Best Franchise Under $50K (2024)

April 5, 2024

Best Franchise Under $50K (2024)

Franchises, with their established brands and business models, help budding entrepreneurs skip the early struggles new businesses experience—but not without a price. Initial investments can be hefty.

So it only makes sense to wonder, “What’s the best franchise under $50K?”

We’ll look at 31 different franchises with initial investments (or franchise fees) of $50K or less to help you decide which is best for you. We cover a range of industries, from pressure washing to fast food to real estate. You’re sure to find something that meets your needs.

Best Low-Cost Franchises (Total Initial Investment Less Than $50K)

The franchise opportunities below can all be started with a total initial investment of $50,000 or less.

1. Brown’s Pressure Washing

Brown’s Pressure Washing owner holding equipment in front of a residential home

Service-based franchises make excellent low-cost opportunities. Brown’s Pressure Washing earns our No. 1 spot as the best franchise to own because of the top-notch support and training they provide to franchise owners. 

There are several advantages to opening a Brown’s franchise. For instance, there’s high consumer demand for pressure washing services, the business model gives you flexibility to set your own schedule, and overhead costs are low.

Founder Joshua Brown built Brown’s Pressure Washing from scratch and has turned it into a $2M-a-year business. His franchise model is designed to help other entrepreneurs with no industry experience achieve success with their own businesses. You can learn more about how Joshua started in this YouTube video:

YouTube player

Franchise Fee: $20,000
Total Initial Investment: $50,000-$100,000
Royalty Fee: 10%
Space Needed: 100-2,000 square feet
Employees: Can hire employees or use subcontractors
Territories: Multiple territories allowed
• Funding Assistance: Third-party financing available

2. H&R Block

Having the backing of a big-name company is one of the biggest advantages of pursuing franchise opportunities. You’ll get that with H&R Block, one of the best-known tax preparation services in the United States.

The low cost of owning an H&R Block franchise makes it very accessible, while the consistent demand for tax preparation services gives you a ready pool of potential customers.

All of these benefits are why Entrepreneur called it the best franchise opportunity in tax services for 2024.

• Franchise Fee: $2,500
• Total Investment: $31,700-$158,317
• Royalty Fee: 30%
• Space Needed: 100-2,000 square feet
• Employees: 1+
• Territories: Exclusive territories available
Funding Assistance: In-house financing available

3. Realty One Group

The extensive training and hands-on support Realty One Group gives franchisees is what makes it the top real estate and property management franchise company.

It’s also the No. 1 real estate franchise opportunity for 2024, according to Entrepreneur, and was among the “top recession-proof franchises” highlighted by Franchise Business Review in 2023.

• Franchise Fee: $20,000-$25,000
• Total Investment: $48,250-$227,500
• Royalty Fee: 2%
• Space Needed: 100-2,000 square feet
• Employees: 3+
Territories: Exclusive territories available
Funding Assistance: Third-party financing available

4. Augusta Lawn Care Services

Augusta Lawn Care Services owner posing in front of a ride mower parked in a large, grassy yard

The low cost of an Augusta Lawn Care franchise is the first reason it’s on our list of franchises under $50K. It also offers a low overhead and multiple revenue streams in the lawn care and landscaping space.

Service-based franchises offer franchisees a lot of flexibility. You can run the business from your home or a storage unit, and you don’t need to make a full-time commitment to find success with this business model.

The strength of the Augusta Lawn Care brand is another way the company stands out in the landscaping franchising world. You can hear founder Mike Andes’s insights into how he built his brand in this YouTube interview:

YouTube player

• Franchise Fee: $6,999-$25,000
• Total Investment: $12,999-$82,500
• Royalty Fee: $600-$1,200 per month
• Space Needed: Minimal (mobile-friendly)
• Employees: 2-6
• Territories: Exclusive territories available
• Funding Assistance: Third-party financing available

5. Go Oil

Go Oil provides at-home oil changes and tire services. Since it’s a mobile business, franchises don’t need a brick-and-mortar space. This keeps startup costs low and reduces the time it takes to start earning revenue.

New franchisees are provided with the service van and all the payment processing, customer management, and marketing systems they’ll need to achieve success.

Oil changes are a slam dunk service if you want a business with high consumer demand, considering roughly 92% of U.S. households own at least one car. That ready customer base is what puts Go Oil among the top franchises under $50K to start in 2024.

• Franchise Fee: $9,900
• Total Investment: $23,125-$56,300
• Royalty Fee: 10%
• Space Needed: Minimal (mobile-friendly)
• Employees: 1-2
• Territories: Available across Canada and the U.S., exclusive territories available
• Funding Assistance: In-house and third-party financing available

6. Colors on Parade

Another top low-cost franchise opportunity in the automotive niche, Colors on Parade provides mobile dent and paint repair. This business has benefits similar to Go Oil, with a ready customer base and low overhead and startup costs.

The company was founded in 1991 and has grown to over 200 locations across North America, so you’ll get a proven business model when you become a franchisee. You can start a Unit/Operator Franchise for $50K (or less), and there are also Area Representative options if you want to scale up down the line.

• Franchise Fee: $2,500-$7,500
• Total Investment: $21,450-$97,500
• Net Worth Requirement: $10,000-$500,000
• Cash Requirement: $10,000-$200,000
• Royalty Fee: 7%-30%
• Space Needed: Minimal (mobile-friendly)
• Employees: 1+
• Territories: Exclusive territories available
• Funding Assistance: In-house and third-party financing available

7. Brightway Insurance

Brightway Insurance franchisees can choose from three levels, letting them tailor their startup costs to their budget and goals.

You also don’t need any insurance industry experience to start a Brightway franchise. The company provides over 150 hours of comprehensive training, along with innovative systems and centralized marketing, customer service, and accounting support.

Brightway’s proven business model is built on partnerships with a wide variety of insurance carriers across all 50 states. This makes owning a Brightway franchise an effective way to earn stable, recurring revenue in any economic climate.

• Franchise Fee: $10,000-$50,000
• Total Investment: $22,000-$159,000
• Cash Requirement: $30,000-$150,000
• Royalty Fee: up to 50%
• Space Needed: 900-1,300 square feet
• Employees: 1-3
• Territories: Available across the United States
• Funding Assistance: In-house and third-party financing available

8. Surface Specialists

Surface Specialist is a kitchen and bath repair company that has been franchising since 1982. It has warranty repair agreements with more than 80 bathtub manufacturers, and its variety of restoration options gives franchisees multiple revenue streams.

The kitchen and bath remodeling startup cost is low when you franchise with Surface Specialists. New owners get extensive classroom and hands-on training as well as ongoing marketing and operational support.

• Franchise Fee: $36,000
• Total Investment: $43,200-$56,000
• Net Worth Requirement: $75,000
• Cash Requirement: $25,000
• Royalty Fee: 5%
• Space Needed: 100-2,000 square feet
• Employees: 1+
• Territories: Exclusive territories available across the U.S. and Canada
• Funding Assistance: In-house financing available

Cheap Food Franchises for $50K or Less

Chicken tenders, jambalaya, and a noodle and meatball dish on a wooden table with a sign that reads "Food franchises for $50K" hanging above it

9. Champs Chicken

The versatility of Champs Chicken makes it one of the best low-cost food franchises under $50K.

The most affordable way to get started is inside another business, like a convenience or grocery store. It’s among the most affordable franchise opportunities in the food industry.

• Franchise Fee: $0
Total Investment: $9,000-$349,000
• Net Worth Requirement: $35,000-$65,000
Cash Requirement: $35,000-$65,000
Royalty Fee: None
Space Needed:
Varies depending on format
Exclusive territories available
Funding Assistance: Third-party financing available

10. Chefs For Seniors

Chefs For Seniors is a food franchise under $50K with a heartfelt mission. The company provides professional in-home meal prep and cooking services for the elderly.

You don’t need to be a chef to have success with a Chefs for Seniors franchise. They provide full training and support, including over 30 hours of on-site instruction at the company headquarters in Wisconsin.

• Franchise Fee: $8,000-$13,000
Total Investment: $12,575-$29,375
Royalty Fee: 8%
Space Needed: Minimal (mobile-friendly)
Territories: Exclusive territories available across the United States
Funding Assistance: Third-party financing available

11. Chester’s

Chester’s is a quick-serve chicken restaurant that has grown to more than 1,300 locations since its founding in 1952. Its franchising business model is similar to Champs Chicken’s above, with most locations operating within businesses like supermarkets or truck stops.

Even though it’s a large company, every franchisee gets access to a single point of contact who guides them through the opening process. Franchisees also get full training in key food industry management concepts, like improving margins and minimizing waste, to help maximize revenue.

• Franchise Fee: Up to $3,500
Total Investment: $27,500-$296,500
Royalty Fee: Varies
Space Needed:
Varies depending on format
Territories: Exclusive territories available
Funding Assistance: Third-party financing available

Best Home-Based Franchises Under $50K

A model house labeled "Franchises" next to stacks and a jar of coins on a conference table

A brick-and-mortar space is a hefty investment and adds ongoing costs that can be prohibitive if you have a modest budget.

These franchises under $50K can be run as mobile or home-based businesses, giving them low overhead and affordable startup costs.

12. Sit Means Sit Dog Training

For animal lovers, Sit Means Sit lets you open a dog training business quickly and at a low startup cost.

Its proven business model starts with a specialized training approach at a three-week event in Las Vegas. They also provide regional seminars for ongoing development.

Sit Means Sits franchises regularly earn $1M or more in annual revenue, so this is definitely a business with high earning potential.

• Franchise Fee: $17,500
Total Investment: $31,775-$128,850
Net Worth Requirement: $50,000
Cash Requirement: $20,000
Royalty Fee: 9%
Space Needed: Minimal (mobile-friendly)
Exclusive territories available
Funding Assistance: Third-party financing available

13. Stratus Building Solutions

Stratus Building Solutions is the leading green commercial cleaning franchisor. It also regularly ranks on Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of top 100 franchises for less than $50K.

Stratus offers two business models for prospective franchisees. The Janitorial Unit franchise is ideal as a home-based business and has a low commercial cleaning startup cost.

Multiple revenue streams make this a very scalable franchise model, as well, with a low overhead that translates to high profit margins.

