Group of people holding chickens at the farm

How to Start a 7-Figure Poultry Farm (2022)

Did you know the average poultry farm provides over a million dollars of chicken for people to eat every year? John Mathia and Geoff Scott showed us how to start a poultry farm and turn it into a vertically integrated award-winning business. You can too! Geoff and John started Marion Acres in 2012 so they could eat healthier food than they could buy at the supermarket. Their first attempt at growing... review Review: Pros & Cons, Ratings & More reviews all cover the same material, but do they actually implement Monday to test it? We did, and you’ll know what to expect after reading our review. Monday has a lot of great features. Most of them work well, there are some bugs though, and we’ll let you know what to expect when you choose Monday workforce software. Monday will help you get the most results for your money...

Chef working on kitchen

How to Start a $420K/Year Consulting Business

Are you really good at a specific portion of your industry? Do you want to help other businesses achieve phenomenal results? Then you need to learn how to start a consulting business. Ryan Gromfin was a chef at a 5-star restaurant when the constant stress got to be a bit challenging. He’d recently had a heart attack and his partnership imploded, but a colleague asked him to consult with their...

Checklists for starting a cleaning business cover

Starting a Cleaning Business Checklists (2022)

Cleaning businesses are among the most commonly started businesses in the United States. In fact, Thimble estimates there are nearly 2 million cleaning companies in the U.S.   Christobal and I have worked together to develop this cleaning service checklist. We’ve broken it into the following sections: 1. Create a Plan Checklist 2. Name Your Cleaning Business Checklist 3. Form the Cleaning...

Man standing next to a towing truck

How to Start a $40K/Month Tow Truck Business

Nearly 70% of people have experienced abuse or workplace discrimination when working.  Kenneth Orme was one of them, so he figured out how to start a tow truck business and work for himself. Kenneth Orme is the owner of  K.O. Towing. When we asked how he did it, he started by telling us about overcoming cancer and getting laid off, just to find out he was “too old” and no one wanted to hire...

How to start a vending machine business

How to Start a $10K/Month Vending Machine Business

Have you ever been super thirsty and couldn’t find a drink?  Starting a vending machine business can be a great way to help people quench their hunger and thirst without a whole lot of work. That’s why we’re going to show you how to start a vending machine business. Ben Smith and his partner Joseph started Friendship Vending Company in 2018 and have begun making $10K per month. People have...

S-corp vs c-corp document

S-Corp vs C-Corp: Which is Better?

Are you considering starting a corporation? If you want to sell company stock, you’ll have to start a corporation. Most people think about C-Corporations when they think about stocks, but you can also sell stock as an S-Corporation. So, when should you choose an S-Corp vs a C-Corp? An S-Corp is actually the 2nd most common type of business behind a Limited Liability Company. There’s a good reason...

Mike showing his branded shirt

The 5 Simple Steps to Brand Building (2022)

Building a brand identity is one of the best things you can do for your business. According to the CFA Institute, 9.2% of the S&P 500 was “Goodwill,” the accounting term for how favorably a brand is viewed. That's over $3.5 trillion! That shows the importance of brand building and makes it one of the most valuable assets for existing business owners. As a small business, you need to focus on...

Succesful entreprenuer cover

107 Tips From Successful Business Owners

We all start a business because we want to achieve something great, but so many entrepreneurs get lost along the way. We'll share 107 tips from successful business owners to help you learn what successful business owners do. We've included tips from some of the greatest minds of all time. You’ll find business concepts from philosophers, world leaders, CEOs of major corporations, and some of the most...

Woman infront of portable wooden shed

21 Winning Sales Techniques to Close More Sales!

Have you ever wanted to be so good at sales techniques that you can actually sell a pen to anyone? Susan Frair started Shed Gal in 2017 after a horrible experience trying to build, then buy a shed. She expects to make nearly $1 million in 2022 and keep growing from there. She told us: When I became a shed dealer, I didn't know anything about the construction industry or how I was gonna find a...

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