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Get to know two of the best hosts that are behind the UpFlip podcast.

John Palumbo

John is the founder of BigHeads Network, a full-service podcast production company that helps companies and leaders leverage podcasts in unique (even unexpected) ways to reach key audiences, including consumers, customers, employees, candidates and more. He founded BigHeads in 2006 and just like any entrepreneurial venture, he's made some pivots along the way.

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan Atkinson, a 25-year-old entrepreneur from Iowa, is the CEO and Co-Founder of Spacebar Visuals. After graduating from The University of Iowa and a brief stint at HubSpot in Boston, Ryan moved to Austin, TX to delve into HealthTech marketing. In November 2022, he launched Spacebar Visuals, quickly achieving over $100K in revenue and collaborating with notable brands like AWS and Vanta. By November 2023, he dedicated himself full-time to his venture. Outside of work, Ryan enjoys working out, reading, traveling, and spending time with friends.

microgreens, retail goods, side hustle, entrepreneurship, farmer

134. $100K/Year Growing Microgreens? This is How You Do It

Donny Greens started his microgreens business with no prior experience and now makes $100K per year working 3 days per week. In this interview he walks us through the process of getting started. From using the right equipment, when to harvest, and finding the right customers. Don also shares his pricing strategies and the exact plants he grows on his farm. 

This is a side hustle or business idea that is low cost to start and can be done nearly anywhere. As one of the leading voices in the industry with the largest following on Youtube for microgreens, Don is an expert at this craft. He’s a self-taught microgreens farmer who has built his business from the ground up…literally.


Host - UpFlip June 10, 2024 31:45



Side hustle, entrepreneurship, car dealership, flipping cars, make money

133. How to Flip Cars as a Side Hustle (Without Debt!)

Brandon, from the popular Youtube channel, Car Questions Answered, sits down with Ryan to discuss how he got started flipping cars as a side hustle and eventually to founding his own used car dealership DEBT FREE. 

Brandon shares invaluable insights on starting out, what fixer-uppers to look for, understanding market trends, and his take on the customer is always right (you may be surprised). For a successful entrepreneur and Youtuber, Brandon is incredibly humble about all he’s achieved. If you want to start flipping cars or start your own car dealership deb free, this is the episode for you!

Want to win free lifetime access to UpFlip Academy? Join by clicking the link below. All you have to do is leave us a review. 


Host - UpFlip June 07, 2024 27:24



business ideas, entrepreneurship, oyster farm, how to start a business, make millions

132. This Unique Business Idea Could Make You Millions

Kyle Frey has a unique business that makes him millions of dollars a year. What he does isn’t something you hear about every day.  He’s an oyster farmer on the coast in North Carolina. He started his farm with zero experience, hardly any money, and at the time, he’d never even eaten an oyster. Kyle is an entrepreneur but he said it feels like he doesn’t work a single day because he absolutely loves what he does.

His company did $1.6M in 2023 and he’s set to do $4M in 2024. Kyle shares how he got started on a tight budget. How he set up his farm business, and the different ways he makes money from oysters. This is a unique interview that you do not want to miss! And if you enjoy this, be sure to check out our Youtube channel where he’ll be coming on in July!


Host - UpFlip June 03, 2024 27:47



business mindset, service & consulting, entrepreneur, how to start a business

131. How To Develop a $1.3 BILLION Mindset

Michael Lisovetsky shares his entrepreneurial journey and mindset secrets that have helped him found over 5 businesses before the age of 30. From starting a web hosting company at 14 to founding Juice, a digital marketing agency, 

Michael discusses the core principles that guide his business decisions. He also dives into the strategies for scaling a venture effectively, and the challenges of running an agency business. Michael’s insights on personal productivity, mindset, and the unwritten rules of the workplace are invaluable for anyone looking to start a business or scale their business to new heights this year.


Host - UpFlip May 31, 2024 26:29



customer retention, entrepreneurship, community building, online community, entrepreneur, how to start a business

130. Does Your Customer Retention Strategy Miss THIS Element?

Shana Lynn is an expert at community building. In this episode she shares her insights for cultivating a community that improves customer retention - no matter what industry you’re in. She discusses the definition of community, platforms for community building, and the impact of community on customer retention rates. 

