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  • 0 review reviews all cover the same material, but do they actually implement Monday to test it? We did, and you’ll know what to expect after reading our review.

Monday has a lot of great features. Most of them work well, there are some bugs though, and we’ll let you know what to expect when you choose Monday workforce software.

Monday will help you get the most results for your money with consistently higher ROI than other paid packages. Get ready to find out how.

What is Work OS is an open platform where anyone can create and shape the tools they need to run every aspect of their work. By combining building blocks, like apps and integrations, organizations and teams can build or customize whatever they need to optimize efficiency, productivity, and collaboration.

Monday has a variety of features depending on what you need to do. Monday has six main products:

  • Monday Sales CRM: A customer relationship management tool used for contact management and tracking the sales process.
  • Monday Marketer: Used for tracking marketing campaigns and content generation.
  • Monday Projects: Used for planning, project management, and monitoring projects.
  • Monday Dev: Used for planning a roadmap, tracking development and bugs using either kanban or scrum methodologies.
  • WorkForms: Create surveys to gather information, use them as embeddable content or shareable links.
  • Canvas: A whiteboard that multiple people can work on at once. product screenshot

All the features on has a ton of basic features to make it easy to manage your business. Features include:

  • Dashboards: Use dashboards to understand important data at light speed with graphs, calendar views, timelines, and work progress.
  • Automation: You’ll use these to improve workflows, notifications, and emails. There are more than 200 automations ready to use, plus custom workflows with the Enterprise plan.
  • Kanban: Used in software development to manage the creation of new features. Provides an easy setup with a customizable user interface. 
  • Digital Asset Management: Helps you manage file storage for easy access and reviews. Monday integrates with Adobe products. Canva integrates with Monday through Zapier or Make (formerly Integromat).
  • Software Integration: Seamlessly integrate with hundreds of apps. You can even embed apps directly into Check out the full list of apps. 
  • Gantt Charts: Use this view to measure the team’s progress, improve scheduling, and remove bottlenecks in your processes.
  • WorkDocs: Help keep the whole team on the same page with Monday WorkDocs. You can create reports and checklists without sending the documents back and forth by adding multiple users to the document. This is great for progress reports or updating business plans.

In addition to the emphasized features, they have a chart of all their features which you can view. Depending on your needs, you’ll automatically want to go with certain plans. Reviews

There aren’t many project management tools that are as highly rated as the Monday program. They have a lot of different offerings, so I’ll provide a review for the following categories:

  1. Reviews of on Trustpilot
  2. Monday Mobile Apps Review
  3. Monday Desktop App Review
  4. Monday CRM Review
  5. Monday Marketer Review
  6. Project Management Tool Review
  7. Support Team Review

Get ready for a review on it’s Trustpilot score.

Reviews of on Trustpilot

At UpFlip, we prefer to use Trustpilot to establish what software companies are eligible as potential partners. Trustpilot includes:

  • Number of Reviews
  • Overall Rating
  • Percentage Rated 1 to 5 Stars
  • Quickness of Response to Negative Reviews
  • Reviews by Keywords scores 4.3 stars on about 3,000 reviews and 95% are 4 stars or above. The majority of positive reviews mention that Monday is a very user-friendly program. Some even call it their go-to tool.

The majority of the 3-star and below complaints are because of the support functionality. For those who expect support on the fly, you’ll want to get the Enterprise plan because the other paid plans don’t include dedicated support personnel. I personally expect 24-hour windows for email support, but every business is different.

Next, Let’s look at the mobile app.

Monday App on iOS and Android

Many people do most of their work from mobile devices and the Monday app satisfies most of their needs. That means you need a user-friendly program that works on a variety of screen sizes.  

On iOS, Monday has around 13,000 reviews with a 4.7-star rating. The most favorable rating states that Monday solved problems that 25 other tools couldn’t. That’s quite a glowing recommendation. 

