The 27 Best Low-Cost Business Ideas (for 2024)

June 20, 2023

The 27 Best Low-Cost Business Ideas (for 2024)

Are you looking for business ideas that don’t require a lot of money? We’ve found 27 low-cost small business ideas to inspire entrepreneurs. We’ll help you find the cheapest business to start based on your needs.

You might have to skimp on some of the best practices, like getting an LLC or business insurance, to get started faster, but with online business ideas and home-based business ideas, that isn’t an issue. These business opportunities will help you find something to start earning income quickly.

What Kind of Business Should I Start?

man in an orange shirt resting his hand on the chin

When you want to start a business with little money, the most important thing to consider is the cost of starting and sustaining the business. To determine the cheapest business to open, consider these factors: 

  1. The equipment and the supplies you buy raise the cost.
  2. Renting office space increases the cost. Many home business ideas are also good businesses to start with little money.
  3. Traveling to job sites means you have additional costs like commercial insurance, general liability insurance, mileage, and travel time.
  4. Most people won’t pay for learning.
  5. Some businesses you can start without starting an LLC and getting tax IDs.

What is the Cheapest Easiest Business to Start?

A house cleaning business can be started with the supplies in your own home. Plus, you should already know how to do most of the tasks. That’s what makes a cleaning business the cheapest small business to start.

#1. House Cleaning Business

Average Annual Revenue: $77K
Average Profit Margins: 10.8%
Startup Cost: $300-$5K
Time To Revenue: 3+ months
Annual Market Growth Rate: 2.4%
Best for: Self-motivated, independent, and detail-oriented entrepreneurs

House cleaning is an easy start up business and can be grown into a lucrative business very quickly. What makes house cleaning such a good business idea is that it’s very versatile and has consistently high demand. You can also add on services like carpet cleaning, move-out cleaning, or AirBnB cleaning to expand your revenue streams. 

If you’re interested in starting your own business cleaning houses, the UpFlip 7-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint will give you all the knowledge and resources you need. It’s taught by Chris Mondragon, who started Queen Bee Cleaning Services with $5,000 and has grown it to a revenue of $120,000 a month (see our interview with Chris).

House Cleaning Business Pros:

  • Can start from home as a solo entrepreneur
  • Revenue is scalable as you grow your cleaning team
  • Low startup and overhead costs
  • Consistently high demand  

House Cleaning Business Cons:

  • Work can be stressful and physically demanding 
  • Schedule is determined by when customers need cleaning

We’ll provide more easy to start up business ideas throughout this article.

What Business Can I Do with $100?

If you’re looking for good business ideas that you can start for $100 or less, consider some of these great business ideas.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Open an Online Store
  • Affiliate Marketing

All of these you can start with a computer which puts them on the shortlist for cheapest small business to start.

#2. Digital Marketing/Social Media Marketing

Average Annual Revenue: $817K
Average Profit Margins: 6.9%
Startup Costs: $100-$10K
Time To Revenue: 1-6 months
Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.3%
Best for: Social media experts, writers, and content creators, people with search engine optimization (SEO) expertise

Check out our interview with Jason on how he managed to build a social media marketing agency as a side hustle before it quickly grew into the six-that afigure business it is today.

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to engage with customers online, but many business owners don’t have the time or skills to do it right. A social media consultant helps other businesses get the most value from their social media accounts, either by giving advice or by creating social media posts and other online content that will attract their target customers. 

A social media or digital marketing consulting business is the best low-cost start-up business idea for those with an established online presence. That said, if you don’t already have this proof of your skills, it can be difficult to build trust and get those crucial first clients. 

This blog post has more tips on how to start a social media marketing business if you think you’d thrive as a social media consultant.

Eric Berman started his digital marketing agency, Brandetize, in 2001, and it now makes an average revenue of $400,000 every month (hear UpFlip’s interview with Eric).

Digital Marketing Pros:

  • Minimal upfront costs
  • Leverage your marketing skills for your own small business
  • High profit potential
  • Earnings per client increase as your reputation grows  

Digital Marketing Cons: 

  • Can be difficult to attract clients when you first start
  • Need to stay on top of trends and shifts in the industry

#3. Open an Online Store

Average Annual Revenue: $60K-$120K
Average Profit Margins: 5-15%
Startup Cost: $100-$10K
Time To Revenue: 30-90 days
Annual Market Growth Rate: -9.3%
Best for: Thrifters, collectors, hobbyists, and craftsmen

Opening an online store is among the most popular online business ideas because of its low barrier to entry. This is one of the best small business ideas for crafters, graphic designers, makers, and inventors, who can design and make their own products to sell online. 

That’s what Vlad Kiksenko did when he started TagPup, and his company making custom dog collars has become the #1 pet products store on Etsy (hear Vlad’s tips to start an Etsy shop in the interview below).

You don’t have to make your own products to open an eCommerce store, either. Online reselling can also be a low-cost business, especially if you buy from thrift shops and garage sales. 

Mike Wilson makes up to $35,000 every month reselling on eBay, and he started off with just $1,000 worth of inventory (Mike shares his story in this podcast interview).

Online Store Pros:

  • Easy to start and run from home
  • Can make an income from hobbies you already enjoy
  • Work where and when you want to
  • Low-cost business to both start and run

Online Store Cons: 

  • Can be difficult to attract customers, especially in crowded niches
  • Will need to store, manage, and ship the items you’re selling 

#4. Affiliate Marketing

Upflip affiliate marketing podcast on apple
Average Annual Revenue: $60K-$160K
Average Profit Margins: 8%
Startup Cost: $100-$2K
Time To Revenue: 1-3 months
Annual Market Growth Rate: 10.5%
Best for: Bloggers, YouTubers, those with a large social media presence

Instead of selling their own products, affiliate marketers promote products or services on behalf of other businesses. They make money on a commission basis each time a customer buys through them. It’s among the best low-cost business ideas for people with a big online following, especially those who already create popular content like a well-read blog or frequently watched YouTube channel. 

The flip side of this is that it can be difficult to make a living with affiliate marketing if you don’t have a way to promote products or services to a lot of people. 

For those who do have marketing skills or a big online presence, affiliate marketing can be very profitable. Matt Diggity used his SEO skills to grow his business to $400,000 a month in revenue (hear his story and tips in this podcast interview).

Affiliate Marketing Pros:

  • Can be a mostly passive income source
  • Can choose a niche that matches your interests
  • Great way to monetize an existing online presence
  • No inventory or space requirements

Affiliate Marketing Cons: 

  • Can be difficult to earn trust from visitors
  • Need a large online presence or strong marketing skills to be successful

What Business Can I Start with $500 Dollars?

Many businesses on this list you can start with less than $500, but you may have some challenges starting a landscaping business, pressure washing business, photography business, or vending machine business with such low cost. Keep reading for more cheap startup businesses.

3 Low-Cost Business Ideas with High Profit Potential

man thinking of low cost business ideas with lightbulb and money

What is the cheapest, most profitable business? That depends somewhat on the skills and interests you bring to the table, but there are some low-cost businesses that anyone can grow into a highly lucrative venture. Here are three low-cost businesses to start that have a revenue potential of $100,000 a year or more.

#5. Lawn Care Business/Landscaping Business

Average Annual Revenue: $272,790
Average Profit Margins: 8.7%
Startup Costs: $2K-$10K
Time To Revenue: 1-3 months
Annual Market Growth Rate: 8.1%
Best for: Designers, gardeners, people who like physical work and working outside

The lawn care industry is valued at more than $100 billion annually. Add in the low startup costs, and that makes a landscape or lawn care company a very accessible and profitable business idea. 

Have a look at how Nick Reed started his lawn care business from scratch, allowing him to bring in $200K in revenue while at the young age of 22.

All you need to start a business is some basic equipment and a way to connect with customers, which you can do for free through social media channels. 

The landscaping business is a highly scalable low-cost business idea, whether you just grow a team in your first location or expand through franchising, like Mike Andes did with Augusta Lawn Care (hear his podcast interview).

UpFlip has an entire YouTube playlist of interviews with lawn care business owners if you want more insights. 

Lawn Care Business Pros:

  • Low startup costs
  • High profitability and scalability 
  • Straightforward business model 
  • Great for people who like working outdoors

Lawn Care Business Cons: 

  • Can be a physically demanding job
  • Need to store and transport heavy equipment

#6. Dropshipping Business

professional female dropshipper with tablet and
Average Annual Revenue: $36K-$50K
Average Profit Margins: 5%
Startup Cost: $150-$500
Time To Revenue: 1-3 months
Annual Market Growth Rate: 25%
Best for: Those with marketing and eCommerce skills

For those looking for an online small business idea you can start with just a few hundred dollars, dropshipping is ideal. You only need an internet connection to get started, and overhead costs are lower than other online stores because you don’t need to handle inventory. 

The most successful dropshipping business owners tend to also be great marketers. People who lack social media or marketing expertise can still excel, though they will likely need to budget for higher advertising costs to see the same profit returns. 

Just how much can you make as a dropshipper? Heather Johnson’s print-on-demand dropshipping store makes an average of $15,000 a month, and she started it with just $30 (hear how Heather grew her business in this podcast interview).

Dropshipping Pros:

  • Easy business to start with little money
  • High profit potential
  • Flexible work hours and potential for passive income
  • Can be started and run from home  

Dropshipping Cons: 

  • No control over the product or delivery
  • Need strong marketing skills to attract customers

#7. Pressure Washing Business

Average Annual Revenue: $64K
Average Profit Margins: 8.8%
Startup Cost: $200-$5K
Time To Revenue: 3+ months
Annual Market Growth Rate: 0.9%
Best for: Those that like to work outdoors, those that enjoy working with their hands, using machines and tools

If you’re looking for the best cheap business to start today, pressure washing should be on your list. All you need is a high-quality machine and you can start taking jobs. 

Just have a look at how Chase Lille, an 18-year-old who is now the proud owner of a lucrative pressure washing business.

What makes pressure washing so profitable is that there are lots of niches you can fit into, from driveway cleaning to windows, roofs, and gutters. You can also take on commercial jobs for other local businesses, not just private homes.

Most pressure washing businesses are one-person operations, which makes the high profit potential even more impressive. You can check out this blog post for more info on how to get started or watch one of the video interviews we’ve done with successful pressure washing business owners to decide if this is your best next business idea.

Start with this video featuring Ryan Woods:

Then take a look at these other great interviews:

If you want to learn more, check out this podcast episode where we talk to Stephen Rogers, owner of NW Softwash, about how he started and grew his pressure washing business. 

Stephen was only 19 when he started the business in 2019, and within the first year had enough employees he could get “off the truck” and focus on strategic growth. Today NW Softwash brings in a revenue of $120K/month. Listen to his interview below:

Pressure Washing Pros:

  • Straightforward business model that anyone can start
  • Easy to run as a solo entrepreneur
  • Low startup costs and overhead
  • No specialized skill sets required

Pressure Washing Cons:

  • Requires manual labor, sometimes in unpleasant conditions
  • Need to store, maintain, and transport heavy equipment

Top 10 Small Business Ideas from Home That Are Cheap to Start

#8. Vending Business

Average Annual Revenue: $182,100
Average Profit Margins: 4.3%
Startup Cost: $2K-$10K
Time To Revenue: 3+ months
Annual Market Growth Rate: 0.5%
Best for: Those that like to tinker with machines, mechanics, and those that enjoy driving

Vending is both a low-cost business idea and a great option if you want scheduling flexibility, or to run your own business from home. It’s flexible enough it can be started as a side hustle, which is what Benjamin Smith did when he started Friendship Vending Company (hear how he started in
this interview).

