A businessman typing on his laptop

How to Grow Your Business (and Make More Than $1M/Year)

We've all heard the statistics that 80% of small businesses fail. No one wants to be a part of that statistic, but so many small business owners never get past the start-up stage. If you have successfully started your business and earned a profit, Congratulations! The work isn't over though. You're probably working a ton of hours, spending less time than you want with your family, and probably need...

Paul Akers explains how to start a business

How to Start a Business: The Ultimate Guide (2021)

We talked to two of the most successful small business owners we could find — Mike Andes and Paul Akers — and got tips from both of them about how to start a business step by step. We combined the knowledge gleaned from hours of interviews with them to create a definitive guide on how to start a business. Mike Andes turned a childhood lawn care business into one of Entrepreneur's top 500...

Paul Akers holding pipes and showing Kaizen

KAIZEN: A Systematic Way to Transform Your Business (2021)

Have you ever felt like your business is stagnant? That so much of company time is wasted without anything to show for it? That there must be a better way?  That's what Kaizen is all about: making things better. Paul Akers has learned directly from the Japanese how to implement kaizen at Fast Cap, and he's excited to share it with you! Paul's experience with kaizen in Fast Cap has given him the...

Lean manufacturing with Paul Akers

Lean Manufacturing: The Definitive Guide (2021)

Have you ever wondered how to produce your product or service more efficiently? Paul Akers is obsessed with continuous improvement, but he has a great time running FastCap using lean manufacturing principles. He took the time to sit down and explain how an idea to make cabinets look better turned into a company making over $36.5 million per year. It's a pretty awesome story! We'll share his insights...

A personal computer and an iPad on a desk

How to Create a Website (in 9 Simple Steps) 2021

Over 75% of small business owners with a website attribute the significant growth of their business to having one. Think about that for a minute. Businesses with a website expect and often experience growth of at least 25% within three years. Furthermore, 70% of shoppers learn about products and services by reading blogs, according to Top Digital Agency (TDA) statistics.   Sadly, many business...

Woman working on a business plan

How to Write a Business Plan (Plus Examples & Templates)

Have you ever wondered how to write a business plan step by step? Mike Andes, told us  poor planning is the number one reason I see a business fail. Being prepared is why people succeed. This guide will help you write a business plan to impress investors. Throughout this process, we'll get information from Mike Andes, who started Augusta Lawn Care Services when he was 12 and turned it into a...

Men making a business deal

How to Sell a Business: The Ultimate Guide (2021)

Are you considering selling a business, but need help figuring out the process? This definitive guide to selling a business will demystify the process. Keep reading to get the most value for your business. Every business owner will eventually decide it is time to develop an exit strategy. Whether you are selling a business to start a new one, retiring, or just passing it on to your kids, our guide...

A yellow paper with the words Net Working Capital

Net Working Capital: Everything You Need to Know!

Have you ever wondered why some small businesses seem to thrive, while others fail even when they have plenty of business? Net Working Capital is one of the most crucial aspects of starting and running a small business. We’ll give you the knowledge to manage your working capital to keep your small business running smoothly. Net working capital is the liquidity an organization has to continue...

Woman holding business for sale sign

How to Buy a Business: The Ultimate Guide (2021)

Thinking about joining the club of 32 million small business owners by buying an established business? Well, congratulations on taking your first step towards becoming a business owner – research! Do you know the saying “knowledge is power”? That certainly applies to the process of buying a small business. So then, your next step is - keep reading and learn how to buy a business! Becoming...

The 41 Essential Questions To Ask When Buying A Business

Wouldn't it be great to boost the chances that a business you end up purchasing will be a lucrative cash cow instead of a money pit? I just asked you a question. If you want the business you’re thinking about buying to be successful, there are many questions to ask when buying a business—a lot of them. Too often, budding business owners buy a business without making the essential inquiries that...

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