520 Candle Company Names (for 2024)

by Brandon Boushy
520 Candle Company Names (for 2024)

Candle company names are one of the core ways people recognize a candle brand. That’s why you have to find the best candle business names for your candle business.

There are two main naming conventions you need to think about when you start your own candle company:

  1. Candle business name ideas
  2. Names for candles or scents

50 Candle Business Name Ideas

Rx Los Angeles owner in her warehouse pointing to a just-poured wax candle in a branded glass

Create a name that sets you apart and is something you’ll want to stick with for the long haul. There are many different types of names you can go with, but your candle business name should be true to your shop and what your offering is. What do you want people to think of when they hear your name?

1. Wick-edly Scent-sational
2. Whispering Wick
3. Glow and Behold Candles
4. Moonbeam & Ember
5. Wax Poetic Candles
6. The Fragrant Alchemist
7. Bright and Bubbly Candles
8. Candlelight Sanctuary
9. Flicker of Joy Candles
10. Enchanted Aroma
11. Scent-sational Serenity Candles
12. Glow Getter Candles
13. A Scentsational Journey
14. Waxing Euphoria Candles
15. Wildflower Glow Co.
16. Flame and Fortune Candles
17. Kissed by Fragrance
18. Twinkle in Time Candles
19. The Gilded Wick
20. Gleeful Glow Candles
21. The Cozy Candle Co.
22. Waxen Whimsy Candles
23. Flame & Fortune
24. Blissful Beams Candles
25. The Luminous Muse

26. Flame Frolics Candles
27. Waxing Poetic
28. Candlelit Capers Candles
29. Scentual Escape
30. Waxen Whoopee Candles
31. Mystic Bazaar
32. Lustrous Laughs Candles
33. Whisper of Aroma
34. Soothing Smiles Candles
35. Emberglow Lights
36. Dazzling Delights Candles
37. Moonlight & Jasmine
38. Twilight Titters Candles
39. Serene Flame
40. Luminary Larks Candles
41. The Unforgettable Flame
42. Radiant Revels Candles
43. The Scentualist
44. Luminous Larks Candles
45. Candleabra Tales
46. Wick Winks Candles
47. Bliss & Bloom
48. Gleaming Guffaws Candles
49. Enchanted Fireside
50. Wick Wit

Pro Tip: Make sure your candle business name sounds appealing and memorable. You want your customers to remember where to go when they need more fabulous scents.

50 Candle Company Name Ideas

Short or long, your name should tell the story of what your shop offers, who you are, where you’re from, or what kind of experience customers will have when they shop with you. Online or brick and mortar, your name is the first thing they’ll see and hopefully something they’ll remember.

1. Candle Sense
2. Glistening Glow Candle Creations
3. Wax and Relax
4. Waxen Wonderlands Candle Co.
5. Candle Magic
6. Flame Fables Candles
7. Glow and Grow
8. Illuminated Illusions Co.
9. Candle Delight
10. Luminous Lullabies Candles
11. Spark and Scent
12. Wick Wonders Candle Co.
13. Wax Art

14. Glistening Gardens Candles
15. Candle Lab
16. Candlelit Canopies Candles
17. Glow Time
18. Waxen Waterfalls Candles
19. Wax and Glow
20. Lustrous Lagoons Candles
21. Candle Dream
22. Twilight Truffles Candles
23. Spark and Splendor
24. Glowing Groves Candles
25. Wax Appeal

Pro Tip: Your business name will last the length of the business, unless you decide to change your DBA (doing business as name) or update your brand entirely. Make sure you love your name. Don’t settle for “okay”—you should love it!

48 Luxury Candle Business Names

Luxury candle business names can bring you high-end, bougie buyers who are willing to spend more money because your shop has the “wow factor.”

Consider some of these luxurious candle business name ideas perfect for selling expensive aromatherapy candles, scented candles, or even beeswax candles.