Of course, if you do have more money to invest, you can grow your new business faster. Adam Hill bought an existing route for $120,000 and grew it to $50,000 a month in revenue working just 20 hours a month. He shared his insights in an UpFlip blog post and is the instructor of the Vending Bootcamp, which gives other entrepreneurs the knowledge they need to start a business in vending and grow it to its full potential. 

A vending machine business is a great choice for entrepreneurs who want full control over their work-life balance. In this episode we talk to Adam Hill, owner of Hill Vending, to hear his advice on how to start a vending machine business.

Vending Business Pros:

  • Lower time commitment than other small business ideas
  • Easy to grow revenue by adding more machines
  • Low costs (both startup costs and ongoing)
  • Don’t need extensive marketing experience or other specialized skills

Vending Business Cons: 

  • Can be difficult to find clients if your market is already saturated 
  • Need many machines in good locations to see a high profit

#9. Online Courses

woman with computer and headphones looking at online courses
Average Annual Revenue: $30K-$50K
Average Profit Margins: 13.10%
Startup Cost: $100-$1K
Time To Revenue: 1-6 months
Annual Market Growth Rate: 8.5%
Best for: Teachers, professors and educators, those who love to share skills or teach.

Creating online courses lets you make a living sharing your skills and knowledge. And you don’t need to be an expert in anything to excel. Jacques Hopkins played piano as a hobby before he started Piano in 21 Days, and he’s grown that course into a $40,000 a month business (hear how Jacques did it in
this interview).

There are many online teaching platforms where you can sell online courses without needing any technical skills or even having your own website (though setting that up can help you reach more students faster). The most popular include Kajabi, Udemy, and Teachable, all of which come with a built-in potential audience and marketing automation tools to help you build your audience. 

Online Course Pros:

  • Very low startup costs
  • No technical knowledge required 
  • Low ongoing time investment once the course is live

Online Course Cons: 

  • High upfront time investment before you start making revenue 
  • Can be competitive and difficult to attract students to a new course

#10. Delivery Services

Average Annual Revenue: $131K
Average Profit Margins: 3.6%
Startup Cost: $100-$9.5K
Time To Revenue: 3+ months
Annual Market Growth Rate: 6.7%
Best for: Drivers, those that like to socialize

Many people today have more on their plate than they have hours in the day. With a delivery business, you can profit from people’s need for convenience by going grocery shopping, picking up restaurant orders, or delivering other day-to-day needs for free. If you have a large vehicle like a truck or van, you can add hard-to-transport furnishings and other items to the list of things you can deliver. 

This is also an excellent way to collaborate with other local businesses by delivering their products to customers. That’s what Adam Haber did when he started Trellus, and they’ve now made more than 35,000 deliveries (hear how Adam got started in this interview).

Delivery Business Pros:

  • Low-cost business to start and run
  • Can be run easily from home
  • No need for inventory, equipment, or specialized skills

Delivery Business Cons: 

  • Need a fast and reliable form of transportation
  • Work hours are determined by when people need items delivered

#11. Mobile Detailing

Average Annual Revenue: $73,100
Average Profit Margins: 16.1%
Startup Cost: $500-$5K
Time To Revenue: 3+ months
Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.0%
Best for: Car enthusiasts, detail-oriented entrepreneurs and those that enjoy working with their hands

A detailing business is the best business idea for car enthusiasts, though anyone who’s good at cleaning can make a high revenue in this industry. Making it a mobile detailing business is convenient for customers and cuts down on upfront costs since you won’t need a commercial garage–you clean customers’ cars at their home or workplace. 

See how Alan, owner of GoDetail, started with just $500 to make some extra money before the business evolved into a profitable business that makes over $900K per year in revenue with 60% profit margins.

Another entrepreneur, Isaiah Barhoum started Big’s Mobile Detailing with just $500 and he’s now bringing in more than $30,000 a month (find out how he did it in this YouTube interview).

He’s sharing his strategies for scaling a mobile detailing business on this podcast episode.

Mobile Detailing Pros:

  • Can be run out of your home since it’s mobile
  • No specialized skills or knowledge required
  • High demand 
  • High profit potential that’s scalable if you grow your team

Mobile Detailing Cons: 

  • Work can be physically demanding or tedious
  • Often work on weekends or evenings when customer cars aren’t being used 

#12. Software or App Development

Software developer with laptop and extra monitor
Average Annual Revenue: $400K-$1M+
Average Profit Margins: 14.5%
Startup Cost: $100-$50K, depending on size and scope
Time To Revenue: 3 months to 2 years
Annual Market Growth Rate: 3.1%
Best for: Programmers, developers, and software engineers

For those who understand programming languages and the basics of software design, creating and selling your own app or software program is one of the top low-cost business ideas. Pace Ellsworth shared how he built his company, App-to-Exit, to $45,000 a month in revenue in a
podcast interview, if you’re looking for more insights.

Software Development Pros:

  • Potentially low time investment once the app is launched
  • Can be started and run from home
  • Revenue potential increases the more programs or apps you release

Software Development Cons: 

  • High time investment before you see a return
  • Requires programming and developer skills

#13. Handyman Business

Average Annual Revenue: $204,700
Average Profit Margins: 5.4%
Startup Costs: $500-$5K
Time To Revenue: 3+ months
Annual Market Growth Rate: 0.7%
Best for: Fixers and repair experts, entrepreneurs who like working with their hands

From clogged gutters to dripping sinks to squeaky or sticky hinges, there are lots of little tasks around the average home, and not everyone has the time or skills to take care of them. If you’re good at fixing things and have some basic tools, a handyman business can be among the most successful small business ideas. Hear how North Seattle Handyman makes $1,000 a day in
this YouTube interview

Handyman Business Pros:

  • Tools you’ll need are affordable and easy to transport
  • Easy to start and run from your home  
  • Can run as a one-person business or scale by building a team

Handyman Business Cons: 

  • Often involves physical work and manual labor
  • Work hours can be long and unusual

#14. Web Design

website building business screenshot
Average Annual Revenue: $239K+
Average Profit Margins: 5.3%
Startup Cost: $100-$1K
Time To Revenue: 1-3 months
Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.4%
Best for: Designers, programmers, or anyone with website building skills

These days, every small business needs a website. Designing these sites is among the best low-cost business ideas for entrepreneurs with graphic design or web development experience. You don’t even need these skills if you’re experienced with WordPress or a similar website building platform, though it’ll definitely be a value-add for customers if you can design custom graphics, layouts, or other features for their sites. 

Web Design Pros:

  • Easy to start and run from home
  • Work at your own pace when you want to
  • Lots of customer demand
  • Free online learning resources to expand your skills and value

Web Design Cons: 

  • Will need a portfolio of sites or online reputation to acquire clients
  • Online trends and technology change quickly 

#15. Mobile Photography

Average Annual Revenue: $44K
Average Profit Margins: 7.3%
Startup Cost: $5K-$15K
Time To Revenue: 3+ months
Annual Market Growth Rate: 0.3%
Best for: Photographers, artists, designers and those that like to socialize

A mobile photography business isn’t the absolute cheapest business to start up, but the upfront costs are significantly lower than opening a brick-and-mortar studio. Most of those initial costs are equipment, so if you already have a high-quality camera you won’t need to spend much to grow a business around it. 

Photography is among the best local business ideas because there are so many niches where you can differentiate yourself. From wedding and event photography to family portraits to working with real estate agents or other small business owners, there’s a wide variety of work available. Mile High Productions turned their love of photography into a $35,000 a month business. Find out how in this YouTube interview

Check out our interview with a wedding photographer that makes $2 million per year.

Mobile Photography Pros:

  • Wide variety of work available
  • Can be a solo business or scaled with a team
  • Get to meet a lot of people and help them make memories or grow a business
  • Turn your artistic passion into a career

Mobile Photography Cons: 

  • Professional photography equipment can be costly 
  • Less control over when you work than other home businesses

#16. Data Entry

data tables and graphs displayed on monitor
Average Annual Revenue: $35K-$50K
Average Profit Margins: 10.5%
Startup Cost: $100-$200
Time To Revenue: 1-3 months
Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.9%
Best for: Detail-oriented people, those with administrative, clerical, or similar experience

Most business owners have a lot of data they need to keep track of, but what they don’t have is time to record and analyze it. Instead, they turn to data entry professionals. Data entry may not be the most glamorous or exciting career, but if you’re a fast typer with a sharp eye for detail, you can make a consistent living doing it.

Data Entry Pros:

  • Easy work
  • Pay depends on accuracy and typing speed

Data Entry Cons: 

  • Most data entry is automated
  • Most people don’t type faster than 40 words per minute

#17. Virtual Assistant Business

man looking at on laptop
Average Annual Revenue: $35K-$50K
Average Profit Margins: 10.5%
Startup Costs: $100-$200
Time To Revenue: 1-3 months
Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.9%
Best for: Outgoing and social entrepreneurs; those with strong scheduling, time management, and problem-solving skills

Data entry and VA businesses are in the same NAICS code so business owners will see similar profit margins. Being a virtual assistant is a simple business idea that just about anyone can do. 

Virtual assistants handle clerical tasks for clients, like answering emails, managing social media accounts, scheduling meetings, and other day-to-day things. You can start a VA business quickly for free just by signing up for a freelance platform like Upwork, Fiverr, or 24/7 Virtual Assistant.  

Virtual Assistant Pros:

  • Most work is fairly easy
  • Low barrier of entry
  • Highly skilled VAs are invaluable

Virtual Assistant Cons:

  • Language barriers
  • Effectiveness of Standard Operating Procedures

10 Unique Business Ideas You Can Start with No Money

The absolute cheapest way to start a business is if you don’t have to pay anything at all. That might seem like a pipe dream, but the truth is there are lots of businesses you can start completely free. If you’re looking for the best business to start with no money, the options below are a great place to start. 

#18. Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Business

american pet products screenshot with dog
Average Annual Revenue: $34,380
Average Profit Margins: 16%
Startup Costs: $500-$5K
Time To Revenue: 3+ months
Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.7%
Best for: Pet owners, animal lovers, those who like working outdoors

Two-thirds of U.S. households owned at least one pet in 2023. That means millions of dogs, cats, birds, and other animals that need to be cared for, even when the owners are traveling, at work, or otherwise unavailable to do so. This consistent demand is what makes a pet sitting or dog walking business a great option for entrepreneurs who love being around animals.

While some exotic pets have complicated care requirements, you don’t need any special skills to take care of a dog or cat–and if you do know how to care for birds, horses, reptiles, tropical fish, and other unique pets, those can add even more value to your services. 

