement.

  • Franchise Fee: $15,570-$40,320 
  • Initial Investment: $18,613-$51,392
  • Royalty: 5%

Start your own Coverall franchise.

Watch Coverall’s franchise video.

#45. The Maids

As the exclusive partner of the famous Mr. Clean brand, The Maids offers cleaning services. for residences and small businesses.

  • Franchise Fee: $12K
  • Initial Investment: $10K to $80K
  • Royalty: 3.9% to 6.9%

Learn more about opening a franchise with The Maids.

#46. Jan-Pro

screenshot of cleaning franchise from janpro website

Jan-Pro is the #1 cleaning franchise, specializing in cleaning and disinfecting of spaces like schools, daycares, and healthcare facilities. Franchisees provide a necessary service under a trusted and established brand name. 

  • Franchise Fee: $2,520-$44,000
  • Total Investment: $4,830-$58,070
  • Royalty: 10%
  • Ad Royalty: 1% 

Get all the details to open a Jan-Pro franchise.

#47. Anago Cleaning Systems

Anago divides its franchises between master franchises and unit franchises. If you’re responsible for a master franchise, you’ll oversee the unit franchises in your territory. That’s quite the potential for profit!

The best part is that Anago has minimal requirements for net worth and available cash, so there’s a low barrier to entry for getting started.

  • Franchise Fee: $5K to $31K for Units; $98K for Master franchises
  • Initial Investment: $11K to 61K Units; $219K to $339K Master
  • Net Worth Requirement: $31K
  • Cash Requirement: $1K
  • Royalty: 10%
  • Ad Royalty: 2% 

Get all the details on Anago Cleaning Systems franchising.

We have 17 more cleaning franchises for you to consider.

Work It! Twerk It!

woman wearing a fitness outfit with a pair of dumbells

#48. Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is the first gym to have a presence on all 7 continents, with more than $87 billion in revenue worldwide and a new member joining every minute. Their simple onboarding and 360-degree support are other perks for franchisees.

  • Franchise Fee: $42,500
  • Total Investment: $381,575-$783,897
  • Net Worth: $350,000
  • Royalty: $699/month
  • Ad Royalty: $600/month

This Anytime Fitness franchise information will help you get started.

Learn what it’s like to own an Anytime Fitness below.

#49. Jazzercise 

Jazzercise is one of the best franchises to own under $25K. Combined with their solid reputation and high profitability, it’s one of the best and most accessible franchise opportunities for active entrepreneurs.

  • Franchise Fee: $1,250
  • Initial Investment: $2,445-$21,775
  • Royalty: 20%

Read more: Jazzercise franchise information.

#50. Orangetheory Fitness

This contemporary fitness studio uses scientifically-backed workout routines and a tried-and-true business model, with comprehensive corporate training and support for owners. 

  • Franchise Fee: $59,950 
  • Initial Investment: $589,129-$1.6M
  • Royalty: 8% 

Here’s all you need to know: Orangetheory Fitness franchise info.

#51. Planet Fitness

young woman wearing a fitness outfit with a mobile phone

The judgment-free zone promised by Planet Fitness is a big selling point for their brand, as evidenced by their growth to 17 million members across 2,400 locations.

  • Franchise Fee: $20,000 
  • Total Investment: $1.6M-$4.9M
  • Net Worth: $3M
  • Royalty: 7% 
  • Ad Royalty: 9%

Learn more about opening a Planet Fitness franchise.

If you haven’t found a franchise that works for you yet, we have some other resources for you!


Check out these resources if you want to find more information on the best franchises to start.

  • UpFlip’s Franchise Buying Guide: Learn about the process of buying and why the cheapest franchises to start are not always the best.
  • Reddit: If you search the best franchises to own Reddit, you’ll find lots of conversations about low cost franchise opportunities, experiences, and other input. Plus you can tell how much authority the person has by analyzing their Karma. It’s free of the paid placement and intentional bias of many search engines which is important when it comes to your money.

Can You Get Rich Owning a Franchise?

Plenty of people get rich buying a franchise location. Some only cost a few thousand dollars to get started, and once those costs are recouped, owners can make a great living. Just make sure you research each franchise opportunity because each has their own policies, systems, and success rates.

What area of the franchise business model would you like us to explore next?

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