1. Aroma Path
2. Ember & Co.
3. Glow & Co.
4. Gilded Wick Candle Co.
5. Aroma Bloom
6. Moonlight Sonata
7. Zenith Candles
8. Amethyst Flame
9. Glow Haven
10. Silk & Sillage
11. Spark & Scent
12. Emberlight Alchemy
13. Lumena Ignite
14. Velvet Wick
15. Scent Fusion
16. Moonstone Muse
17. Pheroma Memento
18. Whispering Embers
19. Flame Fest
20. Starlight Sanctuary
21. Petal Glow
22. Opulent Glow
23. Scent Sation
24. Golden Nectar

25. Luxe Light
26. Clandestine Embers
27. Flame Bright
28. Seraph’s Sconce
29. Zodiac Flames
30. Damask & Dusk Candle Co.
31. Glow Makers
32. Emberlit Soiree
33. Moonstone Candles
34. Whispers of Oud
35. Celestial Scents
36. Gilded Alchemy
37. Eco Flame
38. Starlit Lace Candle Co.
39. Glow & Grow
40. Velvet & Ember
41. Pure Illuminate
42. Luminous Indigo
43. Gilded Haven
44. Seraphim’s Ember
45. Luxe Luminance Candle Co.
46. Enchanted Candle Company
47. Custom Candles by Coco
48. The Candle Maker

Pro Tip: Who is your target customer? A good luxury candle business name can help you to target a higher-paying demographic. It’s more appealing to those who have the money to spend. Regardless of whether you will have an Etsy store, Shopify site, or brick-and-mortar store, you need to identify your target customer before you finalize a name.

50 Catchy Names for Candle Business

"Catchy names for candle business" search on a laptop next to a white pillar candle

Make your candle business name sticky…so buyers come back time and again. Using catchy phrases or sayings can really help keep your name top of mind.

1. Wick’d Wonders Candles
2. Soy Much Fun Soy Wax Candles
3. Radiant Flames
4. Waxing Poetic
5. Fabulous Flame Candle Co.
6. Flick Candles
7. Aromatic Artistry
8. The Flickering Flamingo
9. The Illuminated Co.
10. Scentsational Shenanigans
11. Soothing Scentsations
12. Litty & Witty Candles
13. The Candle Connoisseur
14. The Wacky Wickery
15. Illuminated Atelier
16. Candle Capers
17. Candle Conservatory
18. Grin & Glow Candles
19. Illuminated Gallery
20. Laughing Flames Candle Company
21. Candle Emporium Co.
22. Flame On, Funny Bone
23. Candle Artisan Co.
24. The Illuminaughty
25. Illuminated Haven

26. Scents & Sensibility
27. Heavenly Candle Co
28. Wickid Good Scents
29. Scented Studio Co.
30. Wax On, Wax Off
31. Candle Artistry Studio
32. The Melty Misfits Candle Company
33. Illuminated Studio Candles
34. Wickology 101
35. The Scented Atelier
36. Wax Flame Candy Candle
37. Candleabracadabra
38. Illuminated Boutique
39. Sniff & Giggle Candle Co.
40. Candle Emporium Studio
41. Wick It or Quit It Candle Company
42. Illuminated Suite
43. Glow-rious Meetings
44. Scented Emporium Candle Company
45. The Illuminating Co.
46. Scent-sational Humor
47. Lights All the Way Candle Co.
48. Waxing Lyrical
49. Cute Candles, Inc.
50. Love & Life Candles

Pro Tip: What’s your favorite commercial? Is it funny and catchy? It’s obviously memorable! The catchier the name, the better. You want to be remembered—just like that commercial that came to mind for you—even if a customer has lost your web address, can’t find an emailed receipt, and no longer has their candle jar.

46 Unique Candle Business Names

What differentiates you from your competitors? Use those identifying factors when selecting your unique business name. You don’t want to sound like everyone else—you want your business name to be descriptive of who you are.