The best part is, customers want you to come to where their pets are, and they’ll provide all the supplies you’ll need. All you need to do to start is connect with customers. Having your own website can help, and you can also find people who need dog walkers or pet sitters on marketplaces like:

  • Rover – The largest network of pet owners looking for pet sitting and care
  • – Marketplace for child and pet care services
  • Wag! – Platform that connects pet owners with dog walkers and sitters

Dog Walker Pros:

  • Easy to find work
  • Work with pets

Dog Walker Cons: 

  • Low pay
  • Low barrier to entry
  • Live animals suffer if you no-show

#19. Personal Training Business

Average Annual Revenue: $16,867
Average Profit Margins: 10.9%
Startup Costs: $500-$5K
Time To Revenue: 1-6 months
Annual Market Growth Rate: 0.6%
Best for: Fitness buffs, exercise experts, people who excel at motivating others

A personal trainer works with individuals one-on-one to help them lose weight, get healthier, or prepare for athletic events and competitions. The main things you need to become a personal trainer are an ability to motivate people and experience with exercise. For athletes and gym rats, it’s the best business to start with little money. 

You don’t need to open your own gym to be a personal trainer. You can start off working with people in their homes, reserve space in a community center, or even teach classes online and work with clients via Zoom.

Personal Trainer Pros:

  • Get paid to help others stay healthy
  • You control your hours

Personal Trainer Cons: 

  • People flake on exercise commitments
  • May need expertise in treatment of certain physical conditions

#20. Personal Concierge Business

personal assistant holding bell
Average Annual Revenue: $31,400
Average Profit Margins: 1.9%
Startup Cost: $100-$1K
Time To Revenue: 3+ months
Annual Market Growth Rate: 10.5%
Best for: Those that like to socialize, plan or organize for others

A personal concierge helps busy people make plans and accomplish tasks they don’t have time to think about. People might ask a personal concierge to plan a trip, make dinner reservations, schedule home repair or maintenance, do their grocery shopping, or a host of other small tasks.

You don’t need any specialized training to become a personal concierge. Instead, you’ll need skills like time management, communication, problem solving, and strong organization. Having a lot of knowledge about your local area can be helpful, too.

Concierging Pros:

  • Help people get perks
  • Great networking opportunities
  • Tips

Concierging Cons: 

  • You have to be nice even on bad days
  • Sometimes people are rude

#21. Tutoring Business

Average Annual Revenue: $18,170
Average Profit Margins: 13.10%
Startup Cost: $100-$1K
Time To Revenue: 1-3 months
Annual Market Growth Rate: 8.5%
Best for: Teachers, educators, professors and tutors

Did you do well on tests in school? Any subjects where you’re particularly skilled or have niche, in-depth knowledge? Then tutoring is among the best small business ideas you can start with a minimal upfront investment. 

Unlike school teachers, tutors don’t need to be certified or licensed to work with students (though having this kind of credential can help build trust with potential students). The main things you’ll need are patience, empathy, and strong communication skills, along with knowledge in the subjects you teach.

One great way for tutors to find new students is to go through one of the internet’s many online teaching platforms. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Skooli – For tutors who have a Bachelor’s degree or teaching certification in math, English, science, or business
  • Wyzant – Platform to connect students with both in-person and online tutoring services
  • eTutorWorld – Tutoring and test prep for K-12 students
  • TutorMe – Fully-remote 1:1 tutoring 

Tutor Pros:

  • Help people learn
  • Work with people who are trying to improve

Tutor Cons: 

  • Some people are forced to go to tutoring
  • Seasonality

#22. Event Planning Business

event planner with tablet at wedding
Average Annual Revenue: $34,380
Average Profit Margins: 12.2%
Startup Costs: $500-$5K
Time To Revenue: 3+ months
Annual Market Growth Rate: 1%
Best for: Strong networkers, great party planners, outgoing and social entrepreneurs

Event planners organize large and important events. These could be celebrations like weddings and other personal milestones or professional events like conferences. If you’re an excellent networker, love problem solving, and are highly organized and detail-oriented, an event planning business can be both lucrative and rewarding. 

Event Planner Pros:

  • Can be a lucrative service business
  • Quick pace
  • A smoothly-run event brings a lot of satisfaction

Event Planner Cons: 

  • Hectic
  • Planners need to make friends with Murphy’s Law

#23. Professional Organizer

Average Annual Revenue: $168,360
Average Profit Margins: 10.6%
Startup Cost: $1K-$100K
Time To Revenue: 1-3 months
Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.2%
Best for: Those that like to organize, clean and declutter, those who like to socialize and help people

If you love bringing order to chaos, you’ll thrive as a professional organizer. Organizers go to clients’ homes, so while you’ll need a reliable form of transportation, you won’t need an office space outside your home. Creating your own website or posting success stories on YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest can help you show your skills and build your client list. 

Organizing Business Pros:

  • People appreciate the new space
  • Combines creativity and construction

Organizing Business  Cons: 

  • Some homes are horribly messy
  • Limited demographics can afford the service

#24. Personal Chef

home private chef with money
Average Annual Revenue: $129K
Average Profit Margins: 51.7%
Startup Costs: $500-$5K
Time To Revenue: 1-6 months
Annual Market Growth Rate: 0.9%
Best for: Cooks, chefs, bakers, and other culinary experts

This is one of the top business ideas with low upfront costs for chefs, line cooks, and other food service workers who want to start their own venture. Personal chefs cook with the client’s equipment and ingredients, reducing expenses compared to a food truck or restaurant.

The downside is you usually don’t get as much creative freedom over what you’re cooking, but for many that trade-off is worth it for lower costs and fewer hours. You can also add revenue streams like online cooking classes or event catering if you want to grow your brand as a chef.

In-Home Chef Pros:

  • Pay is better than many restaurants
  • Less chaotic work environment than most restaurants
  • More freedom of menu

In-Home Chef Cons: 

  • Schedule keeps you away from friends and family dinner events
  • Target demographic limited to top 5% of households

#25. Freelance Writing

Average Annual Revenue: $712K
Average Profit Margins: 14.6%
Startup Cost: $100-$200
Time To Revenue: 1 month to 3 years
Annual Market Growth Rate: -1.5%
Best for: Creative entrepreneurs with strong communication skills

A freelance writer can produce all kinds of content. You can be a ghostwriter who writes novels, memoirs, and other book-length works, or write articles for newspapers and magazines. Another option for a freelance writer is to create blog posts, marketing copy, and other text for businesses. 

Whatever your interests or writing style, you can find freelance writing jobs that fit it. The Write Life has a list of job boards and other resources that you can explore to see what kind of work is out there. 

Writer Pros:

  • Great alternative for antisocial people who have teacher-like nature
  • Low startup costs
  • Easy to get into
  • Great money

Writer Cons: 

  • Learning SEO can be challenging for many
  • Clients don’t know what they want (good ones do)
  • AI is impacting demand, efficiency, and pricing

#26. Translation Service

female translator surrounded by many languages
Average Annual Revenue: $75K-$200K
Average Profit Margins: 12.4%
Startup Cost: $100-$200
Time To Revenue: 1-3 months
Annual Market Growth Rate: 1.2%
Best for: People who speak more than one language

For those fluent in more than one language, translation is among the best businesses with low startup costs you can start. The most in-demand languages to translate to and from English are Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin, and Spanish, and you can see even higher revenue if you’re fluent in three or more languages. 

Translator Pros:

  • High demand
  • Specialized skill set increases job security
  • Needed at all levels of government and business

Translator Cons: 

  • Mostly in-person due to software like Google translate
  • Pay varies based on the type of organization
  • Technology may replace the need for translators

#27. Nanny or Babysitting Business

Average Annual Revenue: $143,110
Average Profit Margins: 0.9%
Startup Cost: $0-$1K
Time To Revenue: 1-3 months
Annual Market Growth Rate: 51.7%
Best for: Those that enjoy childcare and like children

There’s a reason so many teenagers make money babysitting: it’s cheap to get started and lots of people need the service. Many parents today look for sitters through online marketplaces that verify the background and experience of the sitters on their site. Some of the most popular platforms include
Sittercity, UrbanSitter, and Helpr. Just register with one or more of those platforms and you can start your babysitting or nanny business. 

Babysitter Pros:

  • Great entry-level position
  • Kids are hilarious
  • Long-term gigs can be highly profitable

Babysitter Cons:

  • Kids can be super sneaky
  • You’re taking care of the most important thing in your clients’ lives
  • Always have to be on your best behavior

Which Business Idea Do You Like For Your Own Business?

If you’re looking to start a business with little to no upfront investment, we’ve given you plenty of ideas. There are gigs that require no experience, ones you can expand to a team endeavor, and even those to which you can devote just a few hours a week and still make a pretty nice profit.

Did one of the above ideas resonate with you? 

What’s your next step? (We suggest you learn how to write a business plan).

80% of businesses fail... Learn how not to.

Learn from business failures and successes in 5 min or less. The stories, frameworks, and tactics that will make you a 10x better founder.


Brandon Boushy

Related articles

Professional house cleaning is a major industry. The global cleaning industry is currently over $55 billion and is expected to double by 2030. That means it’s a great market for new entrants, but you’ll need a house cleaning pricing guide to make sure you charge properly. Chris’s wife started Queen Bee Cleaning Service in 2015 to make some extra money, but it took off so quickly Chris quit his job and helped build it into a $1.5 million company. Queen Bee is also top-rated on Nextdoor, Yelp, Houzz, Thumbtack, HomeAdvisor, and Porch. We’ll share his information to help you create a cleaning pricing guide that will help you make a great living in the house cleaning services industry. We’ll cover the types of services, different ways to charge and share the pricing list. [su_note note_color="#dbeafc"] IMPORTANT: Keep reading for a rare opportunity to learn Chris’s unique pricing strategies inside his exciting new course The 7-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint. You’ll discover exactly how he prices his cleaning services, which skyrocketed the growth of his business to $4.5M in record time. [/su_note]

What kind of house cleaning services should I provide?

A housecleaning service will normally offer other services besides just cleaning homes for people who live in them. They may also provide services for Airbnb, moving, apartments, and commercial spaces. For instance, Queen Bee also offers:
  1. Airbnb Cleaning
  2. Carpet Cleaning
  3. Disinfecting Service
  4. Home Cleaning
  5. Move-In Cleaning
  6. Deep Cleaning
  7. Move-Out Cleaning
  8. Office and Commercial Cleaning
He told us: [su_quote]If I was to start today, I would probably focus on Airbnb cleaning because it has a higher profit margin.[/su_quote] For standard house cleaning services, Chris includes: [su_note note_color="#dbeafc"]
  • Dusting all furniture, walls, fans, counters, and other hard surfaces
  • Vacuuming all floors 
  • Mopping wood, marble, tile, and linoleum floors
  • Mirror and window cleaning with a glass cleaner
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all bathroom surfaces including toilets, sinks, tubs, and showers
  • Sanitizing all kitchen surfaces including inside the microwave and the front of the fridge
  • Spot-cleaning cabinets
  • Changing linens (if fresh linen is left out) and making beds
  • Emptying the trash and relining the trash can before exiting each room
[/su_note] These are just some of the items in his house cleaning services. You can find his complete cleaning services checklist, including 11 add-ons, in our Cleaning Business Master Course. Sign up now to be one of the first to take it.  Let’s look at what you might offer with your house cleaning business. We’ll start with the Airbnb cleaning.