On the negative side, there are a lot of complaints about specific screens. While I was testing the app, I noticed there wasn’t a fit-to-screen view for the survey responses, nor can I build surveys on the go. review iphonex screenshot

On Android, has a 4.5-star rating with more than 15,000 reviews. review mobile android screenshot

Make sure you seek out reviews for the specific features you need in the app. I’d love to review them all, but there are so many that I can’t possibly do it in a single blog. Desktop App

The desktop version of is robust with the same features as the cloud version. Here, you can even sync multiple accounts. I had an old one I forgot about and it took less than a minute to sync them. 

I would personally like to see a more beneficial offline mode. I intentionally disconnected my internet to see what the desktop app would show and it showed less information than the mobile app in airplane mode. I’d like to see them update the desktop version to allow similar features.

The main advantages of the desktop app are:

  1. You can set it to open on startup. This feature is highly beneficial for people who spend their whole day on
  2. A desktop app prevents distractions. When you have tabs open in a browser, it’s easy to get distracted. The desktop app doesn’t have many of the common distractions embedded. CRM

Person Drawing Customer Relationship Concept On Notebook

One of the features that is beneficial for all businesses is the CRM tool. Monday makes it easy to start a CRM with their templates. You have three choices:

CRM: Focused on Deals, Contacts, Accounts, Leads, Activities, Sales Dashboard, and Learning Center. The CRM makes it easy to keep track of your customers in one place. You can tie contacts and deals to specific accounts to make measuring client lifetime value easier.

Real Estate CRM: Includes Properties, Contacts, Agency Dashboard, and Learning Center so that you can easily keep track of listings, clients, and performance metrics. Learn more.

Fundraising CRM: Nonprofits, political organizations, and business endeavors alike benefit from using the fundraising CRM to track the relationships of potential and active donors, their contributions, funding events, and the knowledge base to help make the most out of the system. Find out how to use the template.

I’d previously set up the standard CRM and had not used it in months, so it gave me a great opportunity to show what can happen if you aren’t using good automations.

Here’s what happens if the contacts are done right and connected to accounts: correct set up

Here’s an image of what you might encounter if you don’t set it up right before importing everything: 358 contacts that you have to find a way to correct. Make sure you test it on a small batch before you pull in all your emails. Otherwise, you might find it a little overwhelming. incorrect set up

Good news! I was able to move my old account over to the new one. Best part? The transfer literally took seconds!

Overall, I love the functionality, but I strongly recommend following the directions in the CRM Learning Center. It’s a good starting point to ensure you make the most of your customer data with just a few clicks. 

For me to get the most out of the CRM, I will need at least the Pro plan to fix my mistake because I’ll need more than 240 actions to get the contacts working properly. Once my free trial expires, I will invest in it to get my business running like a fine-tuned machine.

Monday Marketer

Monday Marketer is another one of the templates. The template includes a marketing plan, creative requests, and a marketing overview dashboard. 

The marketing overview is probably one of the most interesting of all the features I’ve played with so far. Check out for information about the overview. In less than a minute, I embedded my Facebook store and Twitter account. 

I definitely encourage you to look into the features on this. It’s by far the most user-friendly program I have tested. Compared to other project management tools like Hootsuite or Hubspot, I much prefer the simplicity of

How to use for project management software?

Persons working on desktop

There are templates for a variety of project management tools by Monday. They have tools for most industries that use project management, whether you are in the construction field, product or software development fields, manufacturing, and healthcare. 

There are both individual templates and bundles. Most of the time the word management is in the bundles for project management tools. Monday has really thought out the templates for project management. 

When you compare it to the Project Management Institute’s project phases, you’ll find that covers all the documents that are expected to build projects in construction and IT.

I wish they’d bundle the entire section together so you can implement it more quickly. There is some overlap between templates for project management software. Monday can definitely get the job done though.