• Franchise Fee: $3,600-$69,000
Total Investment: $4,450-$79,750
Royalty Fee: 5%
Space Needed: Minimal (mobile-friendly)
Employees: 1+
Territories: Available across the United States and Canada
Funding Assistance: In-house financing and veteran discounts available

14. NextHome

A smartly dressed realtor in front of a large residential property with a NextHome sign in the front yard

Most real estate franchisors require franchisees to have a physical office, but NextHome is different. NextHome franchises can be run from anywhere for a low investment and overhead that makes it super accessible.

The technology at the heart of the NextHome business model is unique among real estate franchise opportunities. NextHome’s streamlined home buying process is designed to appeal to millennial customers, the most active generation in the current real estate market. This gives their franchisees high earning potential while keeping their costs low.

The company also gives franchisees a choice of how to pay ongoing fees and the option of a 1-year or 5-year renewable agreement.

• Franchise Fee: $4,500-$8,750
Total Investment: $16,250-$220,345
Royalty Fee: $200-$210 per month
Space Needed: Minimal (mobile-friendly)
Employees: 1+
Territories: Available across the United States
Funding Assistance: Third-party financing available

15. Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Services

In the aftermath of the pandemic and the disruptions it brought to education, at-home tutoring is a booming industry. Club Z!’s in-home and online tutoring is available for students of all grade levels and across subjects, giving franchise owners a potentially broad customer base.

Most franchise owners don’t provide the tutoring themselves. Instead, they manage a team of tutors who offer 1-on-1 instruction and test prep.

More than 350 owners have already put the proven business model of Club Z! tutoring to the test in their area, and there are plenty more territories available. The low franchise costs and strong owner support are what earn Club Z! a spot on our list of the best franchises under $50K.

• Franchise Fee: $19,750-$39,750
Total Investment: $33,475-$57,425
Net Worth Requirement: $100,000
Cash Requirement: $30,000-$50,000
Royalty Fee: 6%-8%
Space Needed: None
Territories: Exclusive territories available
Funding Assistance: Third-party financing services

16. TSS Photography

TSS Photography specializes in photographing youth athletes and sporting events. It has also expanded its business model to include church groups, families, and other school functions.

The company doesn’t charge royalties on bookings, and franchise owners get territorial rights to an area with at least 100,000 people. It’s also an ideal business for parents since you get full control over your working hours.

For photographers and visual artists, TSS Photography can take your entrepreneurial journey in a new direction. But thanks to the high-quality training that new owners receive, you don’t need to be a pro photographer to start.

• Franchise Fee: $8,500
Total Investment: $20,415-$74,725
Net Worth Requirement: $50,000
Cash Requirement: $10,500-$25,000
Royalty Fee: None
Space Needed: Minimal (mobile-friendly)
Territories: Exclusive territories available
Funding Assistance: In-house and third-party financing available

17. ShelfGenie

Founded in 2000, ShelfGenie allows its customers to customize affordable pull-out shelving and cabinets. It’s the only national franchise in this sector and has more than 275 franchises across North America.

Owning a ShelfGenie franchise links you to this supportive network. You’ll also get over 100 hours of training before opening day, along with proprietary software, operational support, and national and regional advertising.

• Franchise Fee: $29,500-$69,500
Total Investment: $38,700-$133,600
Cash Requirement: $50,000
Royalty Fee: 5%-7%
Space Needed: 100-2,000 square feet
Available throughout the U.S. and Canada
Funding Assistance:
Third-party financing and veteran discounts available

18. Leadership Management International

Leadership Management International helps people reach their professional and personal goals through programs and courses. With nearly 500 franchises worldwide, its broad private network of franchise owners is an excellent support system for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The company also provides 40 hours of classroom training and ongoing development, so you can count on them to set you up for success throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

• Franchise Fee: $15,000
Total Investment: $20,000-$27,500
Royalty Fee: 6%
Space Needed: Minimal (mobile-friendly)
Employees: 2-10
Territories: Exclusive territories available worldwide
Funding Assistance: In-house and third-party financing available

Best Franchises Under $50K to Own as a Side Hustle

Wooden blocks with storefronts printed on them and gold star icons hovering above them

The turnkey nature of the franchise model can be ideal for entrepreneurs who want to run a business on the side. Here are the best franchises to open as part-time or side businesses.

19. Dream Vacations

If you love to travel (or to help other people do it), Dream Vacations is an affordable opportunity to be your own boss in the travel planning niche.

This is the #1 home-based travel franchise business and among the top cheap franchises in any industry. Dream Vacations franchise owners also get travel perks, a proven business model, and the industry’s highest commissions.

Along with its potential as a side hustle, this is another franchise you can open as a home-based business.

• Franchise Fee: $495-$10,500
Total Investment: $1,795-$21,000
Royalty Fee: Up to 3%
Space Needed: None
Employees: 1+
• Territories: Available throughout the U.S.
Funding Assistance: In-house financing and veteran discounts available

20. Jan-Pro Cleaning and Disinfecting

Jan-Pro consistently ranks among the top 10 franchises under $50K by Entrepreneur Magazine and held the #1 spot on the list in 2023.

Commercial cleaning is a booming industry, and Jan-Pro’s proven track record and dedicated sales team make it easy for new franchisees to attract customers.

This is also a flexible franchise opportunity, with variable franchise costs to match your budget and revenue goals. For those with a modest budget, it has the lowest commercial cleaning startup cost of any franchise opportunity.

• Franchise Fee: $2,520-$44,000
Total Investment: $4,830-$58,070
Royalty Fee: 10%
Space Needed: Minimal (mobile-friendly)
Employees: 1+
Territories: Exclusive territories available
Funding Assistance: In-house financing available, 50% veteran discount

21. Martinizing

A Martinizing laundry service provider holding a stack of just-folded towels in front of a wall of industrial washing machines

Martinizing is an established name in the dry cleaning industry. Its system was first developed in 1949, focusing on providing fast, full-service dry cleaning at an affordable cost. In the six decades since, it has expanded to 350 U.S. locations and more worldwide.

There are multiple ways to get started with a Martinizing franchise. The most affordable—and flexible—is their Martinizing Delivers route. In this business model, you don’t have to worry about the overhead and staffing of a store; instead, you pick up and drop off laundry for your clients. 

You can also open a Satellite Store, a dry cleaning plant with a retail store, or convert an existing dry cleaner to the Martinizing brand.

• Franchise Fee: $25,000-$62,500
Total Investment: $36,050-$743,622
Net Worth Requirement: $100,000-$500,000
Cash Requirement: $40,000-$150,000
Royalty Fee: 6%
Space Needed: Varies depending on format
Territories: Exclusive territories available
Funding Assistance: Third-party financing available

22. Sign Gypsies

Sign Gypsies is a fast-growing yard sign company and one of the most affordable franchise business opportunities. You can get up and running quickly, with most locations open within 4-6 weeks of signing their franchise agreement.

Another unique thing about Sign Gypsies: It charges absolutely no royalty fees. Franchise owners keep 100% of their sales, so the work you do will translate straight to money in your pocket.

• Franchise Fee: $1,000
Total Investment: $4,150-$9,900
Royalty Fee: None
Space Needed:
Minimal (mobile-friendly)
Territories: Exclusive territories available across the U.S. and Canada
Funding Assistance: Not available

23. Moms on the Run

This company was born in 2008 with a group of moms who decided to run a 5K. It has since expanded to more than 40 franchise locations.

As a Moms on the Run owner, you’ll help motivate women (moms and otherwise) to reach their fitness goals. This mission, along with its super-low startup cost, makes it an ideal side hustle opportunity for parents.

• Franchise Fee: $8,495
Total Investment: $9,890-$17,095
Cash Requirement: $10,000
Royalty Fee: $195+ per month
Space Needed: Minimal (mobile-friendly)
Territories: Exclusive territories available across the United States
Funding Assistance: Third-party financing available

24. American Poolplayers Association

The American Poolplayers Association is the largest amateur pool league in the world. As a franchise owner, you operate a league, organize events, build teams, and spread the love of pool across your area.

Along with a low initial investment, the royalty fees are based on how many teams you manage, which is the ideal cost structure for part-time franchisees.

Franchisees also get marketing support and a private network of APA staff and fellow franchise owners who can share knowledge and help you solve problems.

• Franchise Fee: $10,000-$12,000
Total Investment: $23,211-$29,026
Royalty Fee: $2.50+ per team per week
Space Needed: Minimal (mobile-friendly)
Employees: 1-3
Territories: Exclusive territories available worldwide
Funding Assistance: Third-party financing available

25. Skyhawks & SuperTots Sports Academy

With Skyhawks, you run camps and after-school programs for 4- to 12-year-olds, while SuperTots focuses on programs for kids under 5. Both have low costs, with three levels of initial investment to match your budget and goals.

Skyhawks & SuperTots is a franchise opportunity that lets you make a difference in your community while you grow your own business. It’s among the top franchises to run as a side hustle because the business model gives you complete control to set your own schedule.

• Franchise Fee: $15,000-$42,500
Total Investment: $30,300-$89,750
Net Worth Requirement: $100,000
Cash Requirement: $57,250-$89,750
Royalty Fee: 5%-9%
• Space Needed: Minimal (mobile-friendly)
Employees: 1-7
Territories: Available worldwide, including exclusive territories
Funding Assistance: Third-party financing and veteran discounts available

Best Low-Cost Franchises (Franchise Fee $50K or Less)

For aspiring entrepreneurs who have a bit more wiggle room on their total startup costs, here are some other excellent low-cost opportunities with an initial franchise fee of $50,000 or less.

26. MaidThis

MaidThis owner Neel Parekh posing with a fan of cash in one hand and a laptop in the other

One way to save on the commercial cleaning startup cost is to operate as a remote business. That’s how Neel Parekh achieved financial independence with MaidThis, a 100% remote cleaning business that today brings in $1.5M in annual revenue. 

You can find out how Neel started this business opportunity in his interview with UpFlip:

YouTube player

After seven years of success, MaidThis started offering franchising opportunities in 2020 to help other entrepreneurs become their own bosses with a low investment.

One way Neel grew his business was by niching down on the booming industry of Airbnb cleaning, but there are multiple revenue streams you can explore with a remote cleaning franchise model. That versatility is another reason it made this list.

• Franchise Fee: $39,000
Total Investment: $50,400-$72,650
Royalty Fee: 7%
Space Needed: 100-2,000 square feet
Employees: 1+
Territories: Multiple territories allowed
Funding Assistance: Third-party financing available

27. Spray-Net

Spray-Net’s patented pressure-spray technology provides homeowners and area developers a new way to renovate.