What should I include in Airbnb cleaning services?

In addition to the standard services you offer as a house cleaning service, Chris suggests maintaining an inventory of your own supplies to replace toiletries, kitchen essentials, and linens. For the laundry portion, you’ll need to have someone do laundry or partner with a laundry service. He also told us: [su_quote]I charge extra for the toiletries and linens, but it basically takes me the same time as a normal home clean.[/su_quote] Check out our interview with Chris below: [su_youtube url=""]

What should I include in carpet cleaning services?

Carpet cleaning services focused only on rugs, carpets, and other floorings. You’ll need to assess your time differently from other services and have the special cleaning equipment to do the job best. Chris shared his cleaning pricing guide for carpet cleaning, and it includes five main cleaning points with time and price for: 
  1. Rooms
  2. Hallways
  3. Landings
  4. Each stair
  5. Rugs
It’s typical for a carpet cleaning business to have a minimum amount, such as $99 for two bedrooms.

What should I include in disinfecting services?

Disinfecting services are focused on cleaning surfaces with medical-grade cleaning products. The focus here is on keeping the space particularly clean in a way that helps to minimize germs. I would imagine this is popular for businesses or households that have had a Covid outbreak. Christ told us: [su_quote]Eliminating germs & pathogens requires more than just a wipe of a towel with bleach. We use an electrostatic sprayer to apply the disinfectant. The sprayer “loads” the mist with a positive charge making the disinfectant stick to all surfaces killing 99% of the pathogens Our hospital-grade disinfectant is an EPA-certified product safe to use around children & pets, safe on ALL surfaces.”[/su_quote]

What should I include in deep cleaning services?

Deep cleaning services should include everything you do in standard house cleaning, plus baseboards and behind furniture. Chris also includes dishes in his standard deep clean service and offers a variety of additional offerings.

How much does a deep clean cost?

Deep cleaning services are normally charged at a premium to a standard cleaning price. In Chris’s case, the deep house cleaning cost ranges from $199 to $319 above the standard cleaning price. So, once you know how much you’ll charge for regular services, it’s easy to decide how much to charge for deep cleaning a house.

What should I include in a move-out cleaning service?

Move-out cleaning is a service offered to renters to help them save time and money by helping them get their deposits back. These services include:
  • Thoroughly cleaning all counters, cabinets, and appliances
  • Cleaning bathrooms, including toilets, sinks, and showers
  • Cleaning floors and carpets
  • Wiping down light switches, walls, and doorknobs
  • Disposing of any expired food items
  • Deep-cleaning the oven
Chris recommends using the move-out checklist provided by the client’s landlord as the basis for bidding on the cleaning job. Chris told us: [su_quote]I charge $279 to $479 more for move-out cleaning costs than my standard cleaning rates[/su_quote] Want more great tips like this? Check out UpFlip courses.

What should I include in office and commercial cleaning?

Team of cleaners cleaning the office Offices and commercial cleaning jobs are different for every building. Chris recommends touring the property and establishing the following:
  • Square footage
  • Number of desks
  • Percent of floors that are carpet and tile
  • Number of windows
  • Number of toilets and sinks
  • Square footage of counters
  • Kitchens in the building
  • Parking lots
  • Special requirements
These jobs can be more complex, but they need more routine cleaning services. Commercial buildings also tend to be better suited for pricing per square foot because you can assign a price per square foot to each task and then just multiply quantities. It might look like the table below (sqft = square feet). House cleaning pricing guide Every cleaning company will have costs associated with operating. One powerful difference between a successful cleaning business and other cleaning companies is how well the business owner manages the cleaning costs. Your house cleaning rate needs to cover the following expenses:
  1. Payroll expenses, taxes
  2. Marketing costs
  3. Cleaning supplies
  4. Fuel
  5. Insurance
  6. Repairs
  7. Rent
  8. Utilities
  9. Professional fees
Based on Queen Bee Cleaning Service’s annual expenses, you might expect the total overhead costs to be approximately 87% of the amount that you make if you have employees. If you are a single-person house cleaner, the total overhead will be between 30% and 50%. In the following sections, I will share a few examples. You can use similar math regardless of what type of cleaning business you run. Queen Bee is primarily house cleaning, so I refer to house cleaners in these sections. Let’s look at each of these to give you an idea of what they are for Queen Bee and what you can expect to pay when you start to charge for housecleaning.

How labor impacts the house cleaning price

Labor typically accounts for approximately 50% of the costs of running a house cleaning company. Whether this amount is going to you or employees will vary. If you have employees, you’ll typically need to pay them either an hourly rate or billable hours. Just make sure you don’t try to consider them independent contractors. Chris told us: [su_quote]I was misclassifying the maids and got a hefty fine.[/su_quote] To help establish an hourly rate, check what house cleaning companies in your area pay their housekeepers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has a lot of data on the hourly rate of the house cleaning industry. Most places will pay an hourly rate of $15 or more, though. Remember to train your staff well because employee efficiency can impact both quality and overhead. Assuming the following:
  • Employee pay: $15 per hour
  • Employee hourly rate, revenue: 50%
  • Number of people on cleaning crew: two
That means you’ll want to charge the customer no less than $60 per hour. That is far lower than the cleaning rates for many house cleaning companies. The reason is that a house cleaner has other costs that go into the standard cleaning fees.

Payroll Expenses, Taxes

A man typing on his laptop and searching about payroll On top of employee pay, your house cleaning price will also need to cover the costs of payroll expenses and taxes. The government requires employers to collect: [su_note note_color="#dbeafc"]
  • Income taxes: You’ll need to withhold these for all employees using the information in Publication 15-T.
  • Payroll taxes: The employee pays 7.65%, and the employer pays 7.65%.
  • State taxes: There are seven states without income taxes. You’ll have to collect these from employee pay unless you live in Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, or Wyoming.
  • Other Deductions: Insurance, 401K, etc., will be deducted if you offer them.
[/su_note] There are a lot of tasks associated with compliance, so you may want to outsource your human resources. Most of these start around $39 per month plus $6 per month for each employee.   The 7.65% tax increases the $60 per hour fee to $65 per hour, which is starting to get closer to the cleaning rates of the Molly Maid cost of $75 to $96 per hour for a basic cleaning package. The revenue will also need to cover other costs such as cleaning supplies, which we’ll discuss next.

Cleaning Supplies

Based on standard cleaning services, you’ll probably need to spend an average of $3 to $5 per hour on cleaning supplies. You’ll be buying these in bulk to save money, but Chris estimates that the supply list for many cleaning companies will be around $900 for startup costs.  That means you need to charge around $70 per hour, which gets us even closer to the price cleaning services charge.

Vehicle, Fuel, Insurance, and Repairs

Local businesses will have to drive to provide weekly cleaning to residential and commercial clients. That means you’ll need to maintain the vehicle and insurance requirements. At Queen Bee, these costs are approximately 17% of the revenue.  This is why your credit score is so important to businesses. Bankrate estimates that insurance costs 25% more for an average credit score than excellent credit, and poor credit spends twice as much as any other group. If you add 17% to the $70 cleaning crew rate, we’re at $81.9 per hour without any administrative costs, marketing costs, rent, and other utilities.

Marketing and Administration Costs

The Small Business Administration advises spending 5% to 15% of your desired revenue on marketing your cleaning business (or any other business). Chris doesn’t think you need to spend that much.  If you have good software, you can automate many of your tasks and reduce the final cost of operating. Chris runs his marketing between 2.4% to 6.2% per month, with the lower percentages during the holidays. To learn some of the ways Chris uses marketing check out our blog on getting clients.


Four wooden dice with letters on a desk His rent and utilities are based on a home-based business. These are marvelous because they are mostly legal accounting maneuvers. If you store supplies in your home or do office work out of it, you can claim the space you use and the energy associated with it from your taxes.  There are a lot of rules governing this, but if you choose the simplified method of claiming, it’s up to $1,500 a year. If you use the actual expenses, it can go higher (but may increase the chances of an audit). You’ll want to measure the square footage of the space used. You don’t have to include this in your cost, but if you do, it will raise the hourly rate by about $1 per hour.


If you have a home-based business, you’ll be using the energy associated with work as a write-off, but if you have a separate location where you store everything, you’ll need to cover those costs.  Utilities shouldn’t be too much unless your cleaning business does a lot of laundry or manufacturing in-house. To give you an idea, Chris only spends about $300 per month on utilities.

Professional Fees

Local companies will often need a lawyer and accountant to help them structure their domestic services correctly. You’ll want to budget for these. Chris assumes approximately $1,000 per month for his cleaning company, but different cleaning services may have different needs.

Ways to charge for a cleaning service

There are a variety of ways to charge for a cleaning service. We’ll cover the most common pricing strategies cleaning businesses use, including:
  • Charging by the hour
  • Pricing per square foot
  • Pricing per room 
  • Comparing house cleaning prices in your area
  • Offering weekly cleaning subscriptions with discounts
  • Proposing household chores as add-ons
  • Giving free estimates

1. How much per hour should I charge for cleaning?

A man at typing on his laptop Below is the easiest pricing structure to use, but it can create fluctuations in costs based on how long it takes to clean the property. This works best if the client provides all the cleaning supplies and just needs someone to help. You might want to do this if a client wants specific eco-friendly or other specific cleaning supplies. You’ll probably want to charge a higher first hour. I typically assume that it will cost me $50 just to drive somewhere. Based on Queen Bee’s pricing guide, Chris has established that cleaning services prices should be approximately $70 for the travel costs and booking fees. To calculate how much you want to charge, assume:
  • 2,000 hours per year
  • 65% profit margin when you are the worker or 15% when someone else is doing the work
  • Your income goals (let’s say $100K per year to start)
You’ll divide your income goal by the hours in a year to get an hourly rate. See the example below:  [su_note note_color="#dbeafc"] $100,000 / 2,000 = $50 per hour $50 per hour would be revenue, though. To calculate the profit, you’d need to divide the hourly by .65. $50 / .65 = $76.92 per hour [/su_note] Let’s make it a nice even number, so it’s easy to multiply and make it a straight $80 per hour. You need to add your first-hour fee, though. Let’s use the $70 Chris uses, and that will make the first hour $150, and each additional hour is $80. That means you need five hourly cleaners to make the same $100K profit as when you are the labor cost. Now, if you have five employees plus yourself, you can make $200K per year after paying your employees the house cleaning rates per hour.