Shana also provides valuable advice for online businesses looking to build a community and highlights the unexpected challenges many face in the early days. The conversation delves into the importance of building and nurturing your customer relationship, the impact of face-to-face connections, the value of customer retention, and the role of community in marketing and business growth. 


Host - UpFlip May 28, 2024 31:21



candles, retail goods, candle making, entrepreneur, how to start a business

129. From Laid Off to an $85K/Month Business Started in Her Kitchen

Shan Greggs started her candle business with her final paycheck ($467) after she was laid off from her job at United Airlines. That’s when Shan decided to become her own boss. Today, she is the founder and CEO of a wildly successful candle company that’s generating $85K per month.

Starting out, Shan made candles in her kitchen and sold them out of the back of her car. Now, her candles are available online and in stores around the country. We uncover how she was able to scale from candle making in her kitchen, to a brick and mortar store landing deals with retailers.


Host - UpFlip May 24, 2024 31:03



cleaning, retail goods, sales strategy, sales and marketing strategy, entrepreneurship, franchise

128. Easy Sales Strategy That Grew My Business to $125K/Month

Neil Parekh started his cleaning company with less than a thousand dollars and grew it to $1 million in just three years, all while traveling to 50 countries. He found the idea for his cleaning company on Reddit and decided to give it a shot. 

In the beginning, he didn't have much knowledge or experience, but he learned as he went along. He started with a basic website and a Google ad, and soon got his first customer. 

He gradually put systems in place and focused on providing excellent customer service. Within three years, he reached $1 million in revenue and quit his corporate job to focus on his business full-time.


  1. Being strategically unavailable as a leader can empower team members and allow the company to move forward faster.
  2. Traveling can provide valuable cultural experiences and perspectives that can enhance leadership skills.
  3. Franchising can be a successful expansion strategy, allowing others to replicate your business model and success. Systemizing and automating business processes can create freedom and scalability.


Host - UpFlip May 20, 2024 31:34



google ads, tech ventures, paid ads, google ad campaign, marketing, entrepreneurship, start a business

127. Make Massive Profits with Google Ads: From an Ex-Google Employee

Jyll Saskin Gales, a Google Ads expert, shares her journey into digital marketing and why she chose Google Ads as her area of focus. She discusses how she started learning Google Ads and the results she achieved for her own business. 

Jyll also talks about working as a side hustle while at Google and eventually leaving to focus on her own business. She shares her experience of getting her first client through TikTok and provides tips for creating successful Google Ads campaigns, including selecting keywords, writing compelling ad copy, and setting an appropriate budget. 


  1. There are various strategies to target competitors' traffic, but it's important to be mindful of policy restrictions and focus on more effective methods.
  2. Craft compelling ad copy that includes a clear call to action, highlights unique features or benefits, and incorporates social proof.
  3. When it comes to Google Ads you have to spend lots of money to make money. 


Host - UpFlip May 17, 2024 34:00



online business, tech ventures, corporate burnout, entrepreneurship, start a business

126. Serial Entrepreneur's Guide to Build the Business of Your Dreams

Chris Ducker discusses building the business of your dreams through a personal brand. He emphasizes consistency and focusing on one area to attract the right audience. Niching down in the right ways to grow your business successfully. 

Chris shares the common misconception that success is solely measured by money and stresses the importance of prioritizing well-being. He shares a pivotal and comical moment when he discovered Zig Ziglar’s work through a cassette tape stolen from the library, which influenced his entrepreneurial journey in a big way!


  1. Building a personal brand as a business requires focusing on a niche and consistently providing value to your audience.
  2. Success should not be solely measured by money, but also by personal fulfillment, well-being, and impact.
  3. Listen to your body and prioritize your health and happiness as an entrepreneur.


Host - UpFlip May 13, 2024 33:47



mission statement, entrepreneurship, purpose driven, thought leadership, purpose

125. Can Your Business Have a Mission and Be (Insanely) Profitable?

Tara Bosch set out to create a company with a purpose after realizing her unhealthy addiction to sugar. After a talk with her grandma, Tara embarked on a journey to revolutionize candies, kick sugar, and build a $360 million business at the same time. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. Knowing your “why” will help you to stay focused on what you’re seeking to do.
  2. Having an extreme amount of gratitude helps you to gain free mentors in your industry.
  3. Consumers can see through fake authenticity. Actions speak louder than words.
  4. Find your purpose by finding what you’re naturally pulled to. Do self check-ins to see what fits.