Spray-Net provides multiple services, including exterior painting, kitchen cabinet painting, and roof re-granulation. These multiple revenue streams can boost a franchise’s earning potential.

Franchisees get access to extensive training and the “Spray-Network” of fellow entrepreneurs. Add in the proven track record of success, and it’s clear why this is among the best franchises. You can learn more about Spray-Net in this interview:

YouTube player

• Franchise Fee: $45,000
Total Investment: $170,825-$241,825
Net Worth Requirement: $200,000
Cash Requirement: $100,000
Royalty Fee: 8%
Space Needed: 100-2,000 square feet
Employees: 4-5
Territories: Exclusive territories available (can buy more than one)
Funding Assistance: Third-party financing available

28. EverLine Coatings

EverLine owner standing in a just-painted parking lot

Here’s another great service-based franchise with multiple revenue streams. EverLine provides pavement maintenance and line painting services that help businesses and area developers keep their exterior spaces appealing to customers.

It’s the leading parking lot and pavement service company in North America, as well as a regular Award of Excellence winner from the Canadian Franchise association.

The recession-resistant business model and potential for long-term recurring revenue are other advantages of franchising with EverLine. You can learn more about the company from this YouTube interview:

YouTube player

• Franchise Fee: $49,500
Total Investment: $164,744-$332,443
Net Worth Requirement: $250,000
Cash Requirement: $75,000
Royalty Fee: 9% or $500 per territory + 3% (whichever is greater)
Space Needed: 100-2,000 square feet
Employees: 3 per location on average
Territories: Available across the U.S. and Canada (can buy more than one)
Funding Assistance: Third-party financing available

29. Wise Coatings

Here’s another chance to be your own boss in the home improvement industry. Wise Coatings is among the premier epoxy-flooring and garage-floor-coating businesses in the U.S., and that brand recognition can help you quickly build customer loyalty.

While the initial cost of owning a Wise Coatings franchise is a bit higher than other options on this list, the low ongoing costs give it the potential for high profit margins. It can be run as a mobile business, and you’ll get access to exclusive products and exceptional support as a business owner.

You can learn more about how founder Brandon Vaughn started the company in his interview with UpFlip:

YouTube player

• Franchise Fee: $50,000
Total Investment: $117,400-$160,000 (including three months working capital)
Net Worth Requirement: $125,000
Cash Requirement: $50,000
Royalty Fee: 5%
Space Needed: 100-2,000 square feet
Employees: 2-4 (suggested)
Territories: Discount for buying multiple territories
Funding Assistance: Yes, through Benetrends (learn how to qualify)

30. Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza

Papa Murphy’s sells bake-at-home pizzas, a large and growing industry valued at more than $46B.

Restaurant franchises often have startup costs in the seven figures, which is why we still consider Papa Murphy’s a comparatively cheap food franchise. The initial franchise fee is still under $50K, and financing is available to help cover the other expenses.

• Franchise Fee: $25,000
Total Investment: $308,469-$557,879
• Net Worth Requirement: $350,000
• Cash Requirement: $125,000
Royalty Fee: 5%
Space Needed:
1,200-1,400 square feet
12-17 on average
Available in 23 U.S. states
Funding Assistance: Third-party financing available

31. Graze Craze

Graze Craze location

Graze Craze is a charcuterie franchise that offers takeout, delivery, and catering. What makes it unique from other food franchises is that there’s no on-site cooking, which means no need for expensive kitchen equipment.

As a franchise owner, you get a turnkey process that includes software, equipment, and furnishings, along with a regional representative. You can also scale to a Master License opportunity if you plan to grow your franchise beyond a single store.

• Franchise Fee: $49,500
Total Investment: $150,000-$200,000
Royalty Fee: 6%
Space Needed: 1,000-1,500 square feet
Territories: Available in all U.S. states
Funding Assistance:
Third-party financing available

Which franchise business do you like?

At this point, you should have a good idea of the types of franchises available and which ones interest you.

Make sure to carefully read the franchise disclosure document and other paperwork before buying any franchise. You want to make you’re investing your $50K wisely.

What franchising business interests you?

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Brandon Boushy

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  • Check Availability: You’ll need to check your name’s availability with Etsy, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and your secretary of state’s office. Check whether the website domain name and social media tags are available, too.
  • Register the Etsy Name: Once you have chosen an Etsy shop name that is available on all platforms, you have to register it and start your Etsy store.

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5. Culinary Haven
6. Heavenly Home Accents
7. Wanderlust Wearables
8. Serenity Scent Studio
9. Pet Fashion House
10. Sip & Style
11. Wholesome Home Harvest
12. Sassy & Sweet Styles

13. The Petal Pusher
14. Crafty Gems
15. HandmadeTreasures
16. ArtisticDesigns
17. BespokeCrafts
18. CreativeArtifacts
19. DaintyWorks
20. Elegant Creations
21. Fancy Artistry
22. Gorgeous Keepsakes
23. Heirloom Jewelry Design
24. Innovative Crafts

Pro Tip: Before you create an Etsy store, research relevant keywords using a keyword research tool such as SEMrush.

22 Best Etsy Shop Names

The best store names help people remember your Etsy shop and what it sells.

1. Cozy and Bright
2. Whimsical Stitches
3. Crafted Curiosity
4. Wildflower & Co.
5. The Painted Acorn
6. Happy Clay Creations
7. Storyteller Jewelry Design
8. The Upcycled Nest
9. Whispering Pines Woodworks
10. Beacon & Bloom
11. The Inkwell Muse

12. Salty Sea Treasures
13. The Flourishing Fern
14. Starry Night Studios
15. Whimsy & Whiskers
16. The Gilded Thimble
17. The Recycled Rainbow
18. The Enchanted Loom
19. Coastal Crafts Unlimited
20. The Copper Dog
21. The Wandering Baker
22. The Wildflower Collective

Pro Tip: Check out Product Flint’s list of the top Etsy sellers to understand the kind of creative shop names that do well in the Etsy community. The vast majority state exactly what they do.

28 Good Shop Names For Etsy

Many good business names are just fun. Check out the name ideas below for some unique store names.

1. CrystalsNCharms
2. The Hideaway
3. Sunwoven Threads
4. Crafted with Joy
5. Blooming Oasis
6. Blushing Brushstrokes
7. Happy Heart Ceramics
8. Whispering Willow Jewelry
9. ReBorn Treasures
10. Luminous Flame Co
11. Calico Cat Knits
12. The Scriptorium
13. Ocean's Embrace
14. Flourishing Fern & Fern

15. The Bibliophile's Nook
16. Starlight Symphony
17. Wags & Stitches
18. The Threaded Needle
19. The Golden Hive
20. Willow & Wren
21. The Whiskful Baker
22. Rainbow Revival
23. The Enchanted Fibers
24. Seaside Stitchery
25. Copper & Quill
26. The Globe Trotter's Kitchen
27. Rustic Raven Designs
28. Wildflower Meadow

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to check out the shop policies to make sure you don’t break any rules during your brainstorming phase. Review Etsy seller policies here.

30 Cute Etsy Shop Names

You can build a strong brand identity with cute shop names for Etsy stores. Consider some of these Etsy store name ideas.

1. Adorable Accents
2. Bubble Bazaar
3. Cuddle Corner
4. Enchanting Embellishments
5. Fluffy Friends and Finds
6. Giggles & Grins Gallery
7. Happy Hearts
8. Joyful Jams
9. Kawaii Kollectibles
10. Little Lovables
11. Mini Marvels
12. Nifty Nest
13. Oh So Cute Creations
14. Playful Paws
15. Rainbow Realm

16. Snuggly Snippets
17. Whiskers Workshop
18. Adorbs Accessories
19. Bitty Bliss Boutique
20. Cheery Cottage
21. Darling Doodles
22. Enchanted Evergreens
23. Fluffy Feathers
24. Giggles Gallery
25. Honeybee Hideaway
26. Irresistible Inklings
27. Joyful Jangles
28. Kawaii Kingdom
29. Miniature Mansion
30. Nutty Nibbles

Pro Tip: You might include cute words for shop in your Etsy name ideas. According to Merriam-Webster, synonyms for shop include shoppe, market, emporium, bazaar, marketplace, showroom, outlet, boutique, and exchange.

30 Aesthetic Etsy Shop Names

Etsy shops might want to consider creative shop names that are pleasing to the eye or ear. Consider some of these Etsy business names for inspiration.

1. Ephemeral Ember Co.
2. Luminous Figments
3. Gossamer & Garnet
4. Cifera Studios
5. The Gilded Twig
6. Moonspun Stitches
7. Wildwood Muse
8. Indigo Bloom
9. Etched in Aether
10. Juniper & Clay
11. Luminescent Lore
12. Wisteria Way Designs
13. The Gilded Quill Studio
14. Ember & Oak
15. Whispering Pines Co.

16. Fabled Fibers
17. Moonlit Canvas
18. Coveted Curiosities
19. Wilderwood Workshop
20. Apothecary of Blooms
21. Celestial Loom
22. Stardust & Stone
23. Whisperwood & Basil Co.
24. Pemberley Promenade Designs
25. The Raven's Inkwell Studio
26. The Hundred Acre Workshop
27. Thornfield Manor Treasures
28. The Gatsby Collection
29. Dashing Sisters Studio
30. The Count's Cabinet of Curiosities

Pro Tip: Look at the words potential customers use in reviews of your competitors to find out the types of adjectives that might work well for your target market.

30 More Cute Names For Etsy Shop Ideas

1. Bubbly Bunny
2. Snugglebug Station
3. Sprinkle Sunshine Shop
4. Cloud Nine Creations
5. Hedgy Hugs
6. Sweet Tooth Sweets
7. Quokka's Happy Place
8. Happy Camper Crafts
9. The Doodle Nest
10. Foxglove & Fern
11. Cupcake Cloud Creations
12. The Mismatched Menagerie
13. Starry Skies Studio
14. Acorn & Oak
15. Whispering Pines Bakery

16. Wondrous Weaves
17. The Twinkling Jar
18. Sprinkle Party Shop
19. The Cozy Cat Cove
20. Honeycomb Harmony
21. The Painted Petal
22. Whimsy & Wishes
23. The Little Mermaid Market
24. The Clayful Bunch
25. The Sunshine Studio
26. Moonlight Melody Maker
27. The Painted Pages
28. The Bookworm Bakery
29. The Dancing Dragonfly
30. The Cozy Burrow

36 Etsy Store Names For Digital Products

Concept of a laptop showing an Etsy digital products landing page and a dynamic image of TagPup shop owner Vlad popping out of the screen as he holds his sewing machine in one hand and a custom-made dog collar in the other

Some of the best performing Etsy shops sell digital goods. Consider some of these Etsy shop names for stores that sell digital goods.