2. How to calculate cleaning cost per square foot pricing?

The price per square foot is straightforward to estimate. Given that almost every address is a public record, you can look it up to see how many square feet their house is. Then to charge by the square foot, multiply the square feet by 20 cents (or divide by five). [su_note note_color="#dbeafc"] Example: A 1,400 square foot house can be calculated as: 1,400 x $.20 = $ 280  1,400 / 5 = $280 [/su_note] You can make it more complicated and separate it by carpet and tile, where the carpet is 20 cents and tile is 25 (examples for easy math). [su_note note_color="#dbeafc"] Example: 1,000 square feet carpet and 400 square feet tile (1,000*$.2) + (400*.25) = $300 [/su_note]

3. How much to charge for house cleaning per room?

Another easy way is to price by the room or by the fixture. Chris charges a fee per room plus fees for other specific tasks. For instance, he has a table that details:
  • 1 to 10 room pricing
  • Full restroom pricing
  • ½ restroom pricing
  • Add-ons like full window cleaning
Each has a specific price, so  he can quickly estimate based on the number of rooms, restrooms, and add-ons. You should really check out how he does it on the Queen Bee Cleaning Service booking page. He uses Booking Koala to automate the whole booking process. Check it out, and let us know what you think!

4. How much do cleaning services charge?

Professional cleaners have plenty of sites to help evaluate the average house cleaning cost in their area. Many of the sites are the same sites you’ll use to find customers for your house cleaning service.  For instance, Thumbtack makes it easy to establish the rates house cleaners charge in a particular area. Thumbtack price check for house cleaning While you’re on Thumbtack, you might want to sign up to provide cleaning services.

5. Offer weekly cleaning service discounts

Whether you are a residential cleaning business or offer commercial cleaning services, your cleaning company can benefit tremendously by offering regular cleaning services at a discount to loyal customers. House cleaners benefit from offering discounts for routine cleaning in the following ways: [su_note note_color="#dbeafc"]
  1. Increased efficiency: Less travel time, more cleaning jobs completed per day, reduced house cleaning costs.
  2. Better forecasting: Order your own cleaning supplies with more accurate forecasts.
  3. Better scheduling: You can schedule house cleaners working each day more effectively.
  4. Better cash flow: The more of your cleaning jobs that occur on a recurring basis, the better your cash flow will be.
  5. Reduces churn: CB Insights says that subscription models change the customer retention dynamic from mostly churning to mostly retention.
  6. Increases lifetime value: The value of a customer increases consistently over time.
  7. Less marketing costs: Your cleaning company will be able to spend less on marketing when you have higher retention rates.
  8. Lower overhead, revenue ratio: As a cleaning company's recurring jobs grow, the overhead stays the same until you have to invest in more equipment or administration.
  9. Happier customers: Everyone (except maybe hoarders) loves a clean home! Someone coming in each week and cleaning their home will delight customers.
[/su_note] When you have long term relationships you may want to have a commercial cleaning contract. Chris doesn't use them, but a lot of his suggestions still work for contracts. We used the pricing from Queen Bee Cleaning Service to show how their subscription model increases the revenue over the course of a year. As you can see, offering a 10% monthly, 15% bi-weekly, and 20% weekly discount can dramatically increase the revenue of a house cleaning business. House cleaning subscription model breakdown

6. Propose household chores as add-ons 

Customers might want you to offer other services like appliance cleaning. Anticipate this and have easy ways to calculate cleaning cost estimates. Some of the most common add-ons are:
  • Deep house cleaning
  • Appliance cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Dishes
  • Indoor and outdoor window washing
  • Carpet cleaning
You can add each of these to the house cleaning cost to help improve your revenue per cleaning job. A $200 cleaning job easily turns into a full day if someone wants all the add-ons. It will increase the cleaning rate to potentially as high as $1,000 and make it where your cleaning crew only has to clean one house that day.  That’s great for reducing expenses!

7. Don’t forget to give free estimates!

Whether you are doing a deep clean, home cleaning, or post-construction cleaning, people love free stuff, and businesses should too! Chris told us: [su_quote]Most people don’t know the square footage of their house.[/su_quote] A free estimate gives you a chance to view the property, manage the risk of underestimating with a flat rate, and establish the square footage and whether it needs a deep clean. Plus, it gives you a chance to develop a relationship, ask questions, and help them develop a plan. This may increase overhead costs, but it builds loyalty. What type of pricing do you plan to adopt with your cleaning business?

8. Sign Up for the Course “The 7-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint”

Knowing how to correctly price your cleaning services determines if your business will grow and prosper, or fail before it even gets off the ground. Chris will show you the best pricing strategies so you can start earning $10,000/month in just three months as you launch your business! Sign up today by clicking here.

Many business owners want cute business names that show a softer, more personal side. That’s why we pulled the top searches for cute business name ideas and used them to inspire this list.

We’ll discuss what makes a cute business name, provide industry-specific examples of cute small business name ideas, and then provide an overview of how to register your cute business name idea.

[su_note note_color="#dbeafc"] Click on any of the links below to jump to the section that interests you.

What Makes Cute Names for Small Business?

Cute small business name ideas tend to have certain characteristics including:

  • Showcase the brand: Let people know exactly what your brand is about in the small business name.
  • Short and sweet: A catchy business name is easy to say and lets people know what you do.
  • Include the target audience: Sometimes it makes sense to share exactly who your target audience is directly in a cute business name.
  • Stand out: You are going into business to make waves. Research the competition and make sure you stand out.
  • Include Locations: Using your location in your cute small business name is a great way to provide a local indicator to your target market.
  • Name Availability: Intellectual property theft isn’t cute. Make sure the small business name ideas are available. No one likes their idea being stolen.

Keep reading for creative business name ideas that you’re sure to adore!

What Are Some Cute Business Names?

Woman at a laptop with an exaggerated thinking face searching for cute business names

Some cute name ideas include:

1. Twinkle Toes Dance Studio
2. Little Sprouts Nursery
3. Starlight Stitches Tailoring
4. Happy Trails Hiking Club
5. Kitten Cuddles Cat Cafe
6. Doodle Dandy Design Studio
7. Cherry Cheeks Cosmetics
8. Whimsy Wonderland Crafts
9. Buttercup Bakery Delights
10. CurlyQ Hair Salon
11. Buzzy Bees Honey Farm
12. Little Giggles Gymnastics
13. Feathered Fancies Bird Boutique
14. Moonbeam Music Academy
15. Sweetheart Serenade Wedding Planners
16. Sparkle Sprout Jewelry
17. Furry Friends Farmstead
18. Tickled Pink Boutique
19. Rainbow Rascals Daycare
20. Dapper Doodles Pet Salon
21. Lollipop Lane Treats
22. Quirky Quilts & Crafts
23. Happy Tails Dog Walking

24. Snickerdoodle Sweets Shop
25. Bluebell Bliss Spa
26. Sunny Side Up Breakfast Cafe
27. Whisker Whispers Pet Sitting
28. Blossom Baby Boutique
29. Cloud Nine Carpentry
30. Heartfelt Harmony Counseling
31. Twirl & Swirl Dance Academy
32. Snuggle Snacks Cafe
33. Serenity Springs Yoga Studio
34. Cupcake Cuties Bakery
35. Dazzle & Delight Jewelry
36. Peachy Keen Preserves
37. Starry Skies Astronomy Club
38. Button & Bowtie Tailoring
39. Tootsie Treats Candy Shop
40. Lucky Duck Daycare
41. Cherry Pie Photography
42. Bumblebee Buzz Art Gallery
43. Sproutlings Childcare
44. Rainbow Ruffles Fashion
45. Fuzzy Friends Foster Care
46. Java Love Coffee Cart

Pro Tip: Consider using alliteration, rhyme, or puns in your cute business name to make it more memorable and appealing.

Cute Names for Business by Industry

You own, or are about to launch, a unique business, so it’s only fitting that we provide some catchy business name ideas for the type of business you run. The following sections represent some of the most sought-after cute business name ideas as of February 2024.

20 Cute Cleaning Business Names

Young woman cleaning business owner holding a spray bottle and leaning on a mop handle

The majority of the cleaning industry is run by women, and there are a ton of catchy business names in the industry. Consider some of these cute cleaning business name ideas.

1. Squeaky Clean
2. The Spotless Squad
3. The Dust Bunnies
4. The Cleaning Fairies
5. Sparkle and Shine Cleaning
6. The Tidy Team
7. The Clean Slate Crew
8. The Sparkling Sponges
9. Magic Wands Cleaning Company
10. The Dazzle and Shine Cleaning Service

11. Spotless Solutions
12. The Clean Dream Team
13. The Cleaning Genies
14. The Dirt Busters
15. The Cleaning Angels
16. Suds and Shine Cleaning Company
17. Cleaning Queens
18. Fabulously Clean Cleaning Service
19. Berry Bright Cleaning Co.
20. Queen Bee Cleaning Services (taken!)

Unfortunately, you shouldn’t use Queen Bee Cleaning Services as a business name. This memorable business name is used by Christobal Mondragon and his wife. Want to know more about how to run your cleaning business? We have a whole course with Christobal.

Starting a cleaning company? Check out even more handpicked cute cleaning business name ideas.

20 Cute Names For Photography Business

1. Shutter and Smile
2. Flash and Fancy
3. Picture Perfect
4. Snapshots of Joy
5. Capture the Moment
6. Memories by Mary
7. Lens and Love
8. The Photo Booth
9. Click and Chic
10. Snap Happy

11. Shutterbug Studios
12. Frame of Mind
13. The Picture Palace
14. Light and Shadow
15. Focus on Fun
16. The Candid Camera
17. Photogenic Faces
18. The Memory Maker
19. The Photo Emporium
20. Sunny Smiles Photography

Pro Tip: Use common phrases that people use in the photography industry to help make it known that your company focuses on photos. Mile High Productions is a drone photography company that makes $35K per month. Check out our interview with them below.

20 Cute Craft Business Names

Cute business names for crafts are really popular. Use some of these unique business name ideas to help inspire your naming process.

1. Honeybee Boutique
2. Blossom Boutique Florist
3. Jellybean Junction Toy Store
4. Rainbow Ribbons Events
5. Sip & Scribble Art Studio
6. Teddy Bear’s Tea Room
7. Pixie Dust Parties
8. Stitchin' Cuteness
9. Knotty Creations
10. Yarn & Joy

11. Fiber Fantasies
12. Crafting Dreams
13. Needle & Thread Nook
14. Crafty Corner
15. The Yarn Haven
16. Hooked on Crafts
17. Craftastic
18. Crafting with Love
19. The Creative Studio
20. Artful Adventures

Pro Tip: When naming your craft business, consider using words that evoke a sense of creativity, artistry, and handmade quality. This will help to create a strong brand identity and attract customers who appreciate unique, handmade products.

20 Cute Jewelry Business Names

Cute names for a jewelry business might include references to the type of jewelry or the style you’re going for. Think about how you can help build brand recognition for your jewelry shop.

1. Adorned Adorables
2. Blingtastic
3. Charm Central
4. Dazzling Delights
5. Enchanted Embellishments
6. Gemtastic Treasures
7. Jewelry Jubilee
8. Lustrous Luxuries
9. Ornate Obsessions
10. Radiant Rarities

11. Shimmering Splendors
12. Sparkle & Shine
13. Treasure Trove
14. Twinkling Treasures
15. Unique & Exceptional
16. Vintage Vixen
17. Celestial Jewels
18. Enchanted Adornments
19. Radiant Reflections
20. Timeless Allure

Pro Tip: When choosing a name for your jewelry business, consider using words that evoke emotions and create a sense of luxury. For example, words like "radiance," "allure," "enchantment," and "elegance" can help convey the beauty and value of your jewelry.

