Two food truck business owners holding their food offerings in front of a food truck with the words "food truck name ideas + pro tips" hovering overhead

340 Best Food Truck Names

Did you know there are nearly 50K food trucks in the U.S.? From Asian street food to...
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Adam Hill standing next to a vending machine and a pile of cash with the words "How to start a $58K/month vending machine business" hovering overhead

How to Start a $58K/Month Vending Machine Business

What if I told you that Adam Hill makes $58K monthly with machine vending? It sounds too good...
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Kadama co-founder holding a smartphone with the words "Make an app step-by-step guide" hovering overhead

How to Make an App: The Ultimate Guide (2024) 

Everyone knows that tech companies are some of the most profitable. One of the best...
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Cleaning business owners introducing UpFlip’s home and commercial cleaning pricing guide with text that reads "House cleaning pricing guide" hovering overhead

How Much to Charge for House Cleaning in 2024

Professional house cleaning is a major industry. The global cleaning industry is currently...
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Seven successful restaurant business owners introducing UpFlip’s restaurant name ideas listicle with text that reads "Winning restaurant names + pro tips" hovering overhead

466 Restaurant Name Ideas You’ll Love (2024)

So you’ve decided to open a restaurant but don’t know what to name it? That’s okay. We...
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Real small business owners introducing UpFlip’s small business marketing budget stat page with words "From Small Business Owners, For Small Business Owners: Marketing Budget Statistics"

60+ Essential Marketing Budget Statistics (2024)

Marketing is essential for any small business that wants to grow and succeed. We surveyed our...
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Young man arranging clothing and accessories on a boutique table with the words "$120K/month clothing business" hovering overhead

How to Start a Clothing Brand (and Make 7 Figures a Year)

Have you ever wondered how to start a clothing brand? Starting a clothing line business only...
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Man standing with arms crossed in front of a junk removal truck next to a bin full of cash with the words " $300K/MONTH HAULING JUNK" hovering overhead

How to Start a Junk Removal Business in 11 Steps

Do you like physical work and driving around? Maybe starting a junk removal business is right...
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Mikael Sant of Sant Lines standing next to his truck with arms crossed introducing UpFlip’s trucking company name ideas list with text that reads "Trucking business name ideas + pro tips" hovering overhead

200 Trucking Company Names for 2024

Truckers need great trucking company names to help people remember them. Many trucking...
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Smartly dressed man surrounded by orange upward trending arrows with the words "Sales opportunity management best practices + beyond" hovering overhead

Sales Opportunity Management: The Ultimate Guide (2024)

Every interaction counts in the dynamic realm of sales. Each prospect holds the potential for...
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Three farmers introducing UpFlip’s farm business names ideas listicle while holding a potted plant, chickens, and tropical fruit, respectively, with words "Farm business name ideas plus pro tips" hovering overhead

212 Best Farm Names (for 2024)

Are you buying a farm or starting any kind of farm business? You’ll want to come up with...
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Smiling man pointing to the Amazon FBA logo on a laptop with a stack of packages behind him and text that reads "How to make $150K/month on Amazon" hovering overhead

Selling on Amazon: 2024 Beginners Guide

Selling on Amazon is a lucrative field. The tech behemoth has so many ways to create an...
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