1. Bit Bazaar
2. Pixel Craft
3. Digital Vistas
4. Cyber Treasures
5. Virtual Symphony
6. Ethereal Pixels
7. Infinite Boutique
8. Quantum Gallery
9. Binary Elements
10. Matrix Trove
11. Silicon Expressions
12. Techno Zenith
13. Code Niche
14. Bit Gems
15. Circuit Artistry
16. Giga Originals
17. Terabyte Novelties
18. Zetta Gifts

19. Techno Vistas
20. Pixel Treasures
21. Virtual Symphony
22. Ethereal Boutique
23. Infinite Gallery
24. Quantum Elements
25. Binary Trove
26. Matrix Expressions
27. Silicon Zenith
28. Techno Niche
29. Data Gems
30. Pixel Artistry
31. Virtual Originals
32. Ethereal Novelties
33. Infinite Quarters
34. Quantum Pixels
35. Binary Gifts
36. Silicon Craft

46 Creative Store Names For Etsy

1. Handmade Delights
2. Artistic Aura Studio
3. Unique Handiworks Workshop
4. Handmade Elegance Boutique
5. Artisanal Accents Avenue
6. Crafty Cornerstore
7. The Misfit Stitchery
8. Paper Crane Dreams
9. The Buttonhole Thief
10.Wildwood & Whimsy
11. The Sundown Symphony
12. Ember & Fable
13. Whispers in Stitches
14. The Moonlit Menagerie
15. Stardust Apothecary
16. The Unbound Brush
17. The Gilded Sparrow
18. The Painted Memory
19. The Buttonhole Bazaar
20. The Upcycled Oasis
21. The Indigo Hourglass
22. The Wandering Wildheart
23. The Honeycomb Haven

24. Fable & Filament
25. The Moonstone Muse
26. The Knotted Compass
27. The Patchwork Pegasus
28. Whispering Willows
29. The Sunlit Songbird
30. The Wandering Inkwell
31. The Unbound Canvas
32. The Gilded Whisper
33. The Painted Tapestry
34. The Whispering Quill
35. The Upcycled Carnival
36. The Wildflower Whisper
37. The Honeycomb Harvest
38. The Enchanted Bloom
39. The Gossamer Gallery
40. Whispering Pines Workshop
41. Sundrift Studio
42. The Unbound Palette
43. Copper & Quill
44. The Wandering Bookbindery
45. Wildflower & Clay
46. The Whimsical Stitch

34 Handmade Etsy Shop Name Ideas

TagPup owner Vlad in his studio

Want to sell handmade products? Consider these names:

1. Handcrafted Quilts
2. Crafted Vodka
3. Bespoke Jewelry
4. Handwrought Rugs
5. Manual Crafts
6. Man-Made Knives
7. Hand Spun Threads
8. Crafty Quilts
9. Artisanal Touch Creation
10. Handcrafted Haven
11. Handmade Treasures Emporium
12. Artisan Alley
13. Handcrafted Harmony
14. Custom Cutlery
15. Custom-Built Beauties
16. Whispering Pines Workshop
17. The Crafty Cauldron

18. Stitched with Love
19. Wildflower & Thread
20. Happy Hands Studio
21. The Wandering Loom
22. The Painted Petal
23. The Coastal Craft
24. The Wildflower Workshop
25. Serene Stitchery
26. Upcycled Canvas
27. The Painted Pebble
28. The Button Box
29. Whispering Pines Pottery
30. The Sunlit Kitchen
31. The Stitching Bee
32. The Kneaded Dough
33. The Crafted Sparrow
34. The Rustic Loom

Pro Tip: Artisans and crafters might consider using words like handmade, homemade, handcrafted, crafted, custom-made, custom-built, bespoke, man-made, and woman-made. These words make it easy for potential customers to understand that your brand focuses on providing custom products.

28 Etsy Shop Name Ideas For Printables

Printables are any type of product sold as a digital product to be printed by the customer. A small business might consider some of the following Etsy shop name ideas for print products.

1. Paper Perfection
2. Printable Depot
3. Ink & Imagination
4. Digital Delights
5. Printables Palace
6. Inkwell Studio
7. The Pixelery
8. Paper Trail
9. Printables Plus
10. Digital Depot
11. Ink & Innovation Studio
12. Inkified
13. Printables Galore
14. Inky & Bright Co.

15. The Download Den
16. Wallflower Designs
17. The Printable Pantry
18. Whimsy & Ink
19. The Paper Petal
20. Happy Prints Shop
21. The Inkwell Studio
22. The Download Oasis
23. Flourish & Bloom Designs
24. Click & Bloom Designs
25. The Color Carnival
26. The Printable Palette
27. The Download District
28. You Print It

Pro Tip: An Etsy shop name for printable products might include words like print, pages, prints, sticker, ink, or printables.

22 Cool Shop Names For Etsy

A man in a workspace holding a sign that reads "Buckle Up Emporium"

1. Strap & Style
2. Eden's Essence
3. Timeless Knits
4. Creative Glassware
5. Elegant Pottery
6. Ceramic Haven
7. Woodwork Gallery
8. Silhouette Boutique
9. Bazaar in Bloom
10. Crafted Jewels
11. Textile Market

12. Printed Pearls
13. Linen Loom
14. Baking House
15. Weaving Warehouse
16. Embellished Artistry
17. Couture Quilts
18. Chic Charms
19. Style Studio
20. Fashion Forge
21. Beauty Beads
22. Craftsmanship Cabin

48 Shop Name Ideas For Etsy

TagPup owner Vlad standing next to a wooden sign that reads "Nurturing Nook"

1. Chic Boutique
2. Armor Artistry
3. Secure Sanctuary
4. Headgear Nook
5. Crowned Creations Co.
6. Cap Craze Boutique
7. Hat Haven
8. Stylish Snapbacks
9. Crowned Charm Boutique
10. Cap & Crown Creations
11. Headwear Heaven
12. Cap Connoisseur Co.
13. Hat Horizons
14. Trendy Toppers Studio
15. Cap Culture
16. Cozy Knits Corner
17. Sweater Weather Studio
18. Wanderlost Stitches
19. The Painted Fern
20. Midnight Loom
21. Foraged & Found
22. The Inkwell Archive
23. Starling Symphony
24. Ember & Stone

25. Paper Crane Dreams
26. The Clockwork Sparrow
27. Sun-Kissed Canvas
28. Moonlight & Mason Jars
29. The Painted Compass
30. The Wandering Button Box
31. Wisteria & Ink
32. The Painted Honeycomb
33. The Salty Seamstress
34. The Moonlit Foundry
35. Whispering Wildflowers
36. The Wandering Bookbinder
37. Starry Skies Soap
38. Whispering Willow Baskets
39. The Secret Garden Studio
40. The Painted Beetle
41. Whispering Waves Clay
42. Starlight String Studio
43. The Fabled Quill
44. The Painted Moonjar
45. The Secret Woodland
46. Starry Skies Designs
47. The Fabled Foundry
48. Whispering Willow Studio

36 Abstract Name Ideas For Etsy

1. Eclectic Edge
2. Abstract Alchemy
3. Infinite Expressions
4. Fractal Fantasy
5. Dreamweaver's Den
6. Liquid Art Gallery
7. Flux and Flow Designs
8. Whispering Wonder
9. The Kaleidoscope Collection
10. Fable & Fortune
11. The Moonlit Muse
12. The Wandering Veil
13. Ember & Echo
14. Whispers in the Wild
15. Stardust & Stitchery
16. The Unbound Thread
17. The Pinhole Galaxy
18. The Indigo Whisper

19. The Wandering Wildflower
20. Fable & Filament
21. The Moonstone Studio
22. The Knotted Muse
23. Whispering Clay
24. The Sunlit Canvas
25. Unbound Studio
26. The Gilded Quill
27. The Unraveled Nebula
28. The Whispering Loom
29. Indigo Flight
30. The Wildflower Muse
31. Fable & Fern
32. The Moonlit Workshop
33. The Gossamer Nest
34. Sundrift Bakery
35. The Unbound Palette
36. Ethereal Drippings

30 Additional Etsy Shop Names Ideas

1. Impressions Inn
2. Kinetic Cove
3. Lavish Living
4. Mystical Marvels
5. Nurturing Nook
6. Opulent Oddities
7. Pristine Petals
8. Quirky Quarters
9. Radiant Relics
10. Serendipitous Styles
11. Tranquil Treasures
12. Urban Utopia
13. Visions Vault
14. Zenith Zone
15. Aurora's Atelier

16. Shade Spectrum Boutique
17. Sun Specs Sanctuary
18. Optic Emporium
19. Lens Loft
20. Spectral Studio
21. Glare Gear
22. Visionary Viewpoint
23. Radiant Ray
24. Solar Style Studio
25. Prism Paradise
26. UV Unique Boutique
27. Glint & Gleam Gallery
28. Lens Luxe Loft
29. Glimmer & Gaze Emporium
30. Reflective Studio

26 More Etsy Names

1. The Inky Quill
2. Copper & Cord
3. Wildflower & Ink
4. The Gilded Raven
5. Paper Crane Dreams
6. Moonlight & Moss
7. Bibliophile's Trinkets
8. Wolffish & Co.
9. Worn Tapestry
10. The Fern & The Fae
11. The Rambling Rose
12. Wyvern's Weave
13. Fair Isle Findings

14. The Midnight Bazaar
15. The Weaver's Muse
16. The Leaping Hare
17. The Starlit Strand
18. The Bookish Cat
19. Curio & Quill
20. Paper Lanterns
21. The Wildwood Carver
22. The Alchemist's Output
23. The Driftwood Dragon
24. Stardust & Sapphires
25. The Moonlit Weaver
26. The Bookworm's Trove

30 Unique Business Name Ideas For Etsy

Concept of TagPup owner Vlad next to a search bar with text that reads "Business name ideas for Etsy" and a lightbulb overhead