20 Cute Nail Business Names

Nails are an inherently girly business. Most of your potential customers will be women, so consider a business name ideas list that has naming options that use a common phrase for nails.

1. Nail-a-licious
2. Pretty Polished
3. The Nail Sanctuary
4. Paint Box Nails
5. The Nail Bar
6. Buff and Shine
7. The Nail Studio
8. Nail Art Emporium
9. The Manicure Lounge
10. Nail-Tastic

11. The Nail Spa
12. Nails by Nature
13. Polished to Perfection
14. The Nail Boutique
15. The Nail Lab
16. The Nail Room
17. Tip Top Nails
18. The Nail Haven
19. The Nail Parlour
20. The Nail Loft

Pro Tip: You might also think about how to include your value proposition to attract your potential customer base.

20 Cute Baking Business Names

Woman bakery owner holding a tray of cupcakes with a sign that reads "The Cupcake Cottage" hanging overhead

A creative name for your pretty food can help you grow your successful business. Think about some of the cute bakery naming ideas below.

1. Sprinkle Sparkle Bakery
2. Cupcake Carousel
3. Dreamy Delights Cafe
4. Doughlicious Delights
5. The Cookie Corner
6. Sweet Tooth Bakery
7. The Cupcake Cottage
8. Slice of Heaven Bakery
9. The Frosting Fairy
10. Whisk and Bake

11. Sugar and Spice Bakery
12. The Gingerbread House
13. Crumbs and Cookies
14. The Muffin Man
15. The Donut Den
16. The Pie Pantry
17. The Cake Chateau
18. The Bread Basket
19. The Rolling Pin
20. The Baker's Nook

Pro Tip: When choosing a cute bakery business name, consider using words that evoke a sense of sweetness, deliciousness, and warmth. This will help to create a strong brand identity and attract customers who have a sweet tooth.

20 Cute Lash Business Names

Girly names make perfect business sense for a lash company. Consider some of these small business names to ensure a potential customer remembers your new business name.

1. Flutter & Lash
2. Glamorous Gaze
3. Wink & Sparkle
4. Lash Amour
5. Enchanting Eyes
6. Lash Heaven
7. Fluttery Lashes
8. Lashes to Envy
9. Lash-O-Licious
10. The Lash Lounge

11. Lashylicious
12. Eyelash Elegance
13. Lash & Bloom
14. Perfect Peeps
15. Lashing Out
16. Wink Wink
17. Lash Envy
18. Blink and Beautiful
19. Lash Studio Bliss
20. Lashes by [Your Name]

Pro Tip: Using your birth name might seem like the perfect business name inclusion, but if you have desires to expand beyond solopreneurship, you might want to use something besides your own name.

20 Cute Names For T-Shirt Business

Lay-flat shot of a color wheel, a variety of t-shirts, and a chalkboard with text that reads "Cute t-shirt business"

Everyone loves a great t-shirt company. Check out some of these cute small business names for t-shirt companies.

1. Threads of Love
2. The Tee-Riffic Store
3. Graphic Galaxy
4. The T-Shirt Haven
5. Cotton Candy Creations
6. Tee Time
7. The Printed Palace
8. Custom Threads
9. The Cozy Cotton Shop
10. Tee-Licious Designs

11. The Quirky Tee
12. The Tees & More Store
13. The Thread Emporium
14. Snuggly Tees
15. Happy Threads
16. The Tee Factory
17. Printed Perfection
18. The Statement Tee
19. Colorful Creations
20. The Apparel Avenue

Pro Tip: When choosing a cute name for your clothing company, consider using words that evoke a sense of comfort, style, and personality. Words like "cozy," "chic," "unique," and "playful" can help create a strong brand identity and attract customers who appreciate unique, high-quality clothing.

20 Cute Business Names For Estheticians

Estheticians focus on skin care, which makes the industry perfect for cute small business name ideas. Consider some of these easily pronounced names.

1. Bubblegum Bliss Salon
2. Cuddle Clouds Day Spa
3. Cherry Blossom Beauty Bar
4. Polished and Posh
5. Skin Serenity
6. Blushing Beauty
7. The Glow Studio
8. Luxe Lashes
9. Brow Bar Beauty
10. The Facial Haven

11. Sweet Cheeks Salon
12. Pretty Please Aesthetics
13. Flawless Facials
14. Radiance and Rituals
15. Skin and Serenity
16. The Skincare Sanctuary
17. The Brow Boutique
18. The Facial Spa
19. The Esthetician's Emporium
20. The Skin Studio

Pro Tip: Consider words like “blissful,” “radiant,” “glowing,” “soothing,” and other words that inspire a sense of beauty and empowerment when you choose a cute name for your skincare business.

20 Cute Hair Business Names

Like skincare businesses, hair-cutting and cosmetology businesses can benefit from “girly cute” business names. Consider some of these cute business name ideas.

1. Scissor Sisters
2. Hair Haven
3. Mane Attraction
4. The Hair Loft
5. Curl Up and Dye
6. Shear Genius
7. Snip-Its
8. Tresses to Impress
9. The Mane Event
10. Hair Razors

11. The Hairy Godmother
12. Hair-Itage
13. The Curl Bar
14. Hair Apparent
15. The Blowdry Bar
16. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
17. The Updo Studio
18. The Hair Lounge
19. Hairitage Salon
20. The Mane Tamers

Pro Tip: Make sure the domain name is available for the business website before choosing your perfect name.

20 Cute Babysitting Business Names

Children and a caregiver playing in an in-home preschool space with a chalkboard sign that reads "Babysitting business names"

Babysitters and childcare are a booming industry. Cute name ideas can help differentiate you from other businesses in the field.

1. Snuggle Bug Daycare
2. Hopscotch Playhouse
3. Giggles & Grins Childcare
4. Little Dreamers Academy
5. Wee Care
6. Little Angels
7. Happy Tots
8. Playful Pals
9. Giggly Gang
10. Cuddle Crew

11. Sleepy Sheep
12. Storytime Sitters
13. Crafty Kids
14. Outdoor Explorers
15. Curious Critters
16. Super Sitters
17. Hero Helpers
18. Magic Makers
19. Wish Granters
20. Dream Weavers

20 Cute Bracelet Business Names

Whether you have your own shop, are selling bracelets at in-person events, have an online store, or are consigning them to boutiques and studios, these creative business name ideas could help your cute bracelet brand stand out from other jewelry and trinket offerings.

1. Bangle Bliss
2. Charmed & Adorned
3. Bracelets by the Beach
4. Beaded Delights
5. Arm Candy Creations
6. Wristful of Wonders
7. The Charm Factory
8. Bangle Boutique
9. Bracelet Bazaar
10. The Beaded Garden

11. Wrist Candy Wonderland
12. Armour Adorned
13. Bracelets Galore
14. The Bangle Bar
15. Wrist-a-Licious
16. Armful of Elegance
17. The Charm Emporium
18. Bangle Bonanza
19. Beaded Bliss
20. Bracelets by the Bay

Fun Fact: Women-owned small businesses generate $1.9 trillion in economic activity each year. If you’re a woman entrepreneur looking to launch a new business, consider our Best Business Ideas For Women 2024 and pick a cute name to match.

20 Cute Crochet Business Names

Crocheting has experienced a recent resurgence in popularity, and buyers love the look of crocheted goods. Leverage the fact that your crocheted pieces are handmade, artisan offerings, and pick a creative business name to match.

1. Hooked on Love
2. Knotty but Nice
3. Yarnphoria
4. Stitches and Giggles
5.Fiber Fantastic
6. Loops and Love
7. Yarn Haven
8. Crafty Creations
9. The Crochet Corner
10. Yarn Wonderland

11. Hooked on Handmade
12. Cozy Crochet Creations
13. Strings and Smiles
14. The Yarn Emporium
15. Crochet Dreams
16. The Knotty Nook
17. Yarn and Joy
18. Stitching With Love
19. The Crochet Cottage
20. Stitch by You

20 Cute Slime Business Names

Hand holding bright orange slime with a placard that reads "Slime Time"

Slime is big business. Try one of these on for size for your unique business making slime.

1. Slime-Tastic Creations
2. The Slime Factory
3. Ooey Gooey Slime Shop
4. Slimy Sensations
5. Slime-a-Licious
6. Slimey Fun Zone
7. The Slime Lab
8. Slime Time
9. Slimey Paradise
10. Slime World

11. The Slime Emporium
12. Slimey Delights
13. Slimey Wonders
14. The Slime Station
15. Slimey Kingdom
16. Slime-O-Rama
17. Slimey Heaven
18. Slimey Galaxy
19. The Slimeverse
20. Slimey Adventures

20 Cute Dog Business Names

Whether you’re making pet accessories or treats or offering a pet-centric service, these unique business name ideas could be perfect for getting dog owners’ attention.

1. Paws & Pals Pet Care
2. Cozy Paws Bed & Biscuit
3. Playful Pup Paradise
4. Pawsitively Perfect
5. The Happy Hounds
6. The Doggie Den
7. Tail Waggers
8. The Pooch Palace
9. Doggy Delights
10. The Canine Crew

11. The Barking Bunch
12. The Dog House
13. Paws for Thought
14. The Dog Lovers' Club
15. The Furry Family
16. The Puppy Playhouse
17. Chew Crew
18. The Doggy Spa
19. The K9 Academy
20. The Doggy Diner

20 Cute Notary Business Names

Notary small businesses might not seem like they need a cute or girly business name, but one of these could be just the thing to help your notary services stand out from the crowd.

1. Stamp of Approval Notary
2. Notary Ninja
3. The Notary Nook
4,. Notary Express
5. Stamped and Sealed
6. The Notary Corner
7. Notary Now!
8. The Notary Spot
9. Notary on the Go
10. Notary 24/7

11. The Notary Bar
12. Notary Central
13. Notary Plus
14. The Notary Hub
15. Notary Services R Us
16. Notary at Your Service
17. The Public Notary
18. Notarize This
19. Notary Solutions
20. The Notary Source

22 Cute Brand Names

Whatever kind of brand you’re launching, if you’re selling cute products, one of these cute company names could be perfect for you.

1. Snuggle Buddies
2. Cuddly Creations
3. Dreamy Days
4. Happy Hearts
5. Giggle Gang
6. Joyful Journey
7. Imagination Station
8. Storybook Adventures
9. Enchanted World
10. Curious Kids
11. The Pink Ladies

12. The Learning Tree
13. Discovery Den
14. Knowledge Nook
15. The Wonder Room
16. Explore and Grow
17. Little Explorers
18. Bright Minds
19. The Curiosity Club
20. The Adventure Academy
21. Pawriffic
22. When Pigs Fly

12 Cute Shop Names

Opening an adorable shop? Try one of these names.

1. The Crafty Corner
2. The Quirky Cupboard
3. The Vintage Vault
4. The Artisan Alley
5. The Bibliophile's Haven
6. The Foodie's Paradise

7. The Green Thumb Garden
8. The Cozy Cottage
9. The Happy Camper
10. The Coastal Collection
11. The Salty Sailor
12. The Artistic Edge

12 Cute Store Names

Woman business owner standing outside of a storefront and gesturing to a sign that reads "Cute store names"

Need to name a brick-and-mortar store? These ideas are for you.

