Product developers working on a table

Product Development: The Ultimate Guide (2023)

Do you have a great idea for a product, feature, or service, but have no idea how to begin...
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People waiting for a job interview

How to Hire Employees (in 7 Simple Steps)

Are you struggling with the hiring process? We have been building our team at UpFlip, and we...
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Man in front of vending machine

59 Types of Vending Machines (for Your Vending Business)

Are you looking to start a vending machine business? Maybe you’d like to add new machines to...
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Man and eBay store screenshot

How to Sell on eBay: Learn From $360K/Year Seller

Have you ever wondered how to sell on eBay? eBay selling can make over $400K in revenue, and...
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Start a $130K per year barbershop

How to Open a Barber Shop in 7 Steps (2023)

Do you have a passion for cutting hair? If you’ve ever wondered how to open a barber shop,...
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Lookup your EIN

EIN Lookup: 12 Places to Find Your EIN (2023)

Are you struggling to find your employer identification number (EIN)? There are 12 ways to...
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Chef cooking inside a food truck

Food Truck Financing: 7 Funding Options (2023)

Food truck business owners are some of the most dedicated business owners on the planet. They...
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Thank you for an incredible year

Thank You for an Incredible 2022!

We’ve accomplished more in a year than we ever expected when we started UpFlip, and we owe...
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Man behind the stack of books

Top 47 Business Books You Must Read in 2023!

Looking for a good read to help you with your small business ventures? There are tons of books...
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Best things to resell

Best Things to Resell: The Ultimate Guide (2023)

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for wholesale items to resell, video game...
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PDF Cleaning checklist for cleaning services

The Ultimate Cleaning Checklist: 24 Downloadable Templates

What kind of cleaning checklist do you need? You should find it here! We took the time to...
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Motivational business quotes

277 Powerful Business Quotes (to Motivate & Inspire You)

“Would you like me to give you a formula for success? It’s quite simple, really: Double...
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