1. Owl Overload
2. Pawsome Treats
3. Quirky Quest
4. Radiant Rainbows
5. Sweet Studio
6. Tickle Me Teacup
7. Unicorn Tees
8. Whimsy Shirts
9. XOXO Accessories
10. Yummy Gummies
11. Zoo Friends
12. Apple Blossom Co.
13. Bunny Hop Haven
14. Cozy and Spice
15. Daisy Baskets

16. Stamp Stash Studio
17. Petite Postage Paradise
18. Tiny Treasures Trove
19. Stamp Sweeties
20. L'il Postage Pals
21. Miniature Mailbox
22. Stamping Smiles
23. Teeny Tiny Postage
24. Stamp & Smile Studio
25. Cute Corner Stamps
26. Pocket Postage
27. Little Love Letters
28. Dainty Stamps Den
29. Tiny Tales
30. Little Lick of Postage

22 More Shop Name Ideas for Etsy

1. Serenity's Crafted Treasures
2. Impressionist's Palette
3. Gallifreyan Gear
4. Celtic Weavers Guild
5. Baker Street Baubles
6. Hieroglyph Haven
7. Verses in Starlight
8. Griffin's Flight Workshop
9. Wildwood Meadows Apothecary
10. Renaissance Studio & Supplies
11. From the Phoenix's Ashes

12. Copper Lanterns & Light
13. Treasures of the Rising Sun
14. Stardust Strands & Yarn
15. The Alchemist's Elixirs
16. The Poet’s Press
17. Paper & Cord CraftsPop Art Prints
18. Celtic Weavers' Guild
19. Phoenix's Hoard Reborn
20. Whispering Sonnets Studio
21. Wildwood Willows Jewelry
22. The Riposte & Retreat

Use An Etsy Shop Name Checker

One of the crucial aspects of choosing an Etsy shop name is to check availability. Two people can’t use the same name.

You can check availability by using an Etsy name checker, like this one from BrandSnag.

You want your time to be used wisely when you start your own business. That means you should know the most profitable businesses to start with the time, education, resources, and connections you currently have.

What’s considered “profitable” is always changing, of course, and that’s why we continually update our rankings. Every year the most profitable businesses will change slightly as our economy evolves, products become obsolete, and technology advances.

What follows is a freshly updated ranking of the most profitable small businesses, plus the info and resources you need to get started.

[su_note note_color="#dbeafc"]You’ll want to check out the following businesses. Click on any of the links below to jump to the one that interests you.

Industries With the Most Profitable Business Ideas

Bearded man at a laptop holding fans of hundred dollar bills and surrounded by stacks of cash

First, some context. We took a look at financial reports from early 2024 to ensure relatively recent data. When you consider industries with the most profitable businesses in demand, you’ll find:

  1. Financials: The monetary sector leads the most profitable companies, with over 30% net income and gross profits for banks nearing 100%.
  2. Oil & Gas: The oil and gas energy still has high net profits with 28.26% and a gross profit of 58.75%
  3. Tobacco Companies: Selling addictive products pays off with a 27.52 net profit and 61.25% gross profit. If you could start growing and selling your own tobacco, you’d probably make a killing!
  4. Transportation Companies: Railroads aren’t making as much as previous years, but they still have a 23.52% average net profit. Ship makers also have been making a great living.
  5. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs): Real estate investment trusts are a big winner this year. They moved up from ninth place last year. Players in this industry can expect to earn 23.32% net profit and nearly 78% gross margins.
  6. Software: Entertainment and system applications software companies are doing well with 20% net margins. Entertainment software has gross margins of 63%, while systems and applications have around 72% gross margins.
  7. Investments and Asset Management: Managing other people’s money is an easy startup business. People with the right qualifications can tap into 19.82% net income and 67% gross margins.
  8. Water Utilities: Providing water to municipalities can earn a sweet 19.34% net margin and 56% gross margin.
  9. Semiconductors: Producing parts for electronic equipment can earn 17.94% net profits.
  10. Computers: Computer and peripherals companies have a slightly less profitable business than the semiconductor companies that provide much of their technology, but they still have 17.47% profits.

Many of the most profitable businesses aren’t practical for people who want successful small business ideas for business owners.

Most of us don’t have access to venture capitalists or the ability to run a business for 10 years before it starts making money. So, we’re constraining our list to the most profitable and best small businesses to start.

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What Small Business is Good to Start?

Concept of a casually dressed young man using a laptop to research small business ideas with a graphical storefront and question mark hovering over his shoulder

A good small business to start will normally have high growth opportunities and low barriers of entry, work well as a home-based business, and provide great profit margins. We’ve handpicked some of the most profitable small business ideas for you. Check out our picks for best profitable businesses 2024 below.

1. Cupcake Business

Average Annual Revenue: $1.95M
Average Profit Margins: 5.4%
Startup Costs: $100-$3M
Time To Revenue: 1-6 months
Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.1%
Best For: Cooks, chefs, bakers, or foodies with customer service, leadership, and marketing skills

Does your baking prowess receive rave reviews?

Consider exploring that talent! The cake industry is anticipated to see 3.3% growth, bringing it to $94.7 billion globally in 2028. Small specialty shops are poised to reap the majority of the profits.

A cupcake business emerges as a feasible option for individuals with limited resources. Launching this potential home-based venture requires only an oven and basic baking supplies.

As sales pick up, there's room for expansion to larger formats. Initially, you might sell cupcakes in a display case at a local shop, progress to a food truck, and eventually establish a standalone brick-and-mortar store.

Before diving in, thoroughly research the laws in your state governing the licenses, permits, and standards applicable to your budding bakery business.

Find out how Mignon Francois started the Cupcake Collection with just $5 and built a $10 million cupcake empire.

2. Sports Memorabilia Shop

• Average Annual Revenue: $453,257
• Average Profit Margins: 6.7%
• Startup Costs: $100K-$3.5M
• Time To Revenue: 6-18 months
• Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.5%
• Best For: Sports and pop culture experts, customer- and community-focused entrepreneurs, collectors

The current valuation of the sports memorabilia market is $26.1 billion—and it’s expected to grow to $227.2 billion by 2032 according to a report by Market Decipher.

This projection suggests significant annual profits for brick-and-mortar sports memorabilia shops. The essence of this small business concept lies in acquiring genuine or replica memorabilia and reselling it at a markup.

Procure memorabilia through various channels, including wholesalers, auctions, estate sales, advertisements, and online platforms like eBay. Make sure to confirm the authenticity of any signed memorabilia by autograph authenticators.

As you become proficient in authenticating pieces, you can generate additional income by authenticating memorabilia brought to your shop by customers.

Find out how Jim Sears makes $750K a year selling sports cards.

3. Bridal Gowns and Accessories

Average Annual Revenue: $114K+
Average Profit Margins: 10.3%
Startup Costs: $500-$250K
Time To Revenue: 3+ months
Annual Market Growth Rate: 2.0%
Best For: Designers, artists, and fashion experts with strong marketing and customer service skills

The bridal industry is expected to grow to $79.8 billion by 2027, which is a compound annual growth rate of 4.4%. According to BusinessWire, nearly 85% of bridal shopping is still done in retail stores.

Pro Tip: Note that bridal shops may cost $250,000 or more to get started because of all the gowns, veils, and accessories you’ll have to stock for your customers.

4. Consignment Shop

Average Annual Revenue: $60K-$120K
Average Profit Margins: 5-15%
Startup Costs: $100-$10K
Time To Revenue: 30-90 days
Annual Market Growth Rate: -9.3%
• Best For: Fashion and style experts who are excellent negotiators and communicators

The projected growth of the secondhand market in the U.S. is astonishing. According to GlobalData and thredUP, the resale clothing market is expected to more than double its current value. With a growth rate that’s 16x faster than the overall retail clothing market, the resale clothing industry will reach a value of $82 billion by 2026.

A consignment shop is the ideal business model for entrepreneurs with limited funds. Entrepreneurs can participate in the profits without purchasing inventory by showcasing other people’s used products, including clothing, antiques, collectibles, and memorabilia.

Additionally, selling items on online marketplaces like Poshmark, Mercari, and eBay creates additional profitable opportunities by expanding to a national or even global market.

Primary consignment shop expenses are:

  • Business formation as an LLC
  • Storefront rental
  • Licenses and insurance
  • Inventory
  • Point-of-sale (POS) system
  • Hiring (if needed)

Overall, the growth in the secondhand market presents a promising opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in the consignment business model.

5. Food Truck

Food truck in the foreground and a screenshot of UpFlip’s How to start a food truck business blog post in the background

• Average Annual Revenue: $41K+
• Average Profit Margins: 6.4%
• Startup Cost: $1K-$100K
• Time to Revenue: 3+ months
• Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.2%
• Best For: Foodies, chefs, cooks, bakers, and other food service veterans

Many people start food trucks because they are more profitable than owning a restaurant. You can save money by:

  • Holding off on hiring employees
  • Avoiding the costs associated with a building
  • Offering a more focused menu

Kyle Gourlie, the owner of Vet Chef, told us:

[su_quote]To get started, it cost me around $41,200. Today, I am making $417K a year and aim to keep my food costs under 35%.[/su_quote]

Check out our interview with him below to learn how to start a profitable food truck business.

Keep reading for more of our top small business ideas that will make for the most profitable, best businesses in 2024.

6. Bed and Breakfast (B&B)

• Average Annual Revenue: $263K+
• Average Profit Margins: 10.1%
• Startup Cost: $100K-$3.5M
• Time to Revenue: 6-18 months
• Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.3%
• Best For: Property owners who are service industry pros with a passion for entertaining and hosting

If you happen to own a charming, rustic, or historically significant home, a bed and breakfast could serve as an excellent starter business.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. bed and breakfast (B&B) industry is presently valued at $2 billion. While it faced a slowdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, its typical growth rate stands at 3.8% annually.

One notable advantage is you’ll live in the business, which cuts down the costs of accommodations. Customers normally expect:

  • Personalized customer service
  • Unique travel experience
  • Home-cooked meals
  • Grocery stores nearby
  • Personal advice about local attractions

Pro Tip: It's important to invest in home insurance, a food handling permit, and potentially a license to sell alcohol, if applicable. Additionally, if you plan to convert a traditional home into a B&B business, collaborating with your local planning commission may be necessary.

7. Party Rental Business

Laptop displaying Research and Markets article on the party rental business

• Average Annual Revenue: $444K+
• Average Profit Margins: 35-40%
• Startup Cost: $100-$3.5M
• Time to Revenue: 6-18 months
• Annual Market Growth Rate: -0.8%
• Best For: People who own rentable assets, collectors, great networkers

The party rental industry boasts a valuation of $5.9 billion and is experiencing a steady annual growth of 4.3% as indicated by Research and Markets.