The basic features are not as beneficial as the pro features because project management needs multiple boards to handle various projects. Combine that with the vast increase in automation and integration actions, and spending an extra $10 per month per employee is worth the additional cost. Support

Some reviews I’ve read say that support wasn’t the greatest, but I was pleasantly surprised with the quickness of their response. At 2:29 PM on a Saturday, I wrote to them because I could not connect my Google account to the integrations. Here’s my message:

Brandon Boushy

Jun 11, 2022, 2:29 PM PDT

I have 2 accounts connected to google. I have moved the older one brandon-boushy over to brandons-insanitorium. I’ve also removed access in Google, but it’s not letting me create an integration to bring emails and contacts into the contacts board.

I was delighted when 2.5 hours later, I received an email with step-by-step instructions including pictures. I have included the text from their email below.

Jun 11, 2022, 4:52 PM PDT

Hi Brandon,

(Name Removed for Privacy) here from the team! I’ll be happy to help . I see that you are trying to set up an integration in your account: brandons-insanitorium, but you are not able to do so. I’ll be happy to look into this for you.

I was checking your accounts and I see that this account:, is still active at the time. 

I would recommend you remove the sync from your Google account in your trial account:, by following these instructions(redacted):

I established that the process wasn’t solving the issue and sent another email around two hours later. The email gave permission to access my accounts and I asked for guidance on how to delete the old account. They sent a response almost immediately and I followed those directions. I still couldn’t get it to work.

Support requested a video two minutes later, and I told them I was going to work more on it the next day. If they ask you to send a video, you’ll need to either upload it to YouTube or use the specific program they requested. I’ll be following up with them again on this as I did not get this completed, but the support was what I’d expect (minus not figuring out how to solve the problem yet.)

How much is prices have five tiers of plans for any size of business. They range from the “Free Forever” plan to the Enterprise plan. The pricing is based on the number of users, the features offered, and whether you pay monthly or annually. If you choose to be billed annually, you’ll save 18%. pricelist

When you sign up, you’ll get a free trial period. It lasts for 14 days and has all the features of the Pro plan. If your trial period ends before you fully set up the software, you may be able to get an extension. When I signed into my old one I got an extra seven-day trial.

Next, I’m going to discuss my thoughts on each plan. We’ll start with the free version.

Free Forever Plan 

The Free plan is great for some business owners. I would suggest using it if:

  1. You are just starting a new business. 
  2. You don’t have employees.
  3. You want to familiarize yourself with
  4. You want to implement a better system but need more than the two-week free trial period to do so. free forever plan

While the Free plan has some useful features, it is limited by:

  • Max 2 users
  • 500 MB storage 
  • Under 1,000 items
  • No automations or integrations

Once you have done as much with the free plan, I’d recommend upgrading to higher-level plans. The next step up is the basic plan.

Basic Plan

The price for the Basic plan starts around $30 per month or just under $300 per year when billed annually. The usability of the project management tool increases too. includes:

  1. Up to 40 users without contacting support
  2. Unlimited users if you contact support
  3. Unlimited Items 
  4. 5 GB of storage (decent for small companies that aren’t in the creative industry)
  5. Unlimited admins with the basic plan basic plan

There are still some project management limitations that includes in this package:

  • 5 GB storage will never work for artistic companies.
  • Users do not have automations or integrations.

Once you have done as much with the individual plan, I’d recommend upgrading higher-level plans. The next step up is the standard plan.

Standard Plan

The Standard plan is the absolute minimum in which a fully operational business should consider long term. In addition to the project management features in the basic plan, includes:

  1. 20 GB of storage
  2. Zoom Integration
  3. 250 automation actions per month
  4. 250 integration actions per month
  5. 5 Boards per dashboard
  6. Timeline View
  7. Calendar View
  8. Map View
  9. 6 months of activity logs standard plan adds a lot of features in the Standard plan for their project management software, but it still has some limitations including:

  • Email integrations will quickly consume monthly integration and automation limits for any business that uses them.
  • 20 GB storage is still fairly small, but at least you can integrate a Google Drive or Dropbox to increase the storage space if that’s your only limitation.