Host - UpFlip May 10, 2024 22:57



staffing agency, retail goods, entrepreneurship, start a business, recruiter, recruiting

124. Start Your Own Staffing Agency: Blueprint from The Millionaire Recruiter

Brianna Rooney started her own tech recruiting agency at 24 years old. Since then, she started two more companies in the field, staffing some of the fastest-growing companies out there.

In today’s episode, Brianna will share how to start your own staffing agency, what are some common pitfalls in this industry, and what mindset tweaks you have to make in order to succeed.

Key Takeaways:

  1. When you first go into the business don’t go for the big fish. Go for who needs you the most.
  2. Don’t attach your success to your business. Separate your self worth from your company.
  3. Hiring for a new business is not how you make money. When you are just starting out, don’t think you have to hire to scale.


Host - UpFlip May 06, 2024 30:13



home services business, retail goods, entrepreneurship, business growth, garage door business

123. $220M from Home Services. THIS Is How I Did It.

Tommy Mello is a legend in the home services industry. What started as a simple side gig grew into A-1 Garage – a national leader with 700 employees in 22 states. And his company is now worth a whopping $220M!

Key Takeaways:

  1.  Get on the right systems early on. Don’t wait to pivot.
  2.  If you don’t build your company culture, it will build itself. 
  3. AI isn’t coming for the home services industry. It’s coming for the creative jobs.


Host - UpFlip May 03, 2024 32:38



laundromat business, retail goods, thought leadership, business scaling, entrepreneurship, side hustle

122. Here's Why They Call Me the Laundromat Millionaire

Dave Menz is a top thought leader in the laundromat business, having scaled to $900K per month. In today's interview we dig into his story of starting his laundromat business as a lucrative side hustle and evolving accidentally into the Laundromat Millionaire. His drive for helping others to succeed and his ability to systemize processes have taken his business to the next level. If you’ve considered starting a laundromat business or side hustle, this is the episode you do not want to miss. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. You can start this as a side hustle. Dave did so for 4 years while working his corporate job. 
  2. Laundromats are an asset to the community. It’s a necessary resource and not going out of style.
  3. As a top thought leader in the industry, Dave has helped hundreds of people start their own businesses.


Host - UpFlip April 29, 2024 42:27



business scaling, service and consulting, mindset, entrepreneurship, thought leadership, business

121. How to Fail the Right Way: Lessons from a Multimillion-Dollar Company

Dok Kwon co-owns CUPBOP, a Korean BBQ business, with 220 stores worldwide and $3.5M monthly revenue. But it all started with a single food truck! In this episode Dok digs deep to share his insights on entrepreneurship, growing a business worldwide, and why sometimes you just have to fail the right way.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Never linger with failure. You have to have the takeaway from it but you likely made the best decision with the data that you had.
  2. The biggest misconception about entrepreneurship - it looks glamorous but it requires a much higher pain threshold than working for a company.
  3. Don’t take no for an answer. Execute and figure it out - to be successful you will find a way.


For more advice, check out Episode 115 where Michael Tecku shares the principles he used to scale his business to $1M per year.

Host - UpFlip April 26, 2024 48:23



online business, tech ventures, target audience, seo, entrepreneurship, start a business

120. How to Go from $0 to 7-Figures Online (with Rand Fishkin)

When it comes to SEO and digital marketing, it’s hard to find someone more knowledgeable than Rand Fishkin. His popular blog, hundred of keynotes, and 2 hyper-successful SaaS businesses are a testament to his skill.

If you’re looking to start an online business in 2024 this is the episode for you! Rand shares the role content marketing plays in marketing today. How social media can be used to generate leads, and why appealing to everyone will appeal to no one.

Key Takeaways:

  1. You have to know your audience if you’re going to start an online business in 2024. Talk to them and intimately understand their struggles and what they need.
  2. Use social media as a lead generation strategy to attract tons of people to your business.
  3. You need to zig while your competitors zag. Be different and set yourself apart by being the solution to the problem your customer has.


Host - UpFlip April 22, 2024 34:25



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