A business in party rentals involves leasing various products for events, including tables, tents, caterers, sound equipment, and stages. The venture holds significant profit potential, and your business could cater to a range of events, from nonprofit fundraisers to upscale galas.

While the potential earnings are promising, it's crucial to make a substantial upfront investment in equipment before expecting to see profits. The strategy involves recovering these costs through repeated equipment rentals.

When setting up your business's inventory, you can consider the option of renting a storage facility to potentially save costs. Then maximize community awareness of your offerings by engaging in robust marketing efforts. Establish a physical location as early as possible to build brand credibility and reap long-term savings.

8. Sewing and Alterations Shop

• Average Annual Revenue: $27K+
• Average Profit Margins: 8.3%
• Startup Cost: $500-$250K
• Time to Revenue: 3+ months
• Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.6%
• Best For: Detail-focused entrepreneurs, fashion and clothing experts who excel at listening and communication

Tailoring and alterations earn $9.4 billion, and the industry is anticipated to experience 4.7% year-over-year growth according to a report by Polaris Market Research.

The beauty of venturing into this type of business lies in its scalability, plus it will help you expand your skill set. Tasks like sewing simple hems and replacing buttons might evolve into dressmaking and design as your knowledge and experience grow.

I actually have an acquaintance who designed costumes for Cirque de Soleil before opening her own small business. With that experience in altering and customizing high-end garments, she opened a brick-and-mortar shop and gets asked to design work for businesses and live performances throughout the country.

During the initial stages, it is entirely respectable to launch your operation in a clean, smoke- and pet-free space within your home.

Pro Tip: Begin by making gradual investments in a commercial-grade sewing machine, a variety of fabrics, backup equipment, and a point-of-sale (POS) system. The costs can range from $150 for an entry-level sewing machine to $10,000 or more for a top-of-the-line model.

9. Gently Used Maternity Clothing Shop

Average Annual Revenue: $60K-$120K
Average Profit Margins: 5-15%
Startup Costs: $100-$10K
Time To Revenue: 30-90 days
Annual Market Growth Rate: -9.3%
• Best For: Fashion and style experts who are excellent negotiators and communicators

In 2021, the maternity wear industry held a valuation of $12.2 billion, and projections from Research and Markets indicate a growth to $16.5 billion by 2028, featuring a 4.4% year-over-year increase.

The demand for formal business women's maternity attire is notably driven by the nearly 57% female composition of the U.S. workforce, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Following their pregnancies, many women opt to pass their maternity clothing on to others in need. You can play a role in facilitating this by establishing a shop specializing in gently used maternity attire and other pregnancy supplies.

Start your used maternity clothing venture by selecting and legally formalizing your business structure.

Then, get a seller's permit and source inventory from social media, consignment shops, and thrift stores. Promote your business within the community, expressing your interest in purchasing used maternity clothing. Finally, ensure profitability by selling the clothing at prices that exceed your purchase cost.

10. Cleaning Service

Chris Mondragon putting on a cleaning glove in the foreground and a screenshot of one of his UpFlip YouTube videos in the background

Average Annual Revenue: $74K+
Average Profit Margins: 6.7%
Startup Costs: $1K-$30K
Time to Revenue: 1-6 months
Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.2%
Best For: Self-motivated, independent, and detail-oriented entrepreneurs

Cleaning businesses are virtually gold mines. They’re easy to start, and they have high success rates. Our friend Chris Mondragon pulls in over $125K monthly with his company, Queen Bee Cleaning! In his words:

[su_quote]As you start out, your margins are 40-50%.[/su_quote]

Forty to fifty percent! Seasoned business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs know how significant that is! With only 13 weekly cleaning contracts, you can rake in $7,800—not in revenue, but pure profit! Now imagine signing 20 or 30 of these high-paying contracts.

Cleaning is a business built to scale. But be careful: You can’t scale to millions of dollars just anywhere. There’s a tried-and-true calculation that reveals the earning potential in your area. If the numbers line up, you can scale to seven figures.

If you’re curious about how to use the calculation and want to know how to start your cleaning business from scratch—no franchise required—check out this free masterclass with Chris Mondragon.

You can read Chris’s incredible story here or watch our exclusive interview below.

11. Virtual Assistant

• Average Annual Revenue: $35K-$50K
• Average Profit Margins: 10.5%
• Startup Costs: $100-$200
• Time To Revenue: 1-3 months
• Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.9%
• Best For: People with strong organization and communication skills, those who want to work from home and set their own hours

Becoming a virtual assistant for clients you choose is a profitable business to start. Some of the top virtual assistants on Upwork make $85 an hour. That’s up to $152K per year for doing things like scheduling appointments, sending emails, completing research, and other jobs you can do remotely.

Like other jobs that use a knowledge-based business model, the main startup costs are licensing and software. If you want to make more than that, you can start a VA agency and hire other people to help with this small business idea.

12. Social Media Management

Average Annual Revenue: $817K
Average Profit Margins: 6.9%
Startup Costs: $100-$10K
Time to Revenue: 1-6 months
Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.3%
Best For: Social media experts, writers and content creators, people with search engine optimization (SEO) expertise

Social media marketing is a vast industry. According to Statista, it is a $153.7 billion industry. And all you need is a computer, some software, and to find some clients.

Jason Yormark of Socialistics told us:

[su_quote]You can expect each client to be around $2,000-5,000 per month and require 20-40 man-hours to give them proper service.[/su_quote]

That means a single person can make up to $40K monthly from home without investing in inventory. Find out how Jason turned his company into a $500K-a-year social media marketing agency:

Pro Tip: You can also learn from our blog on how to start a marketing agency.

13. Accounting and Bookkeeping

Screenshot of an article on SOC 2 criteria

• Average Annual Revenue: $244K per employee
• Average Profit Margins: 18%
• Startup Cost: $500-$2.5K
• Time To Revenue: 3-12 months (plus accounting degree)
• Annual Market Growth Rate: 1%
• Best For: Certified accountants, entrepreneurs with strong math and financial skills

To become a certified public accountant, you will need 150 hours of education in accounting. That’s a bachelor’s degree and passing the CPA exam, which is a test for proficiency created by the American Institute for Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

Once you have a CPA license, you can start a company and make a great living. There are only 40,000 AICPA members and over 80 million tax returns filed annually by tax professionals, so there’s plenty of work.

Granted, tax prep services do some of those, but CPAs do the big ones. Even at the low end of $100 per tax return, that’s still $8 billion in revenue, and that’s just part of what CPAs do.

Add in payroll, quarterly minimum filing, certifying businesses for SOC 2 compliance, managing business sales tax payments, and other business finances, and it’s obvious why working as a CPA is one of the most lucrative business ideas in 2022.

14. Consulting

• Average Annual Revenue: $364K
• Average Profit Margins: 6.4%
• Startup Costs: $1K-$3.5M
• Time To Revenue: 6-18 months
• Annual Market Growth Rate: 2.2%
• Best For: Executives and business leaders, entrepreneurs with management or business expertise, people with strong analytic, problem-solving, and communication skills

A consulting business is focused on helping other business owners solve their problems. You can choose a niche if you have a specific area in which you are an expert, or you can be an all-in-one solution.

When I initially started my consulting business, I was consulting on everything. One day I’d analyze payment processors, and the next, I would look for good influencers for a brand. I eventually gravitated to writing about business and technology because it makes it easier to pass knowledge on to thousands of people per month.

Business consultants can make anywhere from several hundred per day to billions per year. Consultants who specialize in mergers and acquisitions can earn huge commissions.

Check out this interview with Ryan Gromfin, who makes $35K a month with his consulting business:

Least Profitable Industries

Dismayed-looking business owner holding a laptop and a smart phone in front of a red background with a downward-trending arrow

There are some industries that are really struggling right now. You might want to avoid these industries if you want to make a profit fast.

Industry Net Income
 Entertainment  -0.23%
 Telecom Services  -0.28%
 Chemical (Diversified)  -1.01%
 Broadcasting  -1.41%
 Furniture & Home Furnishings  -2.24%
 Rubber & Tires  -2.53%
 Electronics (Consumer & Office)  -3.05%
 Real Estate (Operations & Services)  -3.14%
 Precious Metals  -4.26%
 Drugs (Biotechnology)  -11.88%
 Software (Internet)  -14.32%
 Real Estate (Development)  -16.35%

Most of these industries are tied to big purchases. You’re seeing losses tied to inflation of expenses like materials and wages, combined with people cutting back on making new purchases. This is expected when discretionary income decreases.

Pro Tip: Assuming wage growth continues and outpaces inflation, we should see these return to profitability in a few years. Until then, our blog on recession-proof businesses can provide even more inspiration for getting started in a bad (or questionable) economy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the top five most profitable businesses in the world?

According to on December 11, 2023, the five most profitable businesses were

  1. Apple (valued at $2.99 trillion)
  2. Microsoft (valued at $2.741 trillion)
  3. Saudi Aramco (valued at $2.139 trillion)
  4. Alphabet (Google, valued at $1.665 trillion)
  5. Amazon (valued at $1.503 trillion).

Note that the values of these companies fluctuate daily.

What are the easiest businesses to start?

Dog walking, house cleaning, and sewing businesses are the easiest to start because they have low startup costs and low barriers when it comes to getting licenses and permits.

What businesses are in high demand?

IBISWorld states that fruit and nut farming, solar power, online gambling services, hybrid and electric vehicle manufacturing, and 3D printing and prototyping are the fastest-growing businesses in 2024.

So What Are the Most Profitable Businesses to Start?

We’ve discussed the most profitable business ideas from multiple vantage points. Some are easy businesses to start from home, and some are not as easy to get into because of education requirements or other barriers to entry.

When it comes down to it, the most profitable business for you to start is one you have knowledge in, you know how to find customers for, and you want to spend the rest of your life exploring and working with.

You can make any of your favorite 2024 business ideas one of the most profitable and successful business ideas if you:

  1. Create a business plan: Read our guide if you’ve never created one.
  2. Provide excellent customer service: Check out HelpScout’s blog on what makes great customer service.
  3. Educate yourself on the industry: Follow our blogs and YouTube.
  4. Don’t give up: Many business owners give up right before they hit exponential growth. Learn how to run a business.