I’d say this package is best for:

  • Small teams (Less than 10 people) that want to automate a lot of their work.
  • A project manager that wants to share project progress with subcontractors, but who doesn’t have a large support team.
  • Teams that don’t need lots of file storage space.

Let’s look at the most extensive plan that doesn’t require contacting the team.

Pro Plan

If you want project management software that can do almost anything without having to contact customer support, this is the plan for you.

The Pro plan is meant to simplify your entire digital life. It adds other tools that make a huge difference including:

  • Time tracking
  • Formula Column
  • 25,000 integration actions per month
  • 25,000 automation actions per month
  • 10 boards per dashboard
  • Unlimited guest access
  • 2 New Views
  • Private Boards and Docs
  • Google Authentication
  • Board level admins (Perfect for Separating sales teams, marketing teams, and your service teams workloads).
  • 1 Year activity report. pro plan

This is the best package for most small business needs because the tool effectively allows you to replace many of the admin tasks that can become costly if you have a person manually doing them.

Once you have the project management software setup, you’ll have more time for personal and business endeavors. Despite this plan having most of what small businesses need, there are some businesses that should skip the Pro plan including:

  • Any business with more than 40 employees. You know they want you to talk to the customer reps if you have more than 40 employees because they think you need the coolest features.
  • Any business that has to abide by HIPAA regulations
  • Any business that needs advanced support functionality and administration
  • If automations and integrations exceed the maximum for the professional plan

Given the higher price tag is only twice the price of the basic plan, I can’t imagine why you would go with a lower version of the workforce software. The added benefits are worth the price. Monday makes it easy to reduce the workload for your entire team with this package.

Let’s look at the Enterprise plan next.

Enterprise Plan’s Enterprise plan is the most advanced tool for small businesses. It includes:

  • Everything in the other paid plans
  • Your own personal success manager
  • 5 years activity report, which is great for audits
  • Advanced IT Administrator Controls
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Uptime Service Agreement

The most advanced tool from uses custom pricing based on the needs of the business and the number of users. Enterprise pricing will scale based on the needs of each small business. For instance, doctors’ offices will need HIPAA-compliant software, while others won’t. enterprise plan

You can find huge success implementing the advanced features, but it may be cost prohibitive for many small projects. Unless you absolutely need some of the features in the Enterprise package, I would suggest:

  1. Familiarizing yourself with the knowledge base
  2. Maximizing the utilities offered in the Pro plan
  3. Having a team of 41 or more people.

FAQs About

How much does cost? has a payment plan for all levels of business. From a Free plan to the Enterprise level, pricing scales based on:

  • Number of people
  • Features
  • Number of automation actions 
  • Number of integration actions

Fortunately, they make it easy to add team members as you go and offer a 18% discount if you choose to be billed annually. In addition, they disclose the costs upfront so you don’t get a hidden surprise when the bill comes.

What is used for? is mostly used for project management, automating work processes, creating forms, and customer relationship management. It can integrate with software including Adobe, Microsoft Excel, Google Drive, social media accounts, and more.

What can integrate with

You can integrate some of the largest software providers in Check out the full list of apps. Anything that doesn’t have pre-built integrations in, you can create and map them using either Make (formerly Integromat) or Zapier

Alternatively, you can hire a Monday Partner to help you set up Monday with custom integrations. competitors? has multiple competitors. The primary competitors are:

Some are better at specific aspects than Monday, but few are overall better workforce software. does a good job at most of the tools it offers. pros and cons?

There are a ton of pros and cons to The table below compares the benefits and drawbacks of using Monday. pros and cons


Ultimately, I think can have tremendous benefits for an organization. The software has one of the highest returns on investment compared to other software.

I realized that there seems to be a real gap in the workforce solutions market. I think that this kind of software should start by asking what software you use to do your work in all major aspects of your business. Start by integrating it, then automatically build what you need based on the answers to those questions.

It doesn’t seem that anyone has really nailed the process yet. Maybe will be the first or maybe someone else will. I look forward to seeing advancements in this field.

What software do you use to manage all your daily tasks?

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