1. Love's Emporium
2. Tee & Me
3. Cotton Creations
4. The Music Box
5. The Pet Palace
6. Furry Friends Emporium

7. Tech Haven
8. The Gadget Galaxy
9. The Book Nook
10. The Puzzle Parlor
11. The Adventure Awaits
12. Just Girly Business

16 Cute Website Names

If you’re launching a website that’s all about cute, one of these names could be the perfect fit.

1. Cutie Pie Creations
2. Happy Hearts Boutique
3. Sweet Tooth Treats
4. Cozy Corner Virtual Cafe
5. Rainbow Dreams
6. Magical Moments
7. Twinkling Stars
8. Cuddly Critters

9. Happy Tails
10. The Enchanted Forest
11. Fairy Dust Designs
12. Wishes & Wonder
13. Dreamy Delights
14. Whimsical Wonderland
15. Sunshine Smiles
16. Love & Laughter

How to Register Your Cute Company Names

Once you’ve found a name for your business, you’ll want to make sure you can use the name. The naming process includes:

  1. Check domain availability: While you can buy any web domain, the costs vary dramatically. It’s better to stick to buying one that is available without negotiating the sale of a domain.
  2. Check the social media handles: When looking for unique cute business names, you may find the social media handles are already taken, which means you’ll need a different name.
  3. Check the trademark: When a company trademarks its cute brand name with the USPTO, it can legally prevent you from using it. Search the USPTO database.
  4. Form your business: Now it’s time to go apply for your LLC or corporation and file the business name with the Secretary of State.
  5. Get local business licenses: Depending on your location and industry, you may need local business licenses and permits. Talk to your local business office to establish what you need.

Build Your Cute Business Brand

We’ve provided inspiration for cute business names in multiple industries. Once you’ve chosen your business name, you’ll want to use it in your marketing, website, and other business documents.

Which cute names do you like?

Candle company names are one of the core ways people recognize a candle brand. That’s why you have to find the best candle business names for your candle business.

There are two main naming conventions you need to think about when you start your own candle company:

  1. Candle business name ideas
  2. Names for candles or scents

[su_note note_color="#dbeafc"] We’ll discuss both of these types of candle company names to help you find an idea that works for you. You can jump to any of the sections by clicking the links below.

50 Candle Business Name Ideas

Rx Los Angeles owner in her warehouse pointing to a just-poured wax candle in a branded glass

Create a name that sets you apart and is something you’ll want to stick with for the long haul. There are many different types of names you can go with, but your candle business name should be true to your shop and what your offering is. What do you want people to think of when they hear your name?

1. Wick-edly Scent-sational
2. Whispering Wick
3. Glow and Behold Candles
4. Moonbeam & Ember
5. Wax Poetic Candles
6. The Fragrant Alchemist
7. Bright and Bubbly Candles
8. Candlelight Sanctuary
9. Flicker of Joy Candles
10. Enchanted Aroma
11. Scent-sational Serenity Candles
12. Glow Getter Candles
13. A Scentsational Journey
14. Waxing Euphoria Candles
15. Wildflower Glow Co.
16. Flame and Fortune Candles
17. Kissed by Fragrance
18. Twinkle in Time Candles
19. The Gilded Wick
20. Gleeful Glow Candles
21. The Cozy Candle Co.
22. Waxen Whimsy Candles
23. Flame & Fortune
24. Blissful Beams Candles
25. The Luminous Muse

26. Flame Frolics Candles
27. Waxing Poetic
28. Candlelit Capers Candles
29. Scentual Escape
30. Waxen Whoopee Candles
31. Mystic Bazaar
32. Lustrous Laughs Candles
33. Whisper of Aroma
34. Soothing Smiles Candles
35. Emberglow Lights
36. Dazzling Delights Candles
37. Moonlight & Jasmine
38. Twilight Titters Candles
39. Serene Flame
40. Luminary Larks Candles
41. The Unforgettable Flame
42. Radiant Revels Candles
43. The Scentualist
44. Luminous Larks Candles
45. Candleabra Tales
46. Wick Winks Candles
47. Bliss & Bloom
48. Gleaming Guffaws Candles
49. Enchanted Fireside
50. Wick Wit

Pro Tip: Make sure your candle business name sounds appealing and memorable. You want your customers to remember where to go when they need more fabulous scents.

50 Candle Company Name Ideas

Short or long, your name should tell the story of what your shop offers, who you are, where you’re from, or what kind of experience customers will have when they shop with you. Online or brick and mortar, your name is the first thing they’ll see and hopefully something they’ll remember.

1. Candle Sense
2. Glistening Glow Candle Creations
3. Wax and Relax
4. Waxen Wonderlands Candle Co.
5. Candle Magic
6. Flame Fables Candles
7. Glow and Grow
8. Illuminated Illusions Co.
9. Candle Delight
10. Luminous Lullabies Candles
11. Spark and Scent
12. Wick Wonders Candle Co.
13. Wax Art

14. Glistening Gardens Candles
15. Candle Lab
16. Candlelit Canopies Candles
17. Glow Time
18. Waxen Waterfalls Candles
19. Wax and Glow
20. Lustrous Lagoons Candles
21. Candle Dream
22. Twilight Truffles Candles
23. Spark and Splendor
24. Glowing Groves Candles
25. Wax Appeal

Pro Tip: Your business name will last the length of the business, unless you decide to change your DBA (doing business as name) or update your brand entirely. Make sure you love your name. Don’t settle for “okay”—you should love it!

48 Luxury Candle Business Names

Luxury candle business names can bring you high-end, bougie buyers who are willing to spend more money because your shop has the “wow factor.”

Consider some of these luxurious candle business name ideas perfect for selling expensive aromatherapy candles, scented candles, or even beeswax candles.

1. Aroma Path
2. Ember & Co.
3. Glow & Co.
4. Gilded Wick Candle Co.
5. Aroma Bloom
6. Moonlight Sonata
7. Zenith Candles
8. Amethyst Flame
9. Glow Haven
10. Silk & Sillage
11. Spark & Scent
12. Emberlight Alchemy
13. Lumena Ignite
14. Velvet Wick
15. Scent Fusion
16. Moonstone Muse
17. Pheroma Memento
18. Whispering Embers
19. Flame Fest
20. Starlight Sanctuary
21. Petal Glow
22. Opulent Glow
23. Scent Sation
24. Golden Nectar

25. Luxe Light
26. Clandestine Embers
27. Flame Bright
28. Seraph's Sconce
29. Zodiac Flames
30. Damask & Dusk Candle Co.
31. Glow Makers
32. Emberlit Soiree
33. Moonstone Candles
34. Whispers of Oud
35. Celestial Scents
36. Gilded Alchemy
37. Eco Flame
38. Starlit Lace Candle Co.
39. Glow & Grow
40. Velvet & Ember
41. Pure Illuminate
42. Luminous Indigo
43. Gilded Haven
44. Seraphim's Ember
45. Luxe Luminance Candle Co.
46. Enchanted Candle Company
47. Custom Candles by Coco
48. The Candle Maker

Pro Tip: Who is your target customer? A good luxury candle business name can help you to target a higher-paying demographic. It’s more appealing to those who have the money to spend. Regardless of whether you will have an Etsy store, Shopify site, or brick-and-mortar store, you need to identify your target customer before you finalize a name.

50 Catchy Names for Candle Business

"Catchy names for candle business" search on a laptop next to a white pillar candle

Make your candle business name sticky…so buyers come back time and again. Using catchy phrases or sayings can really help keep your name top of mind.

1. Wick’d Wonders Candles
2. Soy Much Fun Soy Wax Candles
3. Radiant Flames
4. Waxing Poetic
5. Fabulous Flame Candle Co.
6. Flick Candles
7. Aromatic Artistry
8. The Flickering Flamingo
9. The Illuminated Co.
10. Scentsational Shenanigans
11. Soothing Scentsations
12. Litty & Witty Candles
13. The Candle Connoisseur
14. The Wacky Wickery
15. Illuminated Atelier
16. Candle Capers
17. Candle Conservatory
18. Grin & Glow Candles
19. Illuminated Gallery
20. Laughing Flames Candle Company
21. Candle Emporium Co.
22. Flame On, Funny Bone
23. Candle Artisan Co.
24. The Illuminaughty
25. Illuminated Haven

26. Scents & Sensibility
27. Heavenly Candle Co
28. Wickid Good Scents
29. Scented Studio Co.
30. Wax On, Wax Off
31. Candle Artistry Studio
32. The Melty Misfits Candle Company
33. Illuminated Studio Candles
34. Wickology 101
35. The Scented Atelier
36. Wax Flame Candy Candle
37. Candleabracadabra
38. Illuminated Boutique
39. Sniff & Giggle Candle Co.
40. Candle Emporium Studio
41. Wick It or Quit It Candle Company
42. Illuminated Suite
43. Glow-rious Meetings
44. Scented Emporium Candle Company
45. The Illuminating Co.
46. Scent-sational Humor
47. Lights All the Way Candle Co.
48. Waxing Lyrical
49. Cute Candles, Inc.
50. Love & Life Candles

Pro Tip: What’s your favorite commercial? Is it funny and catchy? It’s obviously memorable! The catchier the name, the better. You want to be remembered—just like that commercial that came to mind for you—even if a customer has lost your web address, can’t find an emailed receipt, and no longer has their candle jar.

46 Unique Candle Business Names

What differentiates you from your competitors? Use those identifying factors when selecting your unique business name. You don’t want to sound like everyone else—you want your business name to be descriptive of who you are.

1. Candlelight Glow
2. Candle With Care
3. The Wick & Flame
4. Light My Fire
5. Waxing Poetic
6. Melt Your Heart
7. Sisters’ Soap & Candle Co.
8. Illuminate Creations
9. Glow and Tell Candle Company
10. Scentimental Memories
11. Candle in the Wind
12. Flaming Inspirations
13. Spark Joy Candle Company
14. The Candle Cove
15. Candle Crush
16. The Candle Lab
17. Glow Getter
18. Luminous Expressions
19. Scent From Heaven
20. The Candle Parlour
21. Candle Me Crazy
22. Flicker & Flame Candle Company
23. Ember & Muse

24. The Candle Bar
25. Flicker & Fable
26. The Aromatic Hearth
27. The Hushed Flame
28. The Candle Aisle
29. The Wax Alchemist Candle Company
30. The Candle Cottage
31. Cozy Flicker Co.
32. The Wickery
33. The Candle Conjurer
34. The Candelier
35. The Wandering Wick
36. Scented Wick
37. Flickering Folklore Candle Company
38. Whispers of Flame
39. Candlelight Concoctions
40. The Wickery Embers
41. The Wick Weaver
42. The Flickering Phoenix
43. Aromasmith & Co.
44. Emberlight Alchemy Candle Company
45. My Gentle Glow
46. Sillage Muse

Pro Tip: This is one time when you don’t want to follow the crowd. Be unique so you aren’t battling over a URL and 50 other eCommerce sites with a similar name.