What other profitable and successful small business ideas are you thinking about starting?

Looking for service business examples to give you the inspiration to start a service business? We’ll provide you with the best small service business ideas to start.

We spent thousands of hours interviewing business owners and analyzing businesses to help identify the best service to sell. You won’t believe which services make the list.

[su_note note_color="#dbeafc"] We’ve broken the service business ideas list into the following types of service businesses: [/su_note] Discover which business ideas service industry professionals need most. Click any of the above links to jump ahead.

What Is the Most Profitable Service Business Idea?

#1. Car Detailing 

∙ Average Annual Revenue: $241,230 ∙ Average Profit Margins: 16.1% ∙ Startup Costs: $1K-$100K ∙ Time To Revenue: 1-6 months ∙ Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.8% ∙ Best for: detail-oriented entrepreneurs, gearheads, and car lovers
There were more than 278 million cars in the United States in 2021, with more than 90% of U.S. households owning at least one vehicle. This makes a car cleaning service business one of the most profitable small businesses for entrepreneurs to open.  Not only are car detailing services in demand, but it’s also a business with low overhead costs. Those costs are even lower if you start a mobile detailing business. Isaiah Barhoum started Big’s Mobile Detailing with just $500, and quickly grew to a revenue of $30,000 per month.  [su_youtube url=""] Along with lower costs, a mobile detailing business is convenient for busy professionals who want to keep their vehicle in top condition. This can also be a great choice for a B2B car detailing business that services company cars or entire corporate fleets.

Car Detailing Pros:

  • High demand with lots of potential customers
  • Low startup and overhead costs
  • High profit potential
  • Doesn’t require any specialized skills or knowledge

Car Detailing Cons:

  • Business can vary depending on the season
  • Work schedule is dictated by customer needs

What Services Are In Most Demand?

Starting a service business isn't just about your own interests. You'll have to make sure there's a market for what you're offering. Let's look at the most in-demand service businesses.

#2. Cleaning Services

∙ Average Annual Revenue: $74,880 ∙ Average Profit Margins: 6.7% ∙ Startup Costs: $1K-$30K ∙ Time To Revenue: 1-6 months ∙ Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.2% ∙ Best for: self-motivated, independent, and detail-oriented entrepreneurs
The cleaning services market is a $343 billion industry that’s expected to grow at a rate of 6.3% through 2030. Not only is cleaning among the most profitable service businesses, but it’s also an option with very low startup costs.  Chris Mondragon started Queen Bee Cleaning Services with just a $5,000 initial investment and grew it to $1.5 million in revenue in 2021. He explains how to start a cleaning business step-by-step in his 7-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint. Watch our interview with Chris below: [su_youtube url=""] As you start out, your profit margins could be as high as 60%. Learn more about the cleaning business here. House cleaning is far from the only option in this niche. Commercial janitorial services are also in high-demand, as are exterior cleaning services like pressure washing, roof cleaning, or a window washing business.

Cleaning Service Pros:

  • No training or specialized skill sets required
  • Low startup costs
  • Wide variety of niches that are in high demand
  • Can be start and run from home as a solo entrepreneur
  • Easy to scale revenue by growing a team

Cleaning Service Cons:

  • Work can be unpleasant or labor-intensive 
  • Your schedule depends on when customers need you

#3. Automotive Repair Services

∙ Average Annual Revenue: $268,800 ∙ Average Profit Margins: 6.1% ∙ Startup Costs: $1K-$100K ∙ Time To Revenue: 1-3 months ∙ Annual Market Growth Rate: -0.8% ∙ Best for: Automotive experts, mechanically-minded entrepreneurs
Not only do most households in the United States own a car, but people are keeping their cars longer than in the past. The average age of cars on the road was 12.1 years in 2021, which is 44% higher than the average car age of 8.4 years in 1995. Keeping older cars running requires regular repair and maintenance, so it’s no surprise demand for auto repair service businesses has gone up in recent years, as well.  There are multiple ways to get into the automotive repair industry. Lucky Sing opened his own repair shop, Lucky’s Auto Repair, and sees an average monthly revenue of about $40,000 today. [su_youtube url=""] Other profitable business ideas in the auto repair niche include a windshield repair business, a mobile mechanic business, or a paint and body shop, just to name a few options. 

Repair Services Pros:

  • Increasing customer demand
  • High revenue potential 
  • Variety of niches and types of work you can do
  • Ideal for people who like working with their hands

Repair Services Cons:

  • Relatively high startup costs compared to other service-based businesses
  • Will need training in automotive repair  

#4. Accounting and Tax Services

screenshot of accounting and tax from accountingtoday website
∙ Average Annual Revenue: $1.57M ∙ Average Profit Margins: 18% ∙ Startup Costs: $500-$5K ∙ Time To Revenue: 1-3 months (not including time training as a CPA) ∙ Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.7% ∙ Best for: CPAs, finance experts, entrepreneurs with strong math skills
Every business needs to maintain good financial records and file their taxes correctly, but not all small business owners have accounting skills. Individuals sometimes need an accountant’s services, too, especially busy professionals who would rather spend their time making money than keeping track of it. An accounting or tax service business is a great way for people with financial expertise to start their own business. It’s also a very profitable and in-demand industry, with the average income per partner of CPA firms at $521,000 in 2020, an increase of 4.8% over 2019.  Data from Accounting Today supports the high profit potential of such services. Accounting-related services were ranked first among privately held companies based on profit margins, with an average net profit of 18.4% across the niche.

Accounting and Tax Pros:

  • High revenue and profit potential
  • Variety of services you can provide in the niche
  • Can be run from home by a solo entrepreneur
  • Work is usually independent and flexible 

Accounting and Tax Cons:

  • Requires training and knowledge in financial management
  • Can be difficult to build customer trust as a new firm 

More Ideas For Small Business Owners

Didn't find an idea that suits you in the lists above? Keep reading for more ideas.

#5. Consulting Business

Laptop on a table with upflip podcast episode screenshot
∙ Average Annual Revenue: $1.4K ∙ Average Profit Margins: 6.4% ∙ Startup Costs: $100K-$3.5M ∙ Time To Revenue: 6-18 months ∙ Annual Market Growth Rate: 2.2% ∙ Best for: Teachers and educators, people with niche expertise and experience
Consulting is one of the most adaptable service business ideas because you can be a consultant in any area where you’re an expert.  If you’re an IT whiz, you can be a systems consultant, advising clients on their tech stack and troubleshooting IT issues. Other services like marketing, business finances, and cybersecurity are also in-demand options for a consulting service business.  Ryan Gromfin drew on his experience managing 5-star restaurants to start his own consulting business and now makes more money with less stress. You can hear how he got started in this podcast interview:

Consulting Pros:

  • Profit from your unique expertise
  • Affordable to start and run
  • Can be run from home or online
  • High revenue potential and scalability

Consulting Cons:

  • Some niches are very competitive
  • Can take a while to build a reputation and attract clients 

#6. Construction and House Painting

∙ Average Annual Revenue: $696,950 ∙ Average Profit Margins: 3.4% ∙ Startup Costs: $1K-$100K ∙ Time To Revenue: 1-6 months ∙ Annual Market Growth Rate: -1.3% ∙ Best for: skilled tradesmen, people who like building and fixing things
It’s common for people to turn to a contractor service business when they need to repair, renovate, or build a home. While contractors do need to be licensed, learning the trade doesn’t take long. Avani Petras was only 19 when he started Petras Homes, and he first learned the trade as a part-time job. [su_youtube url=""] There are also similar service businesses that don’t require licensing. Joshua Douglass makes about $25,000 a month with his house painting business (hear how he started it in this podcast interview).

Construction Pros:

  • Low initial and ongoing costs
  • High demand and profit potential
  • Great new business for people who like physical jobs
  • Variety of projects and work you can take on

Construction Cons:

  • Work is physically demanding 
  • Will need a contractor license for full home construction

#7. Landscaping and Lawn Care

∙ Average Annual Revenue: $272,790 ∙ Average Profit Margins: 8.7% ∙ Startup Costs: $1K-$100K ∙ Time To Revenue: 1-3 months ∙ Annual Market Growth Rate: 8.1% ∙ Best for: designers, gardeners, people who like physical work and working outside
One reason lawn care is among the best service business ideas is that you can start small and scale a ton. You can get started with just a lawn mower and a few basic tools, then add other services as you grow.  The main downside of a lawn care business is that work dries up in the winter. You can get around this by offering other services, like holiday displays or snow removal.  Many landscapers also make enough during the summer to take their winters off. BL Landscapes makes over $50,000 a month, for example, so there’s a lot of profit potential in this industry. [su_youtube url=""]

Landscaping Pros:

  • Easy and affordable to start
  • Consistent demand in warmer months and regions
  • Work outside 
  • No specialized training or education needed

Landscaping Cons:

  • Is a seasonal business in many locations
  • Physical and tiring work

Online Service Business Ideas

Dreaming of working from remotely from anywhere in the world? These online businesses are for you.

#8. Graphic Design Business

graphic designer working on a computer
∙ Average Annual Revenue: $123,240 ∙ Average Profit Margins: 13.5% ∙ Startup Costs: $500-$5K ∙ Time To Revenue: 3+ months ∙ Annual Market Growth Rate: 2% ∙ Best for: Visual artists, entrepreneurs with creative skills
Graphic design is one of the few industries where the majority of professionals are self-employed, with roughly 90% of graphic designers working independently. There’s a good reason for this. Graphic design is a profitable service-based business idea with low upfront costs that’s easy to start and run from home as a solo entrepreneur.  Demand for graphic designers is consistent, too, and there are multiple niches new designers can fit into, from website graphics and logo design to 3D animations for apps and video games. A strong portfolio is key, so if you’re new and haven’t done any paid work yet, creating samples to show your skills can help you attract prospective clients.

Graphic Design Pros:

  • Work hours and location are flexible
  • Low upfront and ongoing costs
  • Variety of work that you can do 
  • Steady demand 

Graphic Design Cons:

  • Less creative than some think since you’re designing to a client’s needs
  • Can be a competitive industry

#9. Virtual Assistant Business

∙ Average Annual Revenue: $35K-$50K ∙ Average Profit Margins: 10.5% ∙ Startup Costs: $100-$200 ∙ Time To Revenue: 1-3 months ∙ Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.9% ∙ Best for: Outgoing and social entrepreneurs; those with strong scheduling, time management, and problem solving skills
As a virtual assistant, you provide a valuable service to other professionals by helping them take care of necessary logistical tasks, letting them focus on more important things.  Typical tasks a virtual assistant will do include managing and replying to emails, scheduling meetings, arranging travel, making dinner reservations, or helping manage a person’s or business’s social media accounts.  If you have other skills, you can leverage them to add value to your services as a VA. For example, some assistants also provide graphic or web design services or help with bookkeeping and managing finances.   

