Women business owners surrounded by five-star cute business name ideas with text that reads "cute business name ideas + need-to-know tips" hovering overhead

428 Cute Business Names Perfect for 2024

Many business owners want cute business names that show a softer, more personal side....
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Businessman leaning on a huge white chess piece with words that read "Find the right mastermind group for you" hovering overhead

Best Mastermind Groups & Mastermind Pro Tips (2024) 

Be prepared when you join a mastermind group: It can help you make meaningful changes and...
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Woman surrounded by five-star gym names lifting a dumbbell with the words "Gym name ideas + fitness business pro tips" hovering beside her

532 Buzzworthy Gym Names (for 2024)

Creative gym name ideas are a great way to make your gym stand out against all the other...
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RX Candles Los Angeles owner surrounded by hand-poured candles as she introduces UpFlip’s candle company guide with the words "start your own candle co step-by-step guide" hovering overhead

How to Start a $500K/Year Candle Business

Did you know that you can start a candle business for less than $100 and grow it into $500K...
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Woman in front of a private jet introducing five-star travel agency name options with the words "Travel agency name ideas + pro tips" hovering overhead

338 Eye-Catching Travel Agency Names

Did you know Americans spend nearly $1.1 trillion traveling every year, but there are fewer...
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Franchise business owners introducing UpFlip’s picks for best franchises under $100K with text that reads "top franchises for less than $100K" hovering overhead

Best Franchise Under $100K (2024)

There are thousands of franchise opportunities in the United States and Canada. How are you...
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Successful real estate businessmen introducing UpFlip’s real estate company name ideas with text that reads "Real estate company name ideas + pro tips" hovering overhead

422 Real Estate Company Names (for 2024)

Did you know that $1 out of every $6 of economic activity is generated by businesses involved...
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Two food truck business owners holding their food offerings in front of a food truck with the words "food truck name ideas + pro tips" hovering overhead

340 Best Food Truck Names

Did you know there are nearly 50K food trucks in the U.S.? From Asian street food to...
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Adam Hill standing next to a vending machine and a pile of cash with the words "How to start a $58K/month vending machine business" hovering overhead

How to Start a $58K/Month Vending Machine Business

Have you ever been super thirsty and unable to find a drink? Starting a vending machine...
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Kadama co-founder holding a smartphone with the words "Make an app step-by-step guide" hovering overhead

How to Make an App: The Ultimate Guide (2024) 

Everyone knows that tech companies are some of the most profitable. One of the best...
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Cleaning business owners introducing UpFlip’s home and commercial cleaning pricing guide with text that reads "House cleaning pricing guide" hovering overhead

How Much to Charge for House Cleaning in 2024

Professional house cleaning is a major industry. The global cleaning industry is currently...
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Seven successful restaurant business owners introducing UpFlip’s restaurant name ideas listicle with text that reads "Winning restaurant names + pro tips" hovering overhead

466 Restaurant Name Ideas You’ll Love (2024)

So you’ve decided to open a restaurant but don’t know what to name it? That’s okay. We...
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