Young self-employed woman pointing to the crown on her head and words "best jobs that let you be your own boss" while sitting at laptop surrounded by alarm clock, notepad, and houseplant

29 Best Self-Employed Jobs (For 2023)

Are you looking for jobs that let you be your own boss? We cover 27 of the best self-employed...
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Happy business owner introducing Vending Machine Business Plan 101

Vending Machine Business Plan: The Ultimate Guide

You’ve looked into the steps of starting a vending machine business, but you haven’t...
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Man holding a pressure washer nozzle

How to Start a $120K/Month Pressure Washing Business

Did you know the average pressure-washing business is expected to make over $90K in 2023?...
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Small town chef, barber, and handyman introducing UpFlip’s small-town business guide

20 Best Small-Town Business Ideas 2023

Think you live in a big city? Think again. Most Americans live in small towns. Curiously,...
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Group of enthusiastic business owners with cityscape in background

25 Side Business Ideas (for 2023)

Are you wondering how to make money on the side? We have 25 good side business ideas for your...
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Man standing next to vending machine

How to Start a $58K/Month Vending Machine Business

Have you ever been super thirsty and unable to find a drink? Starting a vending machine...
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Man leaning on an oversized stack of cash in front of a food truck

21 Best Mobile Business Ideas (for 2023)

Some people love being on the go, experiencing new places, and networking. The best...
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Happy people doing a pose on a purple background

How to Start a Day Care (in 9 Simple Steps)

According to, infant childcare costs between 10.6% and 26.3% of household...
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man wearing long sleeves showing a cleaning products with cleaning contract

How to Get Cleaning Contracts: 7 Proven Ways

I'm not always comfortable entering people's homes, but I like cleaning. It gives me a sense...
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Man on red background holding a mobile phone and money

31 Low-Cost Business Ideas With High-Profit (2023)

Starting a business doesn’t have to break the bank. Many small business owners start...
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man wearing a chef coat holding a rolling pin

How to Start a Bakery: A Step-by-Step Guide (2023)

Have you ever wanted to make people happy with yummy cakes or tasty breads? Ever thought about...
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man wearing white long sleeves infront of a laptop

31 Best Self-Employment Ideas 2023

You don’t have to hire employees to be a business owner. Many people start working for...
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