VA Business Pros:

  • Can work from anywhere that you have a reliable internet connection
  • Work is usually independent and flexible 
  • Easy to start and run from home

VA Business Cons:

  • Lots of competition for the best-paying roles
  • May need to work on the client’s schedule 

#10. Digital or Content Marketing

woman holding a laptop with social media icons floating around
∙ Average Annual Revenue: $817K ∙ Average Profit Margins: 6.9% ∙ Startup Costs: $1,800-$16K ∙ Time To Revenue: 1-6 months ∙ Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.3% ∙ Best for: Social media experts, writers and content creators, people with search engine optimization (SEO) expertise
Most successful small businesses use social media and other online content to engage with their customers–but business owners don’t necessarily have the time or skills to use these platforms to their full potential.  This is where a freelance marketer or third-party marketing firm can be a huge asset. Digital marketers help other businesses create and execute a marketing strategy by helping with social media marketing, writing blog posts, creating email marketing materials, and designing other online content. There are also niches you can explore in this space. If you excel at social media management, for example, you can niche down as a social media consultant. For those with search engine optimization, graphic design, writing, and data analysis skills, digital marketing can be one of the most lucrative service business ideas. Eric Berman’s digital marketing agency Brandetize averages $400,000 in revenue every month. You can hear how he did it in this podcast interview:

Marketing Pros:

  • Cheap to start and run
  • Work is independent and flexible
  • Can scale revenue by expanding into an agency
  • High demand 

Marketing Cons:

  • Can be difficult to build client trust if you don’t already have a big online presence 
  • Need to stay current with marketing trends

Home Service Business Ideas

If you'd like to stay close to home while running your business, check out the following options.

#11. Photography Business

∙ Average Annual Revenue: $50K ∙ Average Profit Margins: 7.3% ∙ Startup Costs: $1K-$10K ∙ Time To Revenue: 1-6 months ∙ Annual Market Growth Rate: 0.3% ∙ Best for: Visual artists and photographers, outgoing and social entrepreneurs
There are a lot of ways to start your own photography business, and many of them can be run from home. You can start a mobile event photography service business, an at-home portrait studio, or sell your photos as stock images for ads and online content.  Your options expand further if you also do videography. Mile High Productions offers both photography and drone videography, working with real estate agents as well as documenting events and creating photos and videos for commercials and marketing materials. You can hear how they got started in this video: [su_youtube url=""] Check out our interview with a wedding photographer that makes $2 million per year.

Photography Pros:

  • Can be run out of a home or as a mobile service
  • Wide variety of work available
  • Make a living from your artistic talents
  • Meet and interact with a lot of new people

Photography Cons:

  • Photography and videography equipment can be expensive 
  • Schedule and workload are dependent on your clients

#12. Dog Walking Business

cute dog with a leash on its mouth with cbsnews website screenshot
∙ Average Annual Revenue: $34,380 ∙ Average Profit Margins: 16% ∙ Startup Costs: $500-$5K ∙ Time To Revenue: 3+ months ∙ Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.7% ∙ Best for: Pet owners, animal lovers, those who like working outdoors
Lots of people got new pets during the pandemic, with 23 million households adopting a pet in 2020. Now that workers are being called back to the office, that’s driving up demand for people to care for these beloved pets when the owners can’t. Walking dogs can be physically demanding and require a lot of stamina, along with knowledge of pet care, but if you both love dogs and want a job that keeps you moving, dog walking is among the best business ideas. 

Dog Walking Pros:

  • Make a living hanging out with animals
  • High and increasing demand
  • Stay active while you’re working 

Dog Walking Cons:

  • Less scheduling flexibility than other service businesses
  • Work can be physically demanding or in unpleasant conditions

#13. Personal Fitness Trainer

∙ Average Annual Revenue: $16,867 ∙ Average Profit Margins: 10.9% ∙ Startup Costs: $500-$5K ∙ Time To Revenue: 1-6 months ∙ Annual Market Growth Rate: 0.6% ∙ Best for: Fitness buffs, exercise experts, people who excel at motivating others
Personal trainers aren’t just for athletes. People who want to lose weight, get healthy, or are recovering from an injury may also hire a personal fitness trainer to help them reach their goals.  There are many ways you can start your own service business as a personal fitness trainer. You can work with clients in their homes, rent space in a gym or community center, or even have an online business and work with clients through Zoom. Millionaire Bedros Keuilian has built an empire with programs like his Fit Body Bootcamp. While that’s just one of the revenue streams that generates him over $200 million a year, it goes to show how profitable this service-based business can be (hear Bedros’ advice in this YouTube interview). [su_youtube url=""]

Personal Trainer Pros:

  • Help others improve their lives while building a successful business
  • Multiple ways to provide services to clients
  • Very low to no initial investment required

Personal Trainer Cons:

  • Can be physically demanding and exhausting work
  • Often need to adjust when you work based on client needs 

#14. Event Planning

man is explaining an event plan on a whiteboard in front of an audience
∙ Average Annual Revenue: $34,380 ∙ Average Profit Margins: 12.2% ∙ Startup Costs: $500-$5K ∙ Time To Revenue: 3+ months ∙ Annual Market Growth Rate: 1% ∙ Best for: Strong networkers, great party planners, outgoing and social entrepreneurs
Planning an event can be stressful and time-consuming, whether it’s a large business conference or a celebration with family and friends. This is why people often hire a professional to take care of the logistics. One reason event planning is among the best service business ideas is that there are lots of niches you can choose from depending on your interests. From wedding planning to corporate events to a children’s party planning business, there are many ways to get started in this industry. 

Event Planning Pros:

  • Low upfront investment 
  • No specialized training or certifications needed
  • Meet lots of new people
  • Work is varied and interesting

Event Planning Cons:

  • Can be a high-stress business 
  • Often need to work evenings and weekends

#15. Handyman Business

∙ Average Annual Revenue: $204,700 per employee ∙ Average Profit Margins: 5.4% ∙ Startup Costs: $500-$5K ∙ Time To Revenue: 3+ months ∙ Annual Market Growth Rate: 0.7% ∙ Best for: fixers and repair experts, entrepreneurs who like working with their hands
Unlike home construction, you don’t need a license to offer basic home repair services or take care of odd jobs around a home. Homeowners often need these services, too, putting this among the most in-demand service business ideas that can be started for cheap.  Handymen make more than you might expect, too. North Seattle Handyman makes an average of $1,000 a day working as a solo entrepreneur. Hear his story here: [su_youtube url=""]

Handyman Pros:

  • Easy to run from home as a one-person operation
  • High demand for services
  • Doesn’t require licensing or training
  • Work when and how often you want to

Handyman Cons:

  • Physically demanding work 
  • Work can be inconsistent

4 More Unique Service Business Ideas

#16. Personal Chef

∙ Average Annual Revenue: $129,000 per employee ∙ Average Profit Margins: 51.7% ∙ Startup Costs: $500-$5,000 ∙ Time To Revenue: 1-6 months ∙ Annual Market Growth Rate: 0.9% ∙ Best for: Cooks, chefs, bakers, and other culinary experts
This is one of the top service business ideas for culinary experts looking to get out of the notoriously high-stress restaurant industry. A personal chef prepares meals for individuals or small groups, so you can still profit from your food expertise without the demands of restaurant life. 

Personal Chef Pros:

  • Less hectic than a restaurant
  • Doesn’t require formal licensing or training, but is helpful

Personal Chef Cons:

  • Less demand than a restaurant
  • May have scheduling conflicts if you serve multiple families

#17. Life Coach

two people sitting on a chair while having a conversation

∙ Average Annual Revenue: $63,400 ∙ Average Profit Margins: 10.5% ∙ Startup Costs: $500-$5K ∙ Time To Revenue: 1-3 months ∙ Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.5% ∙ Best for: therapists, productivity experts, people who love helping others
With a life coach service business, you offer your personal services and expertise to clients who want to improve their lives. The most difficult part of getting started is establishing yourself as an expert. While you don’t need to be a licensed therapist, organizer, or other professional, that can help build client trust to attract those early clients. 

Life Coach Pros:

  • Build-once-sell-to-many business model
  • Multiple streams of revenue
  • Great for charismatic people

Life Coach Cons:

  • Differentiation may be challenging
  • People become immune to strategies
  • Many social media platforms will cancel people’s accounts

#18. Mobile Veterinary Services

veterinary van emerging from a smartphone screen illustration
∙ Average Annual Revenue: $72,390 ∙ Average Profit Margins: 11.5% ∙ Startup Costs: $1,000-$100K ∙ Time To Revenue: 6-18 months ∙ Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.1% ∙ Best for: Veterinarians, animal care experts
A mobile vet service is a convenient way for pet owners to get their four-legged loved ones the care and attention they need. This is another service business idea that will require extensive training to start. However, if you’re a trained vet and want to start your own business, it’s a great business idea.  

Mobile Vet Pros:

  • Lower cost of doing business than renting or buying stationary space
  • People love the convenience
  • Premiums can be charged for non-traditional hours

Mobile Vet Cons:

  • Less space to work
  • Inclimate weather
  • Mileage costs 

#19. Fingerprinting Business

∙ Average Annual Revenue: $132,700 per employee ∙ Average Profit Margins: 9.1% ∙ Startup Costs: $500-$250K ∙ Time To Revenue: 6-18 months ∙ Annual Market Growth Rate: -0.6% ∙ Best for: detail-oriented entrepreneurs
Some industries require fingerprinting for employees, so this isn’t just a service used by law enforcement. You can learn how to start a fingerprinting service business in the podcast interview below.

Fingerprinting Pros:

  • Crime never stops
  • Some businesses require fingerprints

Fingerprinting Cons:

  • Working with criminals is dangerous 
  • Businesses will need less fingerprinting during recessions

Start Your Own Business

After you’ve chosen the type of service businesses that work for you, it’s time to do some market research. Then you’ll need to write a business plan and a list of business services. After you’ve written your business plan, then you can get started. What are some good service business ideas that you want to start?


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