78 Names for Candle Businesses

BLK Sunflower owner in her workshop holding a frosty black branded jar and a handful of wax flakes for candle making

Candle company names can be one or more words, and if you’re in doubt, add the word Candles, Company, or Shop to the end, and Bam! you have a business name!

1. Wick & Whimsy
2. Ember & Oak Co.
3. Radiant Flames
4. Luminescence Atelier
5. The Candle Collective
6. Candlemaker Scents & Pours
7. Wick & Wander Shop
8. The Candle Connoisseur
9. The Wax Emporium
10. Candle Artisan
11. The Gilded Flame Co.
12. The Illuminated Atelier
13. Moonlit Glow LLC
14. The Scented Salon
15. Whisper & Wisp Atelier
16. The Candle Artistry Co.
17. Cinder & Co.
18. The Candle Emporium Co.
19. The Flickering Muse Shop
20. Illuminated Haven Candle Co.
21. The Dancing Ember Atelier
22. The Scented Atelier
23. Nocturne Lumens Shop
24. The Candle Emporium Studio
25. The Alchemist's Candle Co.
26. The Scented Workshop
27. The Glimmering Grotto Shop
28. The Candle Conservatory StudioEmberlight
29. Apothecary Co.
30. The Scented Emporium Candle Company
31. Candlewick & Co.
32. Primitive Candle Company
33. The Flickering Lantern Emporium
34. Pure Light Candle Studios
35. Moonlit Muse Atelier
36. Fragrant Jewels Candle Company
37. The Candle Whisperer, LLC
38. Heaven Scent
39. Aurora Lumens Atelier

40. KC Candle Company
41. The Dancing Flame Emporium
42. Candleberry Studios
43. Candlewick & Whisper Shop
44. Darling Candles
45. Luminescence Alchemy Atelier
46. Enchanted Candle Atelier
47. The Glimmering Path
48. Homefront Candles House
49. Candle in the Wind Emporium
50. Berry Candles
51. Light My Fire, LLC
52. Decorative Candles
53. Scent of a Woman Atelier
54. Flaming Candle Co
55. Burn, Baby Burn Company
56. Country Candle Company
57. Rainbow Earth Gifts
58. Flame of Love Co.
59. None of Your Beeswax
60. Scents and Sensibility Atelier
61. Luxury Candles Co
62. Fire and Ice Co.
63. Scents Illuminated Candle Company
64. Scent From Heaven Atelier
65. Glorious Candles
66. Wick It Shop
67. The Candle Guy
68. Firefly Co.
69. Warwick Candles
70. Candle Magic, LLC
71. Ceremony Dreams Co.
72. Scent of the Sea Atelier
73. Fire Starter Co.
74. Candle Therapy, LLC
75. Wick and Mortar Shop
76. Mickey’s Creative Candles
77. Candleberry Candle Company
78. San Francisco Candle Making Collective

Pro Tip: Are you an LLC, S-Corp, or Sole Proprietorship? If you are an incorporation, you can include that in your name. For example, [Your Candle Business Name], LLC.

52 Unique Candle Names

If you’d want to eat it, make it, or serve it, it’s likely a good name for a candle. Especially if it’s a dessert, drink, or fruit-scented candle.

1. Almond Bark Chocolate
2. Bergamot Delight
3. Blueberries and Whipped Cream
4. Brown Sugar Sizzle
5. Buttercream Sausage
6. Toasted Campfire
7. Caramel Coffee Cookie
8. Musky Cedarwood
9. Chamomile Snooze
10. Chocolate Chip Pancakes
11. Clementine Orange Zest
12. Clove Spice Warmth
13. Cotton Candy Fantasy
14. Cucumber Melon Splash
15. Fig and Olive
16. Frangipani Tropical Flower
17. Just Cut Suburban Lawn
18. Gardenia White Blossom
19. Ginger Lime Fizz
20. Green Tea Jasmine
21. Hyacinth Spring Breeze
22. Key Lime Pie
23. Kiwi Strawberry Smoothie
24. Fragrant Jewels, Heaven Scent
25. Lavender Lemonade Relax
26. Macaron Sweet Treat

27. Magnolia Pink Petal
28. Marshmallow Vanilla Fluff
29. Mint Chocolate Chip
30. Mistletoe Holiday Cheer
31. Nutmeg Spice Cake
32. Oatmeal Double Raisin Cookie
33. Orange Blossom Citrus + Sea Salt
34. Patchouli Earth
35. Peach Cobbler Yum
36. Peony Floral Bouquet
37. Pina Colada Vacation
38. Plum Wine Sangria
39. Popcorn Movie Night
40. Rain Fresh Clean
41. Red Velvet Cupcake
42. Salted Caramel Swirl
43. Smoky Quartz Crystal
44. Sunflower Sunny Day
45. Toasted Marshmallow Cozy
46. Toffee Nut Crunch
47. Vanilla Orchid Exotic
48. Vetiver Woody Aroma
49. Violet Purple Passion
50. Waffle Breakfast Time
51. Walnut Brownie Delish
52. The Woodland Homestead

Pro Tip: Name your candle scents something fun and unique. If you’re an online retailer, the customer will rely on your naming conventions to decide if they’ll like the smell of the candle. So, be unique and descriptive!

46 Funny Candle Company Names

Two lit candles on a large table next to a model cityscape

Customers will appreciate your sense of humor and know they can expect good-natured customer service when you use a funny candle company name.

1. Wickety Wacky Wonders
2. Light My Fire
3. Scents So Silly, They're Snort-Worthy
4. The Aromatherapy Absurdity Co.
5. The Illuminated Improbability Shop
6. Hilarity & Hygge, LLC
7. Wick-edly Good Scents Atelier
8. The Scents of Wit
9. Sniff & Giggles Galore
10. Flame on, Funny Bone!
11. The Snicker & Sizzle Shop
12. Punny Sentiments
13. Aromas Gone Wild
14. The Wick-edly Creative Waxers
15. Flame On, Fun On!
16. The Candle Cauldron
17. Scents So Silly, They're Scandalous
18. The Illuminating Insanity Atelier
19. Scents That Make You Chuckle
20. The Giggle & Glow Glow-Up Co.
21. Punny Wick Emporium
22. Wick-edly Weird Waxes
23. Scented Silliness Galore Shop

24. Aromas of Absurdity Atelier
25. Burnt Out Candles
26. Scent-sational Candles
27. Candle-icious
28. Wax-tastic Candles
29. Flame Game
30. Candle-ry of the Odd
31. Wick-er Man Company
32. Wick-edly Good Candles
33. Waxing Philosophical
34. Waxing Lyrical Candles
35. Scentsational Silliness, LLC
36. The Humerus Fragrance Co.
37. The Light Chuckle Atelier
38. Scentsational Shenanigans Shop
39. Of Laughters and Illumination
40. You Light Me Up
41. Candle in the Sky
42. Scentsational Wickers
43. The Chuckle Wax
44. Sniff Me Good
45. The Wick-ed Atelier
46. The OG Candle Brand

Pro Tip: Humor is memorable and humor sells. Whether you’re naming your candle business or your candle scents, humor is almost always a good way to go.

50 Scent Name Ideas

Scent names can evoke tastes and smells for the buyer. Make it heavenly and delicious. Something you’d maybe want to eat, but definitely want to smell!

1. Cinnamon Swirl
2. Pumpkin Spice Latte
3. Caramel Apple
4. Cranberry Bliss
5. Peppermint Mocha
6. Gingerbread House
7. Winter Wonderland
8. Sugar Plum Fairy
9. Frosty the Snowman
10. Mistletoe Kisses
11. Candy Lane
12. Sleigh Ride
13. Fireside Chat
14. Warm and Cozy
15. Chestnuts Roasting
16. Mulled Wine
17. Spiced Cider
18. Hot Cocoa
19. Vanilla Bean
20. Lavender Fields
21. Tea Rose Garden
22. Jasmine Dreams
23. Sandalwood Serenade
24. Citrus Grove
25. Ocean Breeze

26. Rainforest Retreat
27. Mountain Air
28. Desert Oasis
29. Tropical Paradise
30. Island Escape
31. Crispy Autumn Leaves
32. Harvest Moon
33. Pumpkin Patch
34. Apple Orchard in Fall
35. Crisp Fall Air
36. Maple Butter and Syrup
37. Cedarwood Forest
38. Pine Needle Forest
39. Eucalyptus-y Mint
40. Peppermint Twist
41. Lemon Verbena
42. Grapefruit Grove
43. Cherry Blossom Farm
44. Magnolia Bloom
45. Honeysuckle Heaven
46. Wildflower Meadow
47. Butterfly Garden
48. Hummingbird Haven
49. Dragonfly Dreams
50. Ladybug Lane

Pro Tip: Most candles are scented, and scents need names to sell. Be creative and imagine what visuals and scents a person might imagine when they read your names.

50 Scented Candle Names

Rx Los Angeles owner in her warehouse pointing to two tables of empty branded jars and just-poured candles

Your candle labels will need to specify what scent you're selling. Think of feeling-invoking scents that will make your customers want to buy them as gifts or a treat for themselves.

1. Winter Wonderland
2. Cozy Cabin
3. Pumpkin Spiced Chai
4. Lavender Dreams
5. Appley Pear Orchard
6. Caramel Popcorn
7. Ocean Breeze
8. Decadent Chocolate Cake
9. Lemonade Stand
10. Woody Fire
11. Cotton Candy
12. Gingerbread House
13. Rose, No Thorns
14. Banana Bread
15. Tropical Vacation
16. Vanilla and Cream
17. Fresh Laundry
18. Mulled Wine
19. Birthday Cake and Sprinkles
20. Hazelnut Coffee Shop
21. Autumn Leaves with Clove
22. Strawberry Shortcake
23. Rainforest and Fern
24. Maple Syrup and Brown Sugar
25. Cucumber Melon Mint

26. Snickerdoodle Cookie
27. Cherry Blossom Spring
28. Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows
29. Sunflowers and Honey
30. Campfire and S’mores
31. Juicy Peach Cobbler
32. Soothing Jasmine Tea
33. Warm Cinnamon Roll
34. Honeycomb Summer
35. Sandalwood and Vanilla
36. Sweet Blueberry Muffin
37. Refreshing Eucalyptus and Mint
38. Apple Pie Crust
39. Luscious Lilac
40. Tropical Coconut Lime
41. Cozy Oatmeal Cookie
42. Gardenia and Jasmine
43. Cranberry Orange Spice
44. Almond Biscotti
45. Lemongrass and Basil
46. Pumpkin Pie Delight
47. Vanilla Orchid
48. Spicy Ginger Ale
49. Sugar Plum Fairy
50. Earl Grey AM

Pro Tip: Naming candles after food is always a hit because people can imagine what they will taste and smell like.

What to Do After Choosing a Candle Company Name

After you choose a candle company name, you’ll want to make sure it’s available according to the:

  • Secretary of State website
  • United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

And as:

  • A domain name
  • Social media accounts

As long as the candle company names you are considering are available across the board, you are good to register your candle business name and start your business.

What candle business name ideas appeal to you?


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