1. Candlelight Glow
2. Candle With Care
3. The Wick & Flame
4. Light My Fire
5. Waxing Poetic
6. Melt Your Heart
7. Sisters’ Soap & Candle Co.
8. Illuminate Creations
9. Glow and Tell Candle Company
10. Scentimental Memories
11. Candle in the Wind
12. Flaming Inspirations
13. Spark Joy Candle Company
14. The Candle Cove
15. Candle Crush
16. The Candle Lab
17. Glow Getter
18. Luminous Expressions
19. Scent From Heaven
20. The Candle Parlour
21. Candle Me Crazy
22. Flicker & Flame Candle Company
23. Ember & Muse

24. The Candle Bar
25. Flicker & Fable
26. The Aromatic Hearth
27. The Hushed Flame
28. The Candle Aisle
29. The Wax Alchemist Candle Company
30. The Candle Cottage
31. Cozy Flicker Co.
32. The Wickery
33. The Candle Conjurer
34. The Candelier
35. The Wandering Wick
36. Scented Wick
37. Flickering Folklore Candle Company
38. Whispers of Flame
39. Candlelight Concoctions
40. The Wickery Embers
41. The Wick Weaver
42. The Flickering Phoenix
43. Aromasmith & Co.
44. Emberlight Alchemy Candle Company
45. My Gentle Glow
46. Sillage Muse

Pro Tip: This is one time when you don’t want to follow the crowd. Be unique so you aren’t battling over a URL and 50 other eCommerce sites with a similar name.

78 Names for Candle Businesses

BLK Sunflower owner in her workshop holding a frosty black branded jar and a handful of wax flakes for candle making

Candle company names can be one or more words, and if you’re in doubt, add the word Candles, Company, or Shop to the end, and Bam! you have a business name!

1. Wick & Whimsy
2. Ember & Oak Co.
3. Radiant Flames
4. Luminescence Atelier
5. The Candle Collective
6. Candlemaker Scents & Pours
7. Wick & Wander Shop
8. The Candle Connoisseur
9. The Wax Emporium
10. Candle Artisan
11. The Gilded Flame Co.
12. The Illuminated Atelier
13. Moonlit Glow LLC
14. The Scented Salon
15. Whisper & Wisp Atelier
16. The Candle Artistry Co.
17. Cinder & Co.
18. The Candle Emporium Co.
19. The Flickering Muse Shop
20. Illuminated Haven Candle Co.
21. The Dancing Ember Atelier
22. The Scented Atelier
23. Nocturne Lumens Shop
24. The Candle Emporium Studio
25. The Alchemist’s Candle Co.
26. The Scented Workshop
27. The Glimmering Grotto Shop
28. The Candle Conservatory StudioEmberlight
29. Apothecary Co.
30. The Scented Emporium Candle Company
31. Candlewick & Co.
32. Primitive Candle Company
33. The Flickering Lantern Emporium
34. Pure Light Candle Studios
35. Moonlit Muse Atelier
36. Fragrant Jewels Candle Company
37. The Candle Whisperer, LLC
38. Heaven Scent
39. Aurora Lumens Atelier

40. KC Candle Company
41. The Dancing Flame Emporium
42. Candleberry Studios
43. Candlewick & Whisper Shop
44. Darling Candles
45. Luminescence Alchemy Atelier
46. Enchanted Candle Atelier
47. The Glimmering Path
48. Homefront Candles House
49. Candle in the Wind Emporium
50. Berry Candles
51. Light My Fire, LLC
52. Decorative Candles
53. Scent of a Woman Atelier
54. Flaming Candle Co
55. Burn, Baby Burn Company
56. Country Candle Company
57. Rainbow Earth Gifts
58. Flame of Love Co.
59. None of Your Beeswax
60. Scents and Sensibility Atelier
61. Luxury Candles Co
62. Fire and Ice Co.
63. Scents Illuminated Candle Company
64. Scent From Heaven Atelier
65. Glorious Candles
66. Wick It Shop
67. The Candle Guy
68. Firefly Co.
69. Warwick Candles
70. Candle Magic, LLC
71. Ceremony Dreams Co.
72. Scent of the Sea Atelier
73. Fire Starter Co.
74. Candle Therapy, LLC
75. Wick and Mortar Shop
76. Mickey’s Creative Candles
77. Candleberry Candle Company
78. San Francisco Candle Making Collective

Pro Tip: Are you an LLC, S-Corp, or Sole Proprietorship? If you are an incorporation, you can include that in your name. For example, [Your Candle Business Name], LLC.

52 Unique Candle Names

If you’d want to eat it, make it, or serve it, it’s likely a good name for a candle. Especially if it’s a dessert, drink, or fruit-scented candle.

1. Almond Bark Chocolate
2. Bergamot Delight
3. Blueberries and Whipped Cream
4. Brown Sugar Sizzle
5. Buttercream Sausage
6. Toasted Campfire
7. Caramel Coffee Cookie
8. Musky Cedarwood
9. Chamomile Snooze
10. Chocolate Chip Pancakes
11. Clementine Orange Zest
12. Clove Spice Warmth
13. Cotton Candy Fantasy
14. Cucumber Melon Splash
15. Fig and Olive
16. Frangipani Tropical Flower
17. Just Cut Suburban Lawn
18. Gardenia White Blossom
19. Ginger Lime Fizz
20. Green Tea Jasmine
21. Hyacinth Spring Breeze
22. Key Lime Pie
23. Kiwi Strawberry Smoothie
24. Fragrant Jewels, Heaven Scent
25. Lavender Lemonade Relax
26. Macaron Sweet Treat

27. Magnolia Pink Petal
28. Marshmallow Vanilla Fluff
29. Mint Chocolate Chip
30. Mistletoe Holiday Cheer
31. Nutmeg Spice Cake
32. Oatmeal Double Raisin Cookie
33. Orange Blossom Citrus + Sea Salt
34. Patchouli Earth
35. Peach Cobbler Yum
36. Peony Floral Bouquet
37. Pina Colada Vacation
38. Plum Wine Sangria
39. Popcorn Movie Night
40. Rain Fresh Clean
41. Red Velvet Cupcake
42. Salted Caramel Swirl
43. Smoky Quartz Crystal
44. Sunflower Sunny Day
45. Toasted Marshmallow Cozy
46. Toffee Nut Crunch
47. Vanilla Orchid Exotic
48. Vetiver Woody Aroma
49. Violet Purple Passion
50. Waffle Breakfast Time
51. Walnut Brownie Delish
52. The Woodland Homestead

Pro Tip: Name your candle scents something fun and unique. If you’re an online retailer, the customer will rely on your naming conventions to decide if they’ll like the smell of the candle. So, be unique and descriptive!

46 Funny Candle Company Names

Two lit candles on a large table next to a model cityscape

Customers will appreciate your sense of humor and know they can expect good-natured customer service when you use a funny candle company name.

1. Wickety Wacky Wonders
2. Light My Fire
3. Scents So Silly, They’re Snort-Worthy
4. The Aromatherapy Absurdity Co.
5. The Illuminated Improbability Shop
6. Hilarity & Hygge, LLC
7. Wick-edly Good Scents Atelier
8. The Scents of Wit
9. Sniff & Giggles Galore
10. Flame on, Funny Bone!
11. The Snicker & Sizzle Shop
12. Punny Sentiments
13. Aromas Gone Wild
14. The Wick-edly Creative Waxers
15. Flame On, Fun On!
16. The Candle Cauldron
17. Scents So Silly, They’re Scandalous
18. The Illuminating Insanity Atelier
19. Scents That Make You Chuckle
20. The Giggle & Glow Glow-Up Co.
21. Punny Wick Emporium
22. Wick-edly Weird Waxes
23. Scented Silliness Galore Shop

24. Aromas of Absurdity Atelier
25. Burnt Out Candles
26. Scent-sational Candles
27. Candle-icious
28. Wax-tastic Candles
29. Flame Game
30. Candle-ry of the Odd
31. Wick-er Man Company
32. Wick-edly Good Candles
33. Waxing Philosophical
34. Waxing Lyrical Candles
35. Scentsational Silliness, LLC
36. The Humerus Fragrance Co.
37. The Light Chuckle Atelier
38. Scentsational Shenanigans Shop
39. Of Laughters and Illumination
40. You Light Me Up
41. Candle in the Sky
42. Scentsational Wickers
43. The Chuckle Wax
44. Sniff Me Good
45. The Wick-ed Atelier
46. The OG Candle Brand

Pro Tip: Humor is memorable and humor sells. Whether you’re naming your candle business or your candle scents, humor is almost always a good way to go.

50 Scent Name Ideas

Scent names can evoke tastes and smells for the buyer. Make it heavenly and delicious. Something you’d maybe want to eat, but definitely want to smell!

1. Cinnamon Swirl
2. Pumpkin Spice Latte
3. Caramel Apple
4. Cranberry Bliss
5. Peppermint Mocha
6. Gingerbread House
7. Winter Wonderland
8. Sugar Plum Fairy
9. Frosty the Snowman
10. Mistletoe Kisses
11. Candy Lane
12. Sleigh Ride
13. Fireside Chat
14. Warm and Cozy
15. Chestnuts Roasting
16. Mulled Wine
17. Spiced Cider
18. Hot Cocoa
19. Vanilla Bean
20. Lavender Fields
21. Tea Rose Garden
22. Jasmine Dreams
23. Sandalwood Serenade
24. Citrus Grove
25. Ocean Breeze

26. Rainforest Retreat
27. Mountain Air
28. Desert Oasis
29. Tropical Paradise
30. Island Escape
31. Crispy Autumn Leaves
32. Harvest Moon
33. Pumpkin Patch
34. Apple Orchard in Fall
35. Crisp Fall Air
36. Maple Butter and Syrup
37. Cedarwood Forest
38. Pine Needle Forest
39. Eucalyptus-y Mint
40. Peppermint Twist
41. Lemon Verbena
42. Grapefruit Grove
43. Cherry Blossom Farm
44. Magnolia Bloom
45. Honeysuckle Heaven
46. Wildflower Meadow
47. Butterfly Garden
48. Hummingbird Haven
49. Dragonfly Dreams
50. Ladybug Lane

Pro Tip: Most candles are scented, and scents need names to sell. Be creative and imagine what visuals and scents a person might imagine when they read your names.

50 Scented Candle Names

Rx Los Angeles owner in her warehouse pointing to two tables of empty branded jars and just-poured candles

Your candle labels will need to specify what scent you’re selling. Think of feeling-invoking scents that will make your customers want to buy them as gifts or a treat for themselves.

1. Winter Wonderland
2. Cozy Cabin
3. Pumpkin Spiced Chai
4. Lavender Dreams
5. Appley Pear Orchard
6. Caramel Popcorn
7. Ocean Breeze
8. Decadent Chocolate Cake
9. Lemonade Stand
10. Woody Fire
11. Cotton Candy
12. Gingerbread House
13. Rose, No Thorns
14. Banana Bread
15. Tropical Vacation
16. Vanilla and Cream
17. Fresh Laundry
18. Mulled Wine
19. Birthday Cake and Sprinkles
20. Hazelnut Coffee Shop
21. Autumn Leaves with Clove
22. Strawberry Shortcake
23. Rainforest and Fern
24. Maple Syrup and Brown Sugar
25. Cucumber Melon Mint

26. Snickerdoodle Cookie
27. Cherry Blossom Spring
28. Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows
29. Sunflowers and Honey
30. Campfire and S’mores
31. Juicy Peach Cobbler
32. Soothing Jasmine Tea
33. Warm Cinnamon Roll
34. Honeycomb Summer
35. Sandalwood and Vanilla
36. Sweet Blueberry Muffin
37. Refreshing Eucalyptus and Mint
38. Apple Pie Crust
39. Luscious Lilac
40. Tropical Coconut Lime
41. Cozy Oatmeal Cookie
42. Gardenia and Jasmine
43. Cranberry Orange Spice
44. Almond Biscotti
45. Lemongrass and Basil
46. Pumpkin Pie Delight
47. Vanilla Orchid
48. Spicy Ginger Ale
49. Sugar Plum Fairy
50. Earl Grey AM

Pro Tip: Naming candles after food is always a hit because people can imagine what they will taste and smell like.

What to Do After Choosing a Candle Company Name

After you choose a candle company name, you’ll want to make sure it’s available according to the:

  • Secretary of State website
  • United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

And as:

  • A domain name
  • Social media accounts

As long as the candle company names you are considering are available across the board, you are good to register your candle business name and start your business.

What candle business name ideas